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Internet Site at

  Expert Witnesses Testimony Direct To Me
Personal comment on archaeology of the Inter-testamental Period by Prof. Dr Hanan Eshel, then of Bar Ilan University, Jerusalem, Israel.
Personal eye-witness description of three years as a prisoner in Auschwitz Camp, and then three weeks in the Ravensbrück Camp, by dear Zofia K, Polish prisoner (37543) of Nazi Germany and precious friend, whose arm was brutally tattooed with a nail on her arrival at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and soot rubbed into the cut. Her emotional hurt was intense after seeing the televised visit of a French head of State to Auschwitz with its green lawns and paved paths. She wept and cried to me –
"There was no grass! It was mud, and mud and mud, and shouting and shooting and kicking. They are lying! They are lying!"
I photographed her arm at her home with her consent while questioning her about her experiences in Auschwitz and of those who had shared her imprisonment

Beyond the above, I owe an inestimable debt to persons whose names are long forgotten
but whose sermons, comments, articles and conversations have left with me an enriching legacy.

Web-administrator and Author
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Finally –
A study of the detail in these old photographs below will help one realize the reality of the atrocities for which the human race is responsible, atrocities which will continue until we accept responsibility for each other, unlike the first murderer, who answered God concerning the welfare of Abel, "I do not know; am I my brother's keeper?" (Gen.4:9). Yes, he was, as we are also!
And the same Bible says that, after Noah's flood, God put responsibility for implementing justice in our hands ...
In remembrance of Rwanda, Darfur, etc...
Auschwitz Block 11, Click for video evidence!
Original photographs of the above are on display in the Holocaust section of the Imperial War Museum, London, UK.

 Justice ('you get what you deserve') is by its essential nature always in conflict with Mercy ('you get what you do not deserve').
God's justice/righteousness, as His eternal moral character/nature, necessarily precedes His mercy (which is His response to our guilt/need).
Accordingly, God can have no mercy for the guilty without their honest admission of responsibility
which is a necessary part of a full repentance, as being nothing less than an honest submission to His justice.
But for every individual person — this goes beyond admission of truth or confession,
for it is a turning away from oneself – in surrender toward ONE who is to be TRUSTED more than oneself and more than understanding.