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Last night
(July 17, 2014) I was in the city centre police station/precinct assisting a young person whose car had been broken into, when I noticed a young man, in evident pain, standing trembling against its back wall. I suggested to him that he sit down, but he mumbled that he could not and showed me the multiple stab wounds in his side and back, and with difficulty he explained that he was waiting for an ambulance after having walked to the police station to report the stabbing.
As I continued with an officer on duty concerning the car case, I noticed the multiple-stabbing victim behind me beginning to shake violently as his body went into shock, and so I asked the police officer when the ambulance would be coming.
He did not know and said they had already phoned for it twice.
asked if a police vehicle could not then run him through to the hospital, but the officer declined, saying that if the stabbing-victim then died in their vehicle it would cause problems for them.
I asked if he would like me to take the wounded man to the hospital, and he answered 'yes'.
difficulty, the injured man crawled onto the back seat of my car to lie on his stomach and I raced off with him through the late afternoon home-going traffic toward the hospital.
On arrival at the vehicle-entrance ramp of the hospital's Trauma and Emergency unit, I was stopped by security because my patient was not on a stretcher.
The security officer wished to argue the point before I could drive up the ramp entrance, so I forced my car forward, pushing ahead of the vehicle in front of me and got him to the Emergency entrance where he was lifted out and taken inside in an very serious condition.
A hospital official required of me personal details, etc.., and I tried to explain that I did not know the victim's name or anything about the circumstances of his injury. I had just found him seriously injured and in pain in the police station/precinct.
That was not satisfactory to the official, so I just left.
I exited, I was stopped again because I had violated procedure at the entrance.
Again I tried to explain but was not listened to, and so I left.
As I drove back to the centre city police station where the car-break-in victim was still waiting for me I was so aware of the serious differences in attitude.
an ordinary Christian, I had just been concerned to save the unknown man's life, whereas it seemed that official after official were really primarily concerned with following the established procedures and protocols – even if that cost the man his life!
I groaned within myself at the total spiritual blindness!
There is no substitute in this universe for God's value-system,
God's attitude – toward all that is!
Therefore meeting God necessarily includes dealing with these differences!
When protocols and procedures are developed it is usually because it is the best way to do it in a particular circumstance,
and that would normally included our human responsibility for the welfare of others, if that was in view.
very quickly, originating purposes become lost in the habitual practice of 'established procedures' and the welfare of the humanity we are all part of begins to take second place or even worse.
The only one who has right of residence in this universe is its Creator!
If we do not reflect His attitude in our behaviour, all our behaviour – we have no right to wake up in the morning!
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