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KGB Putin's Assassination of
Alexander Litvinenko
The detailed sequence of the 2006-2007 radioactive-trail in his Russian FSB assassination plus related matters
In May 2001, Litvinenko and his wife Marina are granted asylum in the UK, change their surname to Carter, and in 2002 move to 140 Osler Crescent, Muswell Hill, London.
Litvinenko, in his book Blowing Up Russia, accuses the Kremlin of masterminding the Kashirskoye and Pechatniki apartment bombings in Moscow (which killed and wounded many) in order to blame Chechen terrorists and so whip up public support for a Russian military invasion of Chechnya. In addition, in the months before his death, Litvinenko had also been involved in a report that alleged links between an associate of Vladimir Putin, Viktor Ivanov, then a deputy head of the Kremlin administration, and the Russian Mafia clan Tambov-Malyshev, of which Vladimir Putin is the 'godfather'.
    In 2004 an arson attack is carried out on the Litvinenko home at Muswell Hill, London, and then  
    in 2005 Litvinenko begins advising Spanish Intelligence on Russian Mafia/Batva activities in Spain.  
    On 13 October 2006, Litvinenko and his wife are both granted British citizenship.  
16 October 2006
Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun meet Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko (44) at an office in Mayfair, London, and spray radioactive isotope polonium-210 into his teacup – but he fails to drink it.
  2. 18 October 2006  
Lugovoi and Kovtun fly back to Moscow, contaminating their seats on the plane with alpha radiation (from the polonium-210).
  3. 25 October 2006  
Less than a week after Litvinenko makes a speech blaming Vladimir Putin for the murder of a journalist, Lugovoi returns to London on a British Airways flight, leaving more traces of alpha radiation from the polonium-210 isotope he was transporting..
  4. 31 October 2006  
Lugovoi returns to London again, this time with family and friends to watch a soccer match. Kovtun joins him the next day, via Hamburg, Germany. Radioactive trails are later found both at Emirates Stadium in London and in Hamburg.
  5. 1 November 2006  
Lugovoi and Kovtun meet Litvinenko at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair, London, where they spray polonium-210 radioactive isotope into a pot of green tea. This time, Litvinenko does drink some. He returns home and falls ill.
  6. 3 November 2006  
Litvinenko is admitted to hospital in London.
  7. 20 November 2006  
As Litvinenko shows symptoms of radiation poisoning by hair and weight loss, Scotland Yard's anti-terror unit begins investigating.
  8. 23 November 2006  
 Litvinenko dies of poisoning from radioactive isotope polonium-210, which emits alpha radiation (not gamma, and is therefore much harder to trace).
Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko is buried in Highgate Cemetery, London, leaving his wife Marina and his son Anatoly.
  9. 11 December 2006  
Back home in Russia, Lugovoi, while being treated for radiation sickness, is interrogated by the Russian prosecutor general's office in the presence of British detectives.
  10. 22 May 2007  
Britain requests the extradition of Lugovoi to stand trial for the Litvinenko murder, but, in July, Russia officially refuses.
  11. 10 December 2007  
Lugovoi is elected to Russia's parliament, the Duma.
  12. 31 July 2014  
A public judicial inquiry into the murder of Litvinenko opens in Britain under Sir Robert Owen.
See: Litvinenko Inquiry
  13. March 2015
Vladimir Putin awards Lugovoi a medal for "services to the fatherland", as a 'patriot who eliminated a traitor'.
My most recent letter to
International Criminal Court,
9 July 2016, for the
prosecution of VV Putin
for his murder
  14. 21 January 2016
The British judicial inquiry finds that Lugovoi and Kovtun poisoned Litvinenko and
that it was "probably approved by... President Putin" himself.

See: 285-page UK Judicial Inquiry Report and related key documents
Putin Russian Mafia/Bratva KGB/FSB

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