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Christian Fallacies
The Christian Bible is the most misread/abused book in the history of the human race

  So please  do  notbe  complicit!  
A widespread problem is the lack of understanding the cultural context of Holy Scripture which results in it being seen in a modern context and misinterpreted,
and an additional problem is accreditation-ambitions of Colleges/Seminaries which often then results in very inappropriate textbooks being used.
Accordingly, making these students aware of unbiblical theories that arise there-from is only legitimate if they are fully adequately rebutted!

Jesus, with reason, called him the
"Father of Lies" for he uses truth to deceive, in what we would today call – 'half-truths'.
See: Satan's
Primary Tactic

true words
that mislead
the sincere

blue pinEvolution is totally untrue       Death did not exist before Adam sinned   The kingdom is a state/condition
God the Father is the Creator   'Leviathan' in the book of Job is a crocodile    
"Let US make..." refers to the Trinity   'Cush' in Genesis s Ethiopia   Nationalism is good
God created all in six days   Sunday is the Christian Sabbath   'One nation under God'!
Adam was God's second creation   The Ten Commandments are Christian    
Humans are made of three parts   Ten Commandments are a guide to living   "...render to Caesar..."
God imprinted His "image" on Adam   כָּשֵׁר / Kosher regulations are Biblical   God raises up governments
"in God's image" means 'God-conscious'   David killed Goliath with the giant's sword   One-world-government is Satanic
Adam was expelled because he sinned   David was negligent by staying at home   Cash-less society is Satan's plan
Before the Flood the earth had one climate   David had an 'affair' with Bathsheba    

that deviate
and mislead us:
The damage
of a particular
is most often
not the deception
but what that deception hides, or distracts us from!
Cain was unblessed for not bringing First-fruits   The Kingdom of God fulfils David's kingdom   The Nazi Holocaust was prophesied
'Sons of God' means unfallen humans   David's bloodied hands prevented him building the temple    
'Son of the gods' means a believer     The Great Tribulation is Seven-years
Vegetarianism is of God Israel's 70-year exile began from the temple's destruction   Antichrist's followers have his mark
Noah's flood was local with global effect "If My people..." is God's promise to all    
There was no death before Adam sinned     Antichrist must be a Jew
God set life expectancy at 120 years Ten Tribes of Israel were lost in history   The Pope is the Antichrist
God set life expectancy at 70 years The Ten Tribes are Anglo-Saxon-Nordic nations    
Death is a law of God for humans Circumcision is male initiation   The tithe is the Lord's
God decides when you will die God the Father is fatherly   Abraham tithed as our example
Suicide is an unforgivable sin God's name is Yahweh   Abraham & Jacob's tithing means it's for today
Hebrew is the original language 'Dove' means Holy Spirit   Circumcision is replaced by baptism
Moses wrote the Pentateuch The Holy Spirit restrains Antichrist   Christ's incarnation made earth sacred
The Sabbath is a day of worship The Holy Spirit leaves earth at the Rapture   Social Reconciliation is a Gospel Task
King Melchizedek was really Jesus Blaspheming the Holy Spirit is the unforgivable sin   'Armour of God' is based on Roman armour
God-the-Father sent Jesus The Holy Spirit comes to us through the Sacraments   The SDA Ron Wyatt lie
Sex is not marriage Falling under the Spirit's anointing is a blessing   Medieval Christians believed in a flat earth

Respect is always earned   'Tongues' ended with the Founding Apostles      
Job's suffering was caused by unbelief   The Bible says 'speaking in tongues' ends     Allah is a false god
God punishes children for parents' sins   Leadership gifts of the Spirit are ranked   Islam is the enemy of Israel
We are all born unclean before God   Every Christian has a gift from the Holy Spirit   Halal is like food offered to idols
Marrying your rapist is Biblical   Spirit Baptism is a second work of Grace    
The Bible condemns smoking   Holy Communion is a Memorial Celebration   'White' means pure/holy
    "surrounded by a cloud of witnesses" watching   'Fig tree' means Israel
The Church is the people   Any revelation must be confirmed by two or three   Founding of the State of Israel is a Sign
Christian baptism saves you   "where two or three" is a promise of Christ's Presence   Israel today is 'a nation born in a day'
Baptism enrols in the local church   The 'Toronto Blessing' is false   God is on Israel's side in conflicts
Adultery and fornication are different   Satan lives in Hell   Supporting Israel brings blessings
Christians must always forgive A Christian cannot have a demon    
  Satan cannot understand speaking in 'tongues'   Jehovah and Yeshua are authentic
Pray to Jesus Satan specially attacks Christian marriages   Hebrew is the original language
Prayers help the Dead Indigenous religious curios are demonic    
There is power in prayer Alternative medicine is demonic   Jews are the God's Chosen People
Unity in prayer increases results Cremation is a pagan practice   Israel is converted before Christ returns
There is power in the spoken word Demons fear holy symbols   144,000 Jews will evangelise the world
There is power in speaking The Word   'Son of Man' in Daniel Seven is Jesus    
    Son of Man is a messianic title  
The Church canonized the Scriptures   The gospel is the story about Jesus  
The Bible says . . .       The 'king of the north' is Germany/Russia
    Jesus came to bring Peace on Earth   The 'king of the south' in Daniel is Iran
Mary is the Virgin Mother of God, etc...   Christ's ministry was the Ultimate   Moses & Elijah both ran away
Eucharist is the receiving of Christ's flesh   Christ died only for the Elect of God   Elijah must come back to die  
I'm sickness-free for my body is His temple       Israel's Ark has been found  
Healing is an Ordinance of the Church   Jesus as 'God the Son' is part of the Holy Trinity   Babylon city will be built again Bible
Christ's scourging paid for healing     "this generation" means a time period
Christians should 'plead the Blood' Jesus said in compassion "I don't condemn you"   A 'day' in the Bible means 1000 years
'IT...' is blessed... ! Jesus making wine means alcohol-use is OK today   A 'day' in Bible prophecy means a year
"sword" can mean 'Bible' The Sermon on the Mount is Christ's New Covenant   The Seven Seals are seven ages
'freely give' means be generous The Gospel may be summarized as two commands God has fixed the time of the End
Saul changed his name to 'Paul' The Church is built upon the revelation about Jesus Christ may return at ANY moment
Common factor Source Christ died only for the Elect of God The next big thing is the Rapture
The Church/Christians represent Christ Christ's physical suffering atoned for us 'Marriage' of the 'Lamb' is in Heaven
Polygamy is not permitted in the Church Christ suffered for sicknesses as well as for sins There will be a millennial temple
Each church must be under apostolic 'covering' Jesus is divine because He is the Son of God Christians live forever in New Jerusalem
ALL incorrect / wrong / not true / incorrect / wrong / not true  — LET THE BIBLE MESSAGE RULE AMONG US —  wrong / not true / incorrect / wrong / not true / incorrect!
AND SO TO PASTORS –  " know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness."   (James 3:1).          
The misperceptions in Christianity which have arisen in the historical pilgrimage of the Christian Church reflect
the poor quality of its relationship to its 66 sacred documents in this time (39+27=66), namely:
the 39 books of the Old Testament/T'nach
(composed of 17 Historical, of 5 of Law and 12 of History; then 5 of Personal Human Experience; and 17 Prophetical, of 5 Major and 12 Minor Prophets),
and the 27 of the New Testament (to help remember the two, 3x9 = 27),
composed of 5 Historical from Matthew to Acts, and 22 Letters from Romans to Revelation
(9 to local congregations/churches, 4 to individual Christian leaders, and 9 to Hebrew Christians in general)

Concerning the structure
of the Bible's 66 books.


Old Testament

...and to remember
3 x 9 = 27

New Testament
[5+22 (9+4+9)]
The Church of Jesus Christ, as presented in these sacred documents, is not a religious organisation.
In terms of these it is a unique creation in human history of a spiritual association of individuals who are
directly connected to the Spirit of God in their individual appreciation of the Atonement of the Christ of God
and in their personal child-like trust toward God beyond their own understanding.
Although, sadly, the history of Christianity demonstrates otherwise,
these holy documents show that in God's view the Christian Church is not represented either in organisations or denominations
or even in their leaders and leadership groupings, but only in each local congregation
of mutually-inclusive believers joined together in Christ,
for at Pentecost, Christ gave the Holy Spirit directly to His people as a gathered spiritual fellowship of 120-believers
(that is, gave His own sinless human relationship to the Holy Spirit to them – for them to 'walk in His shoes'),
and not to an organisation, or to its office-bearers, no matter what they may be called.
Acts 1:15Bible
'Seven' simply symbolises
completeness, from
the 7-days of Creation

For this reason the one Holy Spirit of God is presented in the completing climax of Holy Scripture,
in the book of Revelation, representatively as the "seven Spirits of God"
as if the whole Holy Spirit was given to each of the seven congregations being addressed in that book.
Revelation 4:5.
Remember: it is absolutely essential to treat God's Word as it is given to us (His congregation) within its own context and not selectively.
The whole picture presented on a particular issue is necessary, or even the sincere may become guilty of twisting the Holy Word of God Most High.

—  See: Understanding the Bible  —
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