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Dialogue with an Agnostic
Christian Asks: Do you believe in God?
Agnostic Replies: 
Yes, but not the way you Christians believe. You are so self-assured and think that you alone have the truth. I think that is arrogant.
Do you believe the Bible?
How can I believe it when I've only got the word of Christians and their sympathizers that it is genuine? It could be a hoax for all I know! Did you read the novel – The Word?
Christian:  Yes, but let me tell you of some of the truths the Bible speaks of. The Bible presents a picture of the Creator as infinite, loving, and morally perfect.  
What do you mean by 'morally perfect'?
Christian:  The Bible says that God is love. That is, love on an infinite scale, and love that is unconditional and utterly unselfish.  
Agnostic:  I could go along with that, but you Christians are always condemning others, and write off all other religions and philosophies about God.  
Christian:  I can't answer for other Christians, but I know what the Bible teaches. Paul preached to the leaders of Athens that we all live and move and have our being in God. If there is a God, this is the one with whom we have to do.  
OK! But, why do you Christians think that you have a monopoly?
Christian:  Friend, the Bible, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament regards Abraham as a key figure and presents him as a prototype of the life acceptable to God. Let me tell you about him.  
Agnostic:  Why shouldn't we all be acceptable to God if we try our best?  
Christian:  Imagine that this line is the level of God's acceptance [drawing a graph with a horizontal line]. That is, of a life in harmony with His own – a life lived in selfless love for others.  
  If you were to live at that level of perfect love always, and then for one moment on a certain day you contradicted God's love-standard, what could you do to make up for the one wrong act on that one day? Nothing! Because your whole life – for every moment of every day – should have been lived in love anyway. To continue perfect for the rest of your life does not provide anything extra to compensate for that one wrong act. If I owe you £100 and repay you £90 claiming that my debt is cancelled, is it cancelled?  
Agnostic:  No! I see what you mean, but that means no one, not a single Christian, is acceptable to God!  
Christian:  That's right!  
  According to what we deserve the Bible teaches that everyone has fallen short of God's glory, God's standard.  
  Now, let me tell you about Abraham... ...  

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