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“Fight to Free Muslim Lands!”
This emotive and inflammatory call is a significant influence in various conflicts today, particularly in Palestine.
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Who has 'right' to a land is a very valid question.  
  Does invasion – whether military or economic – confer rights of ownership?  
In 636 AD, Palestinian Jews welcomed the invading Muslim armies as a relief from Byzantine oppression.
Since then, Arabs of various religious persuasions have lived in Palestine for many generations.
Does the
present day Israeli military power, economic persuasion, or religious zeal, confer any right to Palestine?
Some lucid thinking on this issue is desperately needed.
The very concept 'Muslim lands' is as misleading and deceptive as the concept of 'Jewish' or 'Christian' or 'Hindu' lands!  A falsification of history in the name of religion takes God's name in vain, and is thus blasphemous!
Rights of ownership will always belong to residents – not conquerors! 
Let Israel hear this!
This was true in Nazi occupied France and in Israeli occupied Southern Lebanon. Neither the sword nor the gun has ever conferred a 'right'!
The religion of the violent does not convert that land to their religion, no matter what it might be. The land, all land, everywhere, belongs ultimately, entirely, only – to God its creator. 
the so-called Promised Land given to Israel was a tenancy with conditions (Leviticus 25:1,23), a tenancy which expired when those conditions were continually violated. That was the consistent warning of Moses and of Israel's prophets,
to which Israel is still deaf today! 
Many of those who oppose the State of Israel's occupation policies toward Palestinian land do not oppose the residency of Jews but of the political/economic oppression that has accompanied it.
Arabs were living in Palestine before Mohammad was born!
Therefore, their descendants most certainly have rights to their own land today, in the fullest sense of this word!
‘la  ilaha  illa  lllah’ –  there is no god but God!
Let all that call
themselves Muslim
note these words!
Now, concerning the right of Jews to live in Palestine:
 Qur'ãn – Table, Sura 23,24: it is written that Moshe [Moses] calls to his people, the Jewish people, and says –
"come to the Holy Land that was given to you by the Lord and don't be left behind."
 Qur'ãn – Night Journey, Sura 26: it is written that Allah said to the people of Israel –
"Settle in the Land of Israel."
Therefore true Islam recognizes the historical right of Israel to live in their land and to live in it as 'Israel'
but that does not mean a race-based political state of separate classes of citizenship!

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