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 From photograph of a scroll As found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, read right to left above blue arrow. among the Dead Sea Scrolls
Oldest known written-form of Israel's covenant name for God
The Bible is not a collection of sermon-illustrations, proof-texts, or ideas for preachers. It is the greatest revelation known to humanity, and to be respected according to its own context!
Exodus 9:29; Psalm 24:1. "The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof" 1 Corinthians 10:26.
The Genesis Prologue
Y-H-W-H   The original four-letter Covenant name of Israel's God; shown in the image above as it was originally written.
The Sabbath   God's sabbath today – what, how, when? It was never meant to be a religious day!
Israel in Egypt   Valuable insight into Israel's beginnings (Yam Suph, Circumcision, etc.).  
Essential Morality   The Ten Commandments: essential morality applicable to all humankind everywhere always, yet which is NOT Christian.
The Angels of God   What does the Bible really teach us about angels?  
Jethro/Yithrô/Reû'el   Moses' forty years with Jethro the Gentile priest of Midian and its amazing effect ...for us today.
Egyptian Embalming   12th Dynasty embalming practice as applied to at least two Jewish patriarchs.
God's Election of Israel   Is Israel God's chosen people? Unfair? What does it matter today anyway?  
menorah Jacob's Stolen Blessing   An exegesis of the story of Jacob's theft described in Genesis 27:1-46.
For Melchi-zedek's Sake   Why is Jerusalem special? The effect of human faithfulness demonstrated by God!
See: AA Biblical Structure of History Biblical
Structure of History
Israel's Right to Palestine   Does Israel have a Biblical and historical right to occupy Canaan/Palestine today? ? ?
Israel's Temples & Feasts   From Moses, through Solomon and Herod, to Israel's messianic future.
Why the Mount of Olives?   The ascension place of the Christ and place of His prophesied return: why?
Israel's 430 years in Egypt   Mizra'im-Egypt as Israel's womb and various fascinating related factors.
Isaiah's Immanuel Prophecy   Jews say it does not mean 'virgin', and they are right! Well, half-right...
Israel's God & Foreign Gods   A very brief overview of a misunderstood issue.
The Seven Covenants of God   The Seven Covenants of God implemented in human history, past, present and future...
Jews under Islam & Christendom   Jewish historical experience under its fellow monotheistic religions.
The Sovereignty of Original Intention   The all-encompassing unifying concept which runs throughout all revealed history and prophecy.
 The 'Gospel', from Adam to the End, is the revelation of God, His nature, His character, His true relationship to us all. Christ's behaviour and sacrifice exemplifies this. 
It contains no commandments whatsoever, for its recipients are born of His Spirit and so bear His nature, and are therefore always to be as free as the wind as Jesus said (Jn.3:8).
God's Invitation to Human Obedience   The seven-phased historical process of God's invitation to human obedience, from its beginning to its future end.
Procedure and Protocols or People   What seems so right and correct – is not always righteous!
Creator Commandments Universal   Three commandments that apply everywhere to all!
The Center for
Public Integrity
The Victim Mentality Cycle   Precursor to many cruelties... including Canaan/Palestine today!
The Nineveh Mission   The mission of Israel to the nations, as correctively taught in the experience of Jonah.
The Image of God   A brief overview of a vital perspective on the value of human existence.
Zionist Hostilities   Facts to help redress some misrepresentations of history, plus links to non and anti-Zionist Jewish web sites.
Infant Sacrifice   The Baal-horror for which God damned Israel.
Just two seriously
disadvantaged persons

who have affected the
whole world for good –
1.  The Real Father Christmas 
Pastor Nicholas of Myra

[Saint Nicholas]
2. The Real James Bond
William Stanger/Stephensen

[A little man called Intrepid]
Islâm and God   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم    In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
'Bible Codes'   An irrefutable rebuttal of false claims of miraculous hidden codes discovered in the Bible.
The Talmud   The basis of Judaism today.
The Qur'ãn   The centre of Islamic belief.
al-Qa'eda   A chronology of القاعدة‎ / 'the base' as an ideology of world conquest.
GOD is NOT religious...   He is the Creator of ALL things, and ALL things are therefore HIS business!
  Justice   A summary statement of its true essence.
  Terrorism   A modern plague, requiring the vigorous opposition of all persons of goodwill.
  The Taliban   Financed by USAID, developed with help from the University of Nebraska, as a Cold War tool.
European Union Portal
flight tracking service
providing real-time info on
aircraft around the world:
to help track your
loved-ones on a journey.
Cosa Nostra   A history of the Sicilian mafia, and its offshoots and affiliates.
Modern Menace   The cruel anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany and Fascist France were not aberrations.
The Politics of Pride   Angelic supervision of human politics from Heaven's Judicial Court.
Human Government   A brief glance at some spiritual principles and historical forms.
The European Union   Beginning of the future kingdom of the Antichrist, ... or what?
Eusebius of Caesarea   A short reception history of his Ecclesiastical History and its effect.
Pseudo-Christian Cults   Menu of fake religions in the name of Christ, worse than atheism! (Under Construction).
Hitler's Jewish Ancestry   A summary of conclusive evidence.
Crime and Its Punishment   Background Principles, Sinai Law, Sentencing and Impartiality, plus . . .
Byzantine Emperor Justinian   His sixth century rule is significant to understanding the history of Christianity.
And a most accurate
weather forecast
'Fight to Free Muslim Lands!'   This emotive call is a significant influence in various conflicts.
Salvation in Buddhism & Islam   How Buddhism and Islam see Personal Salvation.
America's Christian–Identity Myth   The doctrine of religious non-identity ratified by the United States Senate in 1797, plus other sickening facts today!
Some Sins of American Imperialism   A few violations of national integrity and democratic process in US international behaviour...
 America's C I A: Hypocrisy Unlimited
  A chronological perspective on a well–intentioned agency and its on-going corrupting activities worldwide . . .
. . . IF Christianity is Christian, EVERY Christian is always unconditionally a SOCIAL ACTIVIST for the welfare of others – whoever and wherever they may be . . .
Crime & Punishment Balance Snake Wise   Four practical Bible truths for the Christian's walk in this corrupt world today.
Magna Carta   England's 1215 AD/CE Charter of Liberties translated from its Latin original.
The Guardian
World News
Ethical Norms   A critical overview of the whole basis of morality.
  Homosexuality   Same-sex sexuality and God.
  Does God Heal?   Is supernatural healing real? Is it for today?  
See: Federation of
 American Scientists 
Secrecy News Blog
Physical Violence   Right or wrong? Is Pacifism Biblical?  
Leadership Gender   The gender of leadership by God's design and why.  
What is Heaven for?   God's home? Or an address for prayers? If not – what is it for..?
The International Consortium
of Investigative Journalists
  God's Mind on Marriage   The voice of Genesis 1-3 for us today.
  'Original Sin' in Jesus Christ   Neither holiness nor sinfulness can be inherited – by Jesus Christ also!  
Love is vigilant for the welfare of others! The Deceit of Marijuana   A testimony and a warning based on personal experience...  
Demonic Possession   Akathartos Pneuma  Yes?  No?  What?  How?  Why?  
There are no wandering souls/spirits. ALL at death are taken by God's angels to their appropriate place, and they have no time-consciousness until their physical resurrection at the end.
Jewish Magic   Superstition and attempts to manipulate the supernatural.  
HELL   The basics, without myth and speculation.  
SATAN   A brief overview of this subversive personality.  
Satan's Primary Tactic   He is consistent in joining what he cannot stop – in order to subtly divert it . . .  
  World Weather   Climatic fluctuations and natural events as a background to human history.
  Culture & Christ   What should a Christian do? A powerful influence that has often corrupted Christianity!
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 Project Gutenberg 
Bible Genealogies   Of 'tribes' or 'persons' or both?  
Cause of the Flood   Probable cause based on the Bible and modern astronomy.  
The Genesis Prologue   An exegesis of the most controversial passage of Holy Scripture. Christ's return brings reconciliation with nature
Old Testament Canonicity   History and Theories of Inspiration of Israel's Bible.
  Genesis Text Commentary   Reconstructed text and summary commentary of Genesis (always under construction)
  Books Left Out of the Bible?   What about other writings that some Church Councils did not accept?
Old Testament in Early Church   Use and Exposition of the Jewish Holy Scriptures in early Christianity.
The Revelation Text Commentary   Summary commentary with Scripture text set out according to its own literary structure.
  The Original Human-Animal Relationship   How it was; why it changed; and what about now?
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"The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity." – George Bernard Shaw
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