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Russian Mafia/Bratva(Axe)
русская мафия
Solntsevskaya Bratva   Солнцевская братва
The Solntsevskaya have been active in Israel, using it as a base for international money laundering.
Terms of рoссийская мафия:
the Boss or Krestnii Otets "Godfather" and controls everything.
the advisor and most close trusted individual to the Pakhan, similar to the Consigliere in Italian-American Mafia crime families and Sicilian Mafia clans
Kassir or Kaznachey  
the bookmaker, collects all money from Brigadiers and bribes the government to Obshchak (money mafia intended for use in the interests of the group), similar to the underboss position in Italian-American Mafia crime families.
Brigadier – or Avtoritet  
is like a captain in charge of a small group of men, similar to Caporegime in Italian-American Mafia crime families and Sicilian Mafia clans. He gives out jobs to Boeviks ("warriors") and pays tribute to Pakhan. He runs a crew which is called a Brigade (Bratva). A Brigade is made up of 5–6 Boyeviks and Shestyorkas. There are four Brigadiers running criminal activity in the Russian Bratva.
literally "warrior" works for a Brigadier having a special criminal activity to run, similar to soldiers in Italian-American Mafia crime families and Sicilian Mafia clans. A Boevik is in charge of finding new guys and paying tribute up to his Brigadier. Boevik is also the main strike force of a brigade (bratva).
is an "associate" to the organization also called the "six", similar to associates in Italian-American Mafia crime families and Sicilian Mafia clans. Is an errand boy for the organization and is the lowest rank in the Russian Mafia.
Primary Tactic

Vladimir Putin worked as
KGB officer. Dresden, East
Germany, during the 1980s
and built his relationship
with Тамбовская преступная группировка (mafia)
Persons –
  Vladimir Coumarin (the head of the Tambov organized crime group).   Alexander Malyshev
  Gennadios Petrov (InoPressa)   Leonid Khristoforov
  Gennady Petrov   Viktor Zubkov (father-in-law of Petrov)
  Leonid Reiman   Nikolay Aulov
  Victor P Ivanov (head of Federal Narcotics Service/Russia’s drug control agency)   Oleg Deripaska
  German Gref head of Sberbank   Vladislav Reznik (owns property in Majorca)
  Dmitry Kozak   Alexander Bastrykin
  Vladimir Coumarin ("Kum")   Tsepov Roma (Roma "Producer")
  Vladimir Smirnov (business partner "Kuma" in many enterprises)   Sergei Mavrodi
Sergey Ivanov, Nikolay Patrushev, Aleksandr Grigor’yev, Vladimir Strzhelkovskiy, and Viktor Cherkesov
all five were contemporaries of Putin in the Leningrad KGB in the 1980s

Gennady Petrov
Putin owns a house in Torrevieja, Spain. Mr. PutinWe Are
Watching You!
The Bratva is known for being ruthless and violent.
Russian mafia/bratva operating out of Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Puerto Rico, form an alliance with Colombian trafficking organizations to acquire cocaine for delivery to Europe and the territories of the former Soviet Union and to provide arms to Colombian narcotraficantes and guerrilla organizations.
Members of St. Petersburg’s Tambov crime syndicate, headed by Gennady Petrov, move into Spain to launder proceeds from their illicit activities: namely murder, arms trafficking, drug smuggling, extortion and fraud.
Associates of
Vladimir Putin
November 24: The South African Minister for Safety and Security visits Moscow and informs a media briefing that Russian criminals in South Africa are involved in arms-smuggling, fraud, car theft and drug-trafficking. He provides the Russian authorities with a list of 23 names of persons, some of them known internationally,19 who were under suspicion for involvement in criminal activities in South Africa. He informs the media briefing that the South African police feared that Russian criminals could also be dealing in uranium.
August 29: One of the taxi companies in St. Petersburg city started decorating their cars with a corpse's hand jutting out of the car's trunk. This is Volga GAZ Russian car, cruising across the St. Petersburg city with a "corpse" in the trunk, as a mild warning.
Putin creates the Investigative Committee as a counterweight to the Prosecutor General’s Office and Petrov helps secure Bastrykin’s appointment as its first chairman.
Israel Operations
In New York, USA – Over the last 15 years, the Russian mafia, based in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, has grown into an intimidating force – a lucrative international enterprise stretching from Moscow to Israel to Thailand to the United States, blending old-fashioned brutality with high-tech skills. The Russians' massive smuggling operations run out of a port in Newark, N.J. One ingenious scam to avoid paying taxes had tanker loads of wood-grain alcohol being shipped back to the Mother Land – vodka with a twist –
"They would dye it blue. They would label it windshield washer fluid, ship it to Russia, un-dye it, and then sell it there as vodka".
police attempt to arrest Petrov during a raid on his Majorca villa, but he had left for Russia. Petrov's lawyer, Roberto Mazorriaga, allege that Spanish prosecutors cannot expect his extradition because they have failed to provide evidence.
Tambov Gang money laundering scheme of more than one billion euros (1.4 billion dollars) of dirty Russian money is laundered through a series of financial transactions in Bulgaria and Estonia. The laundered money is part of the St Petersburg Tambov gang's proceeds from drug trafficking, prostitution and protection rackets.
The Tambov Gang money-laundering operation is run by Elizabet Elena Von Messing and Dmitriy Abramkin.
Petrov asks an associate to get Nikolai Aulov (deputy of Viktor Ivanov) to pressure Russia’s new customs chief to facilitate port shipments for his mafia group.
according to a classified cable from the U.S. embassy in the Spanish capital Putin runs a 'virtual mafia state where the activities of criminal networks are indistinguishable from those of the government.
Aleksandr Andreevichhe Panin is given the source code for another banking trojan called Zeus, a hugely popular piece of malware that was developed by Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogchev, another Russian cybercriminal who was known by the moniker Slavik.
Aleksandr Andreevichhe
Panin ('Gribodemon' and 'Harderman') profits from his SpyEye malware, licensing the malware to over 150 criminals around the world for up to $10,000 a time. These criminals, in turn, use the malware to steal millions from unsuspecting victims while its creator publicly boasted about his creation safe in the knowledge that he remained immune from prosecution, in Russia. However when Panin decided to use some of his ill-gotten gains to take a holiday in the Dominican Republic in 2013, his immunity disappears. According to Panin’s lawyers, the hacker was detained by Dominican police before being flown to Atlanta.
January: A Russian in his early 20s known only by his pseudonym “Soldier” purchases a SpyEye kit and, over the course of the next six months, steals $3.2 million from tens of thousands of people, the vast majority of whom in the United States, with the help of accomplices based in West Hollywood and Los Angeles.
Algerian Hamza Bendelladj – or “Bx1” as known online – becomes SpyEye’s chief marketer among criminals.
Bendelladj is extradited
from Thailand
to the United States
May 2, 2013.
On June 26, 2015,
he pleads guilty; and
on 20 April 2016,
Panin, is jailed
in an Atlanta court.
In June and
July: Undercover FBI operatives communicate directly with Panin (who was using his online aliases) on a dark web market and buy a version of SpyEye.
In December:
Months after “Soldier” uses SpyEye to devastating effect, a Northern District of Georgia grand jury returns a 23-count indictment against Panin, who had yet to be fully identified, and Bendelladj. The indictment charges one count of conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, 10 counts of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit computer fraud, and 11 counts of computer fraud. One of the reasons Panin and Bendelladj remained at large for so long, even after the FBI had tricked them into selling their malware to undercover agents, was their location. The Russian government does not take much interest in clamping down on cybercriminals operating from their country, and so Panin believed he was immune to prosecution.
U.S. Magnitsky Act, enacted to punish Russians deemed complicit in the prison torture-death of an accountant who alleged large-scale theft by officials.
the US – Brighton Beach, New York (aka 'Little Odessa') which is a predominantly Russian/Russian-Jewish neighborhood, has served as the HQ of the Russian mafia/bratva in the United States. The Russian mafia is also suspected of having a sizable investment in General Motors via its interest in Canadian auto parts maker Magna International.
Russian Bratva participate in a wide range of criminal activites, such as drug trafficking, fraud, arms trafficking, fencing, murder, extortion, racketeering and more. In the U.S., they are most heavily involved in fraud, sometimes working with other criminal groups such as 'Armenian Power' in Los Angeles, and also involved in gasoline tax scams in places like New York, where instead of paying taxes on gas purchased by consumers at gas stations to the government, they take it for themselves. They operate some of these schemes with The Italian Mafia (Cosa Nostra) in New York mainly and some have to pay a tax to Cosa Nostra to operate there.
They are also involved in legitimate businesses, where they can launder money and base other criminal operations out of.
January: The Russian Bratva with the help of master-mariner Dimitri Alexander Sarenok establish themselves in the southern Cape (Strand), South Africa, to reroute their cocaine transshipments from Colombia to Europe.
Dimitri Sarenok
who shot dead
Jürgen Rombouts
in Strand
25 April 2014
Sarenok moves in
and out of South Africa
without going through
passport control.
April 25: In Morgenster St, Strand, Western Cape, South Africa – Russian Dimitri Alexander Sarenok (master-mariner) assassinates Belgium citizen Jürgen Rombouts with six-bullets, after Rombouts the previous day discovers a stash of cocaine hidden in a sealed room of the house owned by Sarenok which he was renting. Sarenok's Red Nissan Sani 4x4 (bought for cash) was parked in Navarre St before the attack, which he then uses to ram Rombouts' vehicle as he leaves for work, at 7am, with Swiss Air ground staff at Cape Town International airport. The Red Nissan is then driven, 300 metres down away down Morgenster St, and set alight.
Although local police identify it as a gangland killing (for the victim would have testified against thieves that had broken into his neighbour's home) the victim's fiancé Chanelle Victor sitting next to him and his cell phone in his hand are left totally untouched which should have a clue to the thinking observer.
Sarenok steals a ski-boat Olly from Harbour Island, Gordon's Bay at 07.29 that morning to board a passing ship.
He had used it the previous week to take friends out on the bay so he knew where to get the keys.
In Cancun, Mexico – Fraudulent ATMs linked to the Russian mafia are found on its Caribbean coast to be preying on the vast number of holidaymakers in the most popular resorts.
Russia – The two sons of Russian Attorney General Yuri Chaika have engaged in a close business partnership with mafia godfather Sergei Tsapok. Tsapok's bratva in Russia’s Krasnodar region has operated with impunity for years and
received protection from higher-level authorities.
November 30: In Nicosia, Cyprus – The Justice Ministry invite Russian 'sleuths' to conduct a joint raid with Cypriot police on the offices, of lawyers acting on behalf of Bill Browder of Hermitage Capital who exposed the corruption in the Rusian government and their murder of tax-lawyer Sergei Magnitsky who helped expose them. The Cypriot president, Nicos Anastasiades is the only EU leader at Russia’s WWII parade in Moscow in May, and is often described as a 'friend of Russia'.
Russia is building a new
military base on Cyprus
near the NATO base.
February, Friday 5, 14:30: In Dublin, Ireland – Six men, three in SWAT team uniforms, armed with Romanian model AK47s attack the Regency hotel where a boxing weigh-in is taking place, shoot dead David Byrne (33), from Raleigh Square in Crumlin in the south of the city, of the Christy Kinahan gang, and injure two others in a targeted attack, which is linked to a gangland feud between Dublin gangsters and an Irish criminal outfit based in the south of Spain linked to the murder of Gary Hutch (the Monk) in September 2015. One assailant is disguised as a "woman and wearing an auburn wig" guarding the front steps and the others as "crime drama" police officers. A burnt-out van, believed to be the getaway vehicle, is later found not far from the hotel.
Mel Cristle, the President of the Boxing Union of Ireland, says that the shooting was not indiscriminate and that individuals, not the boxers, were targeted.
Russian mafia
based in Spain
Monday 19:45: In Poplar Row, Ballybough area, north Dublin – Taxi-driver Eddie Hutch (Sr. 59), a close relative of Gary Hutch above, is shot dead (nine shots) in retaliation for the Friday shooting above.
(Britain's MI5 contacts private investigators to assist in the international investigation following the fatal shootings.
Britain's MI5 and MI6 had been watching this gang for quite some time when the shootings took place in Dublin,
believing that the Kinahan gang use Ireland as their gateway to Europe)
Russian Mafia
leaders now hold
their annual meetings
in Tel Aviv
(previously Cyprus)
April 5: In Israel – For almost a decade Israel has played host to the activity of an online trading industry, a great deal of it fraudulent, that has fleeced hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions, from hundreds of thousands of customers globally, while Israeli authorities have opted to look the other way. Now international lawyer Gabriele Giambrone sends a letter to Israel’s Justice Ministry informing it that his firm represents 2,500 clients allegedly defrauded by binary options and forex companies operating out of Israel
Russian mafia
operating from Israel
Mr. PutinWe Are
Watching You!
"The Israeli regulatory and enforcement authorities have so far failed to take any action
despite the widespread knowledge of where these companies are based,
which offices they are operating from, and who are the individuals behind it.
It appears that none of the regulators are interested, so investor protection falls down the chasm between the net
Mr. PutinWe Are
Watching You!
2018 May 30:
Bill Browder, who exposed serious corruption in Putin's government, is arrested in Spain on a Russian warrent issued via Interpol, to which he had travelled to provide evidence concerning the Russian Mafia/Bratva .
The Russian judiciary is among the most corrupt public institutions in Russia, as illustrated in the Global Corruption Barometer 2013, which states more that three-quarters of surveyed households consider the judiciary to be 'corrupt' or 'extremely corrupt'.

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