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המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים
"Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety."

(Using Proverbs 11:14 to justify its spying)
previously בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה‎ (Proverbs 24:6) "for by wise guidance you can wage your war"
Mossad has had a resource not available to most intelligence agencies, namely
individuals, fluent in difficult languages, recruited from among refugees from ancient Jewish communities in Arab lands,
colloquial in the speech of the countries from which they have fled
but completely loyal to the state in which they have found a new home..
December 13: Formed as the Central Institute for Coordination (a role similar to America's CIA) at the recommendation of Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to Reuven Shiloah (a close friend of David Ben-Gurion) to be its first Director.
Isser Harel, directs Mossad from 1952 to 1963
December: Soviet KGB agent Jewish Ze'ev Avni is offered a full time post in Mossad (HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim), and is posted as Israel's commercial attaché based in Belgrade.
The first secretary at the Soviet embassy in Belgrade becomes his new KGB controller.
April: In Israel – Mossad-KGB double agent Ze'ev Avni (Wolf Goldstein) is arrested by Israel's Shin Bet and sentenced to 14 years for espionage for the Soviet Union.
In Buenos Aires, Argentina – A blind German-Jewish holocaust survivor becomes suspicious of his daughter's friend called 'Nicolas Eichmann', for his defence of Hitler, and writes first to the public prosecutor in Essen, and then to the Israeli mission in Cologne, Germany.
An Israeli Mossad agent sent to Argentina to investigate regards the informant as unreliable and no action is taken.
But both the informant in Argentina and the public prosecutor in Essen continue to press for further investigation.
May 11: In Argentina – A team of five Mossad agents, led by Shimon Ben Aharon, slip into Argentina and abduct the ex-Nazi leader Karl Adolf Eichmann (living as Ricardo Klement). Mossad agent Peter Malkin (born Zvi Milchman) captures Eichmann as he walks to his home in Garibaldi Street, where he has been living, and after 10 days the Mossad team smuggle him on an El Al plane via Senegal to Israel, where he is tried and executed.
protests what it considers as Israel's violation of its sovereignty, and the United Nations Security Council notes that "repetition of acts such as [this] would involve a breach of the principles upon which international order is founded, creating an atmosphere of insecurity and distrust incompatible with the preservation of peace" while yet
also acknowledging that "Eichmann should be brought to appropriate justice for the crimes of which he is accused" and that "this resolution should in no way be interpreted as condoning the odious crimes of which Eichmann is accused."
Mossad therefore abandons a second operation, intended to capture Josef Mengele.
In Syria – Eichmann's assistant, SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Alois Brunner under the pseudonym Dr. Georg Fischer, is blinded in one eye in the explosion of a parcel bomb (again in 1980) sent by Israel's Mossad.
August: Israel's Mossad prepares to attack and intimidate German scientists working for Egypt's rocket program.
German officer Skorzeny is recruited by Mossad to help locate the German scientists developing missiles for Egypt.

Otto Skorzeny
3 October 1943
September 11: In West Germany – On instruction of Yitzhak Shamir, the chief of a Munich company supplying military hardware to Egypt, Heinz Krug (49), is assassinated by Mossad agent Otto Skorzeny (former lieutenant colonel in Nazi Germany’s Waffen-SS and one of Adolf Hitler’s personal favorites among the party’s commando leaders, for the Führer, had awarded Skorzeny the German army’s most prestigious medal, the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, for leading the rescue operation that plucked his Italian fascist friend Benito Mussolini out from the hands of his captors, 12 September 1943) in a remote wooded area outside Munich, and his body is never found for a Mossad team pours acid on Krug’s body before burying it in a grave that had been dug in preparation for his killing. (Krug was director of an Egyptian dummy company operating out of Munich that was involved in a building missiles in Egypt. Mossad agents, Joseph Ben-Gal and Otto Joklik, were also involved in his abduction.) Skorzeny also sends German scientists in Egypt a number of mail bombs designed by the Mossad, which kill a number of people. (Source: Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman).
dies of cancer (67)
in Spain in 1975.
1965 In Uruguay – Mossad assassinates Latvian Nazi collaborator Herberts Cukurs.  
In Israel – Mossad owned freighter Scheersberg A delivers 200 tons of Congo uranium oxide (operation Plumbat) for Israel's French-built nuclear reactor at Dimona in the Negev Desert and for production of weapons-grade plutonium under direction of physicist Yuval Ne’eman. The ship docks in the eastern Turkish port of Iskenderum and its captain and crew abandon the ship and disappear.
1969 In London, UK – Mossad recruites Egyptian Ashraf Marwan (later Dr., who marries Nasser's daughter) as an agent.  
October 16: In Rome – Mossad assassinates the Italian representative of the PLO, Wadal Zwaiter.
January 24: In Nicosia, Cyprus – Mossad assassinates Hussein Al Bashir for the Munich Olympics attack on Israeli athletes.
6: In Paris – Mossad assassinates Basil Kubaissi, PFLP member, and law professor at American University of Beirut.
11: In Athens, Greece – Mossad assassinates the Palestinian Fatah representative to Cyprus, Zaiad Muchasi.
21, Saturday: In Lillehammer, Norway – Mossad assassination team (kidon) of 17 kills a man it believes (in error) is Ali Hassan Salameh (a leader of Black September) as he returns from a movie with his seven-month pregnant wife Torill. The victim is actually a Moroccan waiter Ahmed Bouchiki, not Salameh, who is shot fourteen times by Israeli agent Jonathan Isaac Englesberg and Tamara (Mossad team-leader Georg Manner's mistress)
4, Friday: In Paris – Egyptian agent of Israel's Mossad, Dr Asharf Marwan, secretly informs Israeli agent Dubi Asherov that Egypt is about to attack Israel. But Mossad is slow to respond.
5, 10pm Saturday: In London – Mossad chief Zvi Zamir, accompanied by Dubi Asherov and Mossad security personnel, meet with Dr Ashraf Marwan at a safe house who again warns Israel that war is imminent. (See: his betrayal, June 27, 2007). (the Israeli government still does not prepare for an attack or call up its military reserves (which would have given Israel a 30-hour advantage), but Zamir's phone call and then his telegram to his bureau chief, Fredi Eini, and a message from Eini to Israel's leaders eventually changes their minds).
July 15: In Cannes, France – The leader of the pro-Syrian faction (al-Saiqa) of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, Zuhair Mohsen is assassinated by Mossad.
June: In Paris – The head of Iraq’s nuclear programme, Yahia El-Meshad, is assassinated in his Paris hotel by a Mossad hit team. Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin then tells a journalist that he hoped France “had learnt its lesson” for helping Iraq.
(Tzipi Livni is attached to Israel's Mossad and in Paris at this time).
December: Victor John Ostrovsky, after service in Israel's military, in which he attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander, is recruited by Mossad and begins his training at the Mossad Academy north of Tel Aviv.
(Ostrovsky later leaves/is dismissed from Mossad in 1986, citing cases of unnecessarily malicious actions by Mossad operatives and deliberately inaccurate reporting to Israel's political leadership.
In 1990 the State of Israel unsuccessfully went to court in the United States to try and stop the publication of Ostrovsky book 'By Way of Deception').
See: Victor Ostrovsky &
Claire Hoy 1990 book
'By Way of Deception'
on Mossad, with its
organizational charts
Friday, November 24: In Peshawar, Pakistan – Palestinian Islamic preacher Abdullah Yusuf Azzam (teaching defensive jihad), mentor of Osama bin-Laden, and moderating influence on radical Ayman al-Zawahiri, is assassinated by a Mossad bomb on his way to mosque to lead prayer.
Years later, his son Hutaifa states that if his father had lived "there would have been no September 11".
March 22: In Belgium – Mossad assassinates Canadian engineer and ballistics expert Gerald Bull who was working for Iraq on the Project Babylon supergun.
April 23: On 18th Floor, Ritz Plaza, Sea Point, South Africa – Mossad assassinates chemical engineer Wynand van Wyk (44) regarding the supply of nuclear related materials to Iran.
See: 'Red Mercury'
Murders in South Africa
In Sliema, Malta – Mossad assassinates Fathi Shiqaqi, a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, by shooting him several times in the head in front of the Diplomat Hotel.
September 24: In Jordan – Two Mossad agents, with Canadian passports, attempt to assassinate Khaled Mashal of Hamas by spraying him in his left ear with a lethal nerve toxin. They are arrested after a chase.
• Jordan's King Hussein demands that Israel's Prime MInister Netanyahu provide the antidote for the nerve toxin.
• At first Netanyahu refuses, but as the incident grows in political significance, American President Bill Clinton intervenes and forces Netanyahu to turn over the antidote.
Jordanian authorities later release the two Mossad agents in exchange for the release of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader of Hamas (originally released from Egyptian imprisonment in Gaza in 1967 by Israel to create an organisation (HAMAS) in opposition to the Palestine Liberation Organization).
After this incident Mashal states –
'Israeli threats have one of two effects: some people are intimidated,
but others become more defiant and determined. I am one of the latter.'
August: Mossad informs America's FBI and CIA that as many as 200 terrorists are slipping into the United States and planning "a major assault on the United States." The Israeli intelligence agency cautions that it had picked up indications of a "large-scale target" in the United States and that Americans would be "very vulnerable."
January, Thursday 24: In Beirut Lebanon – Elie Hobeika, a key witness in the Sabra-Chatila war crimes case being pursued in a Belgian court against Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, is assassinated outside his home with a car bomb by Mossad. (The explosion occurs two days after Hobeika had met Belgian Senators Josy Dubie and Vincent van Quickenborne in east Beirut, and agreed to be a witness at any trial of Sharon for the Sabra and Chatila massacre).
April 21, Wednesday: In Israel – Israeli nuclear technician and (Jewish Christian) whistle-blower Mordecai Vanunu is released from prison after 17 years, 5 months and 10 days (more than eleven years of which were spent in solitary confinement, with the light permanently on), for supplying information and photographs to the Sunday Times of London on Israel's nuclear weapons of mass destruction programme at Dimona in the Negev desert, which showed Israel to have the world's sixth largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. (He had been lured from London to Italy, kidnapped, drugged, and smuggled to Israel for trial by Israel's Mossad).
His release from Ashkelon's Shikma prison is subject to the condition that,
within 12 months, he does not leave the country, discuss the circumstances of his arrest,
or speak to any foreign agencies or persons, etc.
July 15, Thursday: In Auckland, New zealand – Mossad agent Ze'ev William Barkan (37) and two Mossad accomplices Eli Cara (50) and Uriel Kelman (31) are cited in the High Court for passport fraud.
His accomplices plead guilty and are sentenced to six months imprisonment,
but Ze'ev Barkan flees via Sydney to North Korea (to advise on the design of a Border Security Wall to separate the Palestinians) traveling on a Canadian passport issued in the name of Kevin Hunter, which had been reported stolen at the Canadian Consulate in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou in mid April.

Ze'ev W Barkan
(Wife: Irit);
Home: Shoham,
SE of Tel Aviv, Israel.
June 27, Wednesday, 13:00 UCT+1: at Carlton House Terrace, London, UK – Ashraf Marwan (أشرف مروان‎), Egyptian billionaire and reputed spy for Israel's Mossad, falls to his death while writing an exposé of his spying activities for Mossad.
A witness of his fatal fall from the fifth floor, who was on the third floor of a nearby building, tells police that he saw two men "wearing suits and of Mediterranean appearance" appear on the balcony moments after Marwan's fall, look down, and then return inside the apartment. (His body wore shoes, but a later search for abrasions on them that would indicate his resistance to being thrown from the balcony found his shoes missing).
son, Gamal Marwan, claims his father was working on his memoir before his death. Gamal says his father’s manuscript and tapes had vanished (Mossad cover-up), and that he was a patriotic Egyptian. Ashraf Marwan had been chief of staff to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, a leading Arab industrialist, and became a business partner of Mohamed al-Fayed, the owner of Harrod's department store in London.
September, Thursday 6: In Syria – Israeli war-planes bomb Syria's nuclear reactor which is within months of it becoming operational (according to American Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in a confidential cable to U.S. diplomats). It was being built with the assistance of North Korea. (Israel is reported to have paid Syrian Saleh Al-Nijm 1.5 million dollars for information on the location of the nuclear reactor). Mossad agents had also broken into the home of a top Syrian official in Vienna and copied photographs of the secret nuclear facility.
February, Tuesday 12: In Damascus, Syria – Mossad assassinates Imad Mughniyeh, liaison between Hezbollah and Iran, by an exploding headrest as he enters a car.
August, Friday 1: At a beach restort near Tartous, Syria – General Mohammed Suleiman, top security aide to the Syrian President, is shot dead at night on a beach by a Mossad sniper on board an offshore yacht.
December 12: In London, Uk – A warrant for the arrest of Tzipi Livni, former Israeli foreign minister, for war-crimes associated with Israel's Gaza War is issued by the British High Court in view of her impending visit to the UK (Livni was Acting Prime Minister of Israel from 4/5/2006 to 31/3/2009).
The Goldstone Report had concluded that Israel had used disproportionate force and had deliberately targeted Gaza civilians, using them as human shields, while destroying civilian infrastructure in Gaza.
Monday 14: London UK – The warrant for the arrest of Tzipi Livni is withdrawn when her visit is cancelled.
The incident causes friction with the Israeli government and embarrassment to the British Foreign Office.
(Livni was also an Israeli Mossad agent in Paris during the 1980s in which several assassinations were carried out in that city).
In Dubai – Mossad assassinates Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, a senior Hamas military leader, using six fraudulently obtained Irish passports.
February: In Ukraine – Mossad kidnaps Palestine engineer Dirar Abu Sisi (42-year-old senior engineer at Gaza's only power plant), and the following day smuggles him to Israel, where he is held in Shikma prison near the coastal city of Ashkelon, north of Gaza.
(Sisi was applying for Ukrainian citizenship, while holidaying with his Ukrainian-born wife Veronika and their six children, when he was abducted Friday night by six Mossad agents off a train en route between Kharkhov and Kiev.
Ghazi Abu Sisi, a brother of the engineer, said he had overseen a modification of the Gaza power plant to receive diesel fuel smuggled from Egypt, instead of from Israel, which had previously been the sole source of fuel for the power station.)
In March: An Israeli court in Petah Tikva confirms a ban on publishing any information about the disappearance of Abu Sisi, thereby implying complicity by Israel in his disappearance.
12: In Cairo, Egypt – Egyptian authorities arrest an American citizen, Ilan Grapel, working as an Israeli Mossad agent, for spying and for inciting protests/recruitment of protestors against the new Egyptian government. One judiciary source says the man had been active in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the revolt against Mubarak, after the former president stepped down.
23: In Egypt – Mossad agent, Egyptian Abdel Rezek Hussein, who sets up two fake telecommunications firms in Southeast Asia and obtained dozens of resumes after advertising for employees from Egypt, Syria and other Arab states (in recruiting espionage informants), is now sentenced to life imprisonment.
July: In Turkmenistan – Israel's new ambassador is rejected as being a Mossad spy. This is the second such rejection by Turkmenistan (which borders Iran) of a designated Israeli ambassador for the same reason.
Dagan's term heading Mossad now ends.
February In Israel – Spy Cables reveal that Israel's Mossad had already concluded that Iran was not producing nuclear weapons, before Israel's Prime Minister sounded alarm over it at the United Nations in 2012.
January: In Israel – Yossi Cohen יוסי כהן‎ (54) becomes the new Mossad chief (previous secret service chief 2011-2015 was Tamir Pardo תמיר פרדו‎) and at his inauguartion warns that Iran's nuclear prgram is a major threat.
But he was reported in 2015 to have told a closed meeting that
the conflict with the Palestinians poses an even greater threat to Israel than Iran.
(His permaturely born son is Captain Yonatan Cohen, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound,
who cannot walk, write, or read as he is legally blind, was formerly an officer in the 8200-unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps
and is now a team commander at the IDF Spokesperson's Office).
25: In Lebanon – "The General Security Directorate arrests two Lebanese, one of them born in 1977 and the other in 1982, as well as a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon born in 1992, and two Nepalese women born in 1991 and 1993 on the offense of spying in favor of embassies of the Israeli enemy abroad...After their interrogation, the arrestees were referred to the competent court on the offense of collaboration with the Israeli enemy, and work is underway to arrest the rest of the people involved".
Five Mossad
spies arrested.
March 24: I Gaza City, Palestine – Senior HAMAS official Mazen Faqha (38) is shot dead at the entrance to his home by Israeli agents.

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