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Why Am I Not Healed?
  I really believe that God heals — and I've prayed believing prayers.
I've really prayed and prayed... and I'm still not healed!
Why?  Oh, please God, WHY?
is merciful! ...God is full of compassion! ...God cares more about our situation than even we do! ... and God hears!
  Is it my fault then that I am not healed?  
No! Plants and animals also develop sickness and tumours. They are certainly not guilty of unbelief!
But, isn't that because of Adam's sin?
God cursed the earth because of Adam, and Christ died so that I could be free from the results of that curse.
So faith in God through Jesus SHOULD heal me!
Bible says that because our first parents sinned, their access to the Tree of Life was ended. In other words, humanity was cut off from the factor that had prevented/exempted our first parents from being subject to the decay processes of nature. Sickness was not invented as a punishment for sin! Sin did not create any virus or bacterium!  Even before the Fall, God had designed the human body to defend itself against infection and to continuously cleanse itself of defective cells, because these were natural issues with all biological life both before the Fall and as now.
  But, God healed people even in the Old Testament, and Jesus healed multitudes! 
The Holy Spirit was specially given to CONTINUE this ministry of Jesus!
Yes! Praise God! God's healing grace is always a sampling of His coming kingdom – His coming rule at His return. For this very reason healing is so prominent in proclaiming the gospel of that kingdom. But, this kingdom has not yet come! This is why Jesus taught us to pray – "Thy kingdom come". Healing is an exception now, not the norm.
Praise God for every exception! It is a sign of the coming kingdom. But it is really just a tasting by faith of –
 "the powers of the age to come" (Heb.6:5).  
Our bodies will then enter that kingdom through resurrection or through direct transformation
Rom.8:23; 1Cor.15:51.
Does that mean I can't expect to be healed?
No. Two points are important to understand –  
God equips His servants for service. When the apostle Paul prayed for his own healing he expected to be healed (2 Cor.12:8). He served God with all his strength. That Paul did not receive his healing is a special case because this great writer of our New Testament had received such a special degree of revelation (2 Cor.12:7). So, it should not put us off expecting our own healing so as to serve God more fully. But, healing or health is not a right. It is equipment for service!
However, the most general basis for God's healing intervention in our lives is as a sign of His mercy to confirm the message of grace. Of the first missionaries formally sent out by the Christian church, the Bible says (Acts 14:3) that they continued speaking boldly for the Lord –
"who bore witness to the message of His grace,
 granting signs and wonders to be done by their hands"
The abundant heart of God's mercy has healed and healed where hearts have been opened to His mercy (in contrast, see Matthew 13:58).
Matt.9:38; Lk.10:2.
So every obedient Christian SHOULD be healed as equipment for service?  
Only God can answer that, for this reason. He remains in charge of our service. He is Lord of the Harvest. He chose to use the Apostle Paul's sickness to bring the gospel to the Galatians. This greatest of missionaries reminded them of it when he wrote –
 "you know it was because of a bodily ailment that I preached the gospel to you at first". 
But God has NO pleasure in our suffering. Life, and life more abundantly, was and IS His aim for us (Jn.10:10). Many, many believers suffer needlessly in many ways simply because our faith is not in tune with His richly abundant grace. Like the blind man who needed mud on his eyes to provoke his faith, we also sometimes need the inexplicable to stir up our expectation and reach out to His mercy through believing by DOING (Jn.9:6-7). 
Joy, joy in the Lord (not in our circumstances) – joy that comes from loving Him – will deny God-dishonouring depression and demonstrate the dynamic of our faith in grateful living. Begging prayers change nothing! 'If it be Thy will' is sometimes added to our prayers as seeming submission but it is more often a disguise for the uncertainty of unbelief.
God does not want you to be sick! He has no pleasure in our suffering.  
As our Creator, God designed our bodies to defend and sustain themselves. But even then, remember, healing, and our health in general, is not permanent. We will all die – unless Christ comes before the unavoidable biological breakdown occurs.
The bottom line of life is simply this – that, for those, and ONLY for those who LOVE God –
Praise be to His name!  
God does not waste the tears of His people. Their pains are not in vain. He is their God in ALL these things!
Glory to His name! 
  Therefore Paul declared: "I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am." Phil.4:11

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  Tertullian's thoughts on our resurrection are of interest:
'What is belief in the resurrection, unless believing it entire?
For if the flesh is to be restored from dissolution, much more will it be recalled from discomfort.

Greater things prescribe the rule for the lesser.
Is not the amputation or the crippling of any member the death of that member?
If general death is rescinded by resurrection, what of partial death? If we are changed into glory, how much more into health.
The defects that accrue to bodies are an accident: their integrity is a property. In the latter we are born.
Even if we are crippled in the womb, this happens to one who is already man: the species is there before the accident.
As life is given us by God, so also is it given again: as we were when we received it, so are we also when we receive it back.
Our restoration is a gift to nature, not to injury: we live again as what we are born, not as what damage makes us
(De Resurrectione Carnis, c. 57.).