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Human Hypotheses of the Flood

The archaeological discovery of ancient pre-Mosaic Chaldean stories of the Great Flood, such as
       the eleventh tablet of the Akkadian Gilgamesh Epic; and,
       the Sumerian tablet of Nippur,
has led to a search for historical explanations of such a widely held ancient report.
attempts have been presented in an effort to find a cause for the commonality of this ancient report which essentially supports the historical existence of the Genesis event without being bound by its biblical data.
These are –
1.  The sudden flooding of the Persian Gulf valley;
2.  The sudden flooding of the Black Sea basin;
3.  The collapse of southern Mesopotamia's Uruk civilization.
1. Persian Gulf Hypothesis  
The reflooding of the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf) valley about 10,000 years ago by the rising Arabian Sea overtopping the rock ridge across the Straits of Hormuz (تَنگِه هُرمُز‎/مَضيق هُرمُز‎) has been suggested as an explanation.
2. Black Sea Hypothesis  
The devastating flooding of the entire Black Sea basin about 7,500 years ago through the breaching of the Bosphorus (Βόσπορος/Boğaziçi) by the Mediterranean Sea has also been suggested.
3. Uruk Collapse Hypothesis  
The change in the earth's climate which resulted in the collapse of the old Uruk civilization of southern Mesopotamia has also been suggested.
But these hypotheses, as interesting as they are, are not even a remotely possible 'explanation' if the Biblical data is accepted which points to a unique Global Tsunami!
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