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Some Sins of American Imperialism
All countries abuse their influence, but some much more than others.
May 13: The US Congress declares war on Mexico because Mexican troops had crossed the Rio Grande river. This is the excuse of US President James Knox Polk, for Mexico had refused to sell its Californian territory to the US at any price, and so Polk now intends to take the territory by force of arms.
He sent General Zachary Taylor into Mexican territory in March to provoke a response and today's declaration is the result.
The United States annexes the harbour of the Pago Pago island in the Pacific as part of its program to build a new navy to help stake its claim to foreign markets and natural resources.
Pago Pago
US sugar planters, in collaboration with the US minister in Honolulu and supported by US marines and sailors, topple the Hawaiian Queen Liliʻuokalani (also known as Lydia Kamakaʻeha Pākī), and install American Sanford Dole (brother of pineapple magnate James Dole) as its president.
US Overthrow of the
Kingdom of Hawaii
April 25: The US declares war on Spain (purportedly to free Cuba from Spain) but really to take the Philippines from Spain.
May 1: US Commodore George Dewey conquers Manila.
The United
States seizes the Philippines from Spain in the Spanish-American War (1898), but the Filipinos had already been fighting Spain for their freedom. They had established an independent republic and did not want to exchange one colonial master for another. The United States suppresses their republic in a war that leaves over 200,000 Filipinos dead. The US also establishes concentration camps in which many die of malnutrition and disease. The Americans are driven out of the Philippines by the Japanese in World War II.
After the war, the United States eventually grants them full independence in 1946.
November: The Manila correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger writes –
"The present war is no bloodless, opera bouffe engagement; our men have been relentless, have killed to exterminate men, women, children, prisoners and captives, active insurgents and suspected people from lads of ten up, the idea prevailing that the Filipino as such was little better than a dog...".
American Senator
George Frisbie Hoar (Massachusetts) later states that the United States had –
"crushed the Republic that the Philippine people had set up for themselves, deprived them of their independence, and established there, by American power, a Government in which the people have no part, against their will" (Hoar 1905:304).
A rare honest man.

CIA murder
of Gary Devore.
November 2: Off the coast of Colombia, South America – The United States Navy is sent to block its sea lanes to help and encourage the (US orchestrated) rebels of Colombia's Province of Panama to fight for independance by preventing possible Colombian troop movements en route to put down the rebellion, in order for the US to then gain control of Panama for canal purposes.
November 3: The United States quickly recognizes the new 'nation'.
November 6: French national, Philippe-Jean Bunau-Varilla, as Panama's 'ambassador' to the United States, signs the Hay–Bunau-Varilla Treaty without any form of authorization, granting rights to the United States to build and indefinitely administer the Panama Canal Zone and its defenses.
April 21: In Mexico, US President Wilson sends a force of seven battleships, four fully manned marine troop transports, and numerous destroyers to Vera Cruz. They seize the customhouse, killing over 150 Mexican soldiers and civilians, and six thousand marines occupy Vera Cruz for seven months.
April 2: In Washington, USA – President WOODROW WILSON asks Congress for a Declaration of War against Germany to ensure that the US has a 'leadership voice' in the post-war world. As he explained to Jane Adams of the Emergency Peace Federation, that –
"as head of a nation participating in the war, the President of the United States would have a seat at the Peace Table, but if he remained the representative of a neutral country he could at best only 'call through a crack in the door'." (TJ Knock 1992: 118).
A justification
for War?
At the Versailles conference, Britain challenges the immunity of a head of state and seeks the death penalty of the German Kaiser for ordering the unprovoked invasion of Belgium and unrestricted submarine warfare, but the United States insists that head of state impunity is central to Westphalian international law, so the German Kaiser remains a guest of the Dutch government until his death in 1941. Had he been tried and punished appropriately, Hitler might have held back from his atrocities.
The US supports
US Marines invade Nicaragua to quell a revolt by Augusto César Sandino, whose ragtag army of Nicaraguan peasants fight the US invasion, armed primarily with machetes and 19th century rifles. In November, the Marines succeed in locating El Chipote, Sandino’s mountain headquarters, but they find it abandoned and guarded by straw dummies.
(In 1932, U.S. soldiers are withdrawn from Nicaragua following its elections).
1949 In Syria, coup d'état Syria, See PDF
In North Korea – The US Air-force drops germ warfare bombs of bubonic plague as an experiment, killing thousands. The bomb casings were designed to split open on impact and release the infected insects to infect the local population.
Later an international commission composed of scientists from France, Italy, Sweden, the Soviet Union and Brazil, and led by Joseph Needham, a distinguished British embryologist, toured the affected areas in North Korea, interviewed the sick and the dying and carried out a detailed analysis of their infections. The resulting 600-page report included results of post-mortem on the victims: these identified bubonic plague, cholera and anthrax. It concluded that germ warfare had been deployed exactly as the North Koreans claimed.
Yet despite its apparent wealth of scientific evidence, it is again dismissed by the US as communist disinformation.
In Iran, coup d’etat (CIA TPAJAX Project) overthrows the democratically elected government and installs a pro-American dictator.
In Guatemala, because it's President's land reform program upsets America's United Fruit Company, the CIA engineers a military overthrow of its government.
In South Vietnam, the US begins undermining democracy (because it may lead to a communist government) in order to secure its own leader (cruel ruthless Ngo Dinh Diem).
South Vietnam
1959 In Tibet, uprising US had promised air-cover and
withdrew it at the last moment.
1961 April 17: In Cuba, (CIA sponsored and trained Brigada Asalto 2506) of the failed Bay of Pigs (Bahía de Cochinos) invasion.
During the cold
war period (1961–68), US Air Force flew B-52 bomber planes loaded with thermonuclear weapons (Operation Chrome Dome) on a continuous route which went from middle of the US, across the Atlantic, close to the border of USSR, over Greenland, Canada, Alaska and back. They refueled in air over Atlantic and Pacific. A part of the flights that went east refueled over Lake Superior (Edit suggested in the comment section by George Holmes, crew member in these flights). It was initiated by General Thomas Power and the idea was to have the capability to respond quickly in case of a nuclear war. 1961 Goldsboro incident (1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash), two thermonuclear bombs were dropped near Goldsboro, North Carolina after the B-52 broke apart in mid air. In one of these bombs, three of the four arming sequences got activated and just one switch prevented the detonation. The other one was heavily damaged upon impact and got lodged deep into the ground. A high voltage switch prevented the detonation in this case however the safe/arm switch was found to be on “arm”. Most of the thermonuclear component of this bomb still rests in peace at the same spot, as it could not be safely removed.
So, after this Gillette Mach-3 like close shave, the US continues the program for seven more years, meanwhile dropping atomic bombs in California (1961 Yuba City B-52 crash), Maryland (1964 Savage Mountain B-52 crash), Spain (1966 Palomares B-52 crash) and finally in Greenland (1968 Thule Air Base B-52 crash). The last Greenland incident caused radioactive contamination in the North star bay, which required a cleanup operation lasting months in frigid cold winter and 550,000 US gallons of contaminated liquid had to be transported back to the US for disposal.
For one of the bombs, Uranium-235 of the fissile core of the secondary was never recovered.
1963 In South Vietnam, coup d'état  
In Brazil, because the elected president's program is seen as not favouring the economic interest of American companies the CIA engineers a coup d'état (Operation Brother Sam) supported by the US Navy to replace the government of Brazil with military rule.
1954 and 1972, 19 different types of US nuclear weapons were deployed in Okinawa, but with fewer than around 1,000 nuclear warheads at any one time. Okinawa reverted to Japan on 15 May, 1972.
In South Vietnam, the CIA begins its assassination program code-named Phoenix (Chiến dịch Phụng Hoàng) to eliminate persons in villages reported to be potential Vietcong leaders.
April 30: Mohammad Ali (Cassius Clay), is stripped of his world heavyweight boxing crown by the U.S. government because he refuses military conscription to the US war in Vietnam for religious reasons.
US politics in sport
March 16: In South Vietnam – American troops under the command of Lt. William I. Calley massacre 300 unarmed villagers (women, children and elderley men) in My Lai, after herding them into ditches. Reports are also received of another mass killing of villagers by U.S. troops in the village of My Khe.
South Vietnam
William E. Colby on July 19, 1971, testifies before Senate Subcommittee that the CIA's Operation Phoenix had killed 21,587 Vietnamese citizens between January 1968 and May 1971 in targeted assassinations.
CIA murders
Tuesday 11: In Chile – The United States backs a coup to install PINOCHET as dictator, against Chile's democratically elected Socialist government, having previously deployed CIA operatives in Chile to propagate anti-Allende propaganda and help organise his overthrow. The CIA continues to cooperate with Pinochet to eliminate his opponents and critics (Operation Condor).
1976 In Argentina coup d'état Argentina
1979 -1989 Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan Afghanistan
1980 In Turkey, coup d'état Turkey
1981 -1987 Nicaragua, contras Nicaragua
-1994 In Afghanistan – Omaha's Center for Afghanistan Studies of the University of Nebraska (funded by USAID to about $51 million) publishes, in Dari and Pashtu, books designed to stoke Islamic fanaticism and spur resistance to the Soviet invaders. Children learn to count using pictures of missiles, tanks, land mines, Kalashnikovs, and dead Soviet soldiers.
When the Taliban seize Kabul in 1996 they continue using the same violent jihadist texts, simply removing the human images, which they considered blasphemous. (Stephens and Ottaway, Washington Post, March 23, 2002; Buttry, Omaha World-Herald March 23, 2002).
The US invents
Taliban violence
July 24: In Gambia, Africa – Yahya Jammeh is assisted by the CIA in a coup against the democratically elected government, to take over from President Jawara. Present is the U.S. ambassador to Gambia, Andrew Winter.
The U.S. Navy takes Jawara to neighboring Senegal where he is granted political asylum by its government.
US meddling in Africa
The US Space Command publication "Vision for 2010" outlines its military dominance of space objective as "full-spectrum dominance" (military control over all dimensions of the battle-space, effectively possessing an overwhelming diversity of resources in such areas as terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial, psychological, and bio- or cyber-technological warfare) which is then fleshed out further in May 2000.
April 14: The US state of Virginia executes Angel Breard (Paraguayan citizen with no prior criminal record) in direct violation of international law (of a specific ruling of the International Court of Justice). The rule of law in the international community is affronted in several ways by the outpouring of official dualism throughout all phases of this case, particularly regarding human rights and the respect due which decisions of the International Court of Justice are owed. The US actions are a pretended norm that American Exceptional-ism is superior to international law, not least in international human rights law.

The arrogant US
Imperial Attitude.
(The defense of 'inadequate representation of counsel' is 'procedurally barred' in a criminal appeal in Virginia, although this defense is
considered valid in all other 49 US states. Inadequate representation of counsel is probably the leading ground for appellate reversal in the other US states.
The fact that this ground is not allowed in Virginia is probably the main reason why criminal convictions are almost never overturned in Virginia. Justice?)
May 30: The Pentagon's "Joint Vision 2020" is published, to aim at unchallenged US military dominance on land and sea and space...
Pentagon figures indicate that the USA has some form of military presence in 132 countries of the 190 United Nations member countries (69.47%).
United States threatens to withdraw its troops from United Nations peacekeeping forces unless its citizens (both military and civilian) are exempted from prosecution for crimes by the International Criminal Court.
March 18: The United States' legislation is implemented requiring foreign financial institutions to report to the United States government's Inland Revenue Service (IRS) on any foreign assets held by American citizens with accounts over $50,000.
(In 2009, America's IRS accused Swiss bank UBS of aiding tax evasion and imposed on it a $780 million fine. These fines have been piling up and increasing ever since, with Credit Suisse having to pony up $2.6 billion this year, or the banks will be frozen out of the US banking system and slapped with a 30% withholding tax – effectively killing their business. Those that resist can even face criminal charges.) Some regard this as the economic equivalent of a military occupation.
US’ global tax law
June 29: In Qatar – The Arab Bank (head-quartered in Amman), entrusted with the transfer of funds donated by Qatar to pay the salaries of Gaza civil servants refuses to transfer the money for their payment because of "orders from outside" (from the United States in its unconditional support of Israel).
The US-Israel Lobby
driving its victims
to desperation.
July 22-31: During Israel's extremely violent Gaza War in which most casualties are civilian, the United States grants Israel permission to draw from the local US arms stockpile to resupply its invading soldiers with 40mm grenades and 120mm mortar rounds for use against the Palestinians.

"The Kunduz attack constitutes a grave violation of International Humanitarian Law. We demand a full & transparent account from the [NATO] Coalition." (MSF)
No one has explained why the U.S. bombing of the hospital continued after the US military authorities responsible in Afghanistan and in Washington were both notified of the error.

The individuals responsible for the decision, or for the targeting error, need to be identified concerning their responsibility, rather than that the U.S. as a nation be blamed by the international community. But Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter promised to hold those responsible accountable, if necessary. The U.S. military rarely, if ever, disciplines individual service members for "collateral damage" or other actions that occur as part of combat.
October 3, 02:10 AM: In Kunduz city, AfghanistanThe United States military bomb the local hospital killing 22, 12 of them charity volunteer medical workers and at least seven patients (three of them children), and the death toll could rise further. Medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) hospital staff personally call NATO in Kabul at 02:19 concerning the bombing and as the U.S. bombing continues also then to military officials in Washington a few minutes later, but the hospital-bombing still continues until 03:13 AM. A nurse reports that in ICU 6-patients were burned in their beds.
Apart from the fatalities, at least 37 people were seriously injured, 19 of them MSF charity staff.
Frantic staff phoned military officials at NATO in Kabul and Washington immediately as bombs landed on the hospital for nearly an hour, but the spokesman for US forces in Afghanistan, Col Brian Tribus, simply says –
"US forces conducted an air strike in Kunduz city at 02:15 [local time]... against individuals threatening the force. ...The strike 'may have resulted in collateral damage' to a nearby medical facility."
But all evidence indicates that the hospital was directly targeted by the U.S. military!
MSF says: "The hospital was repeatedly and precisely hit during each aerial raid, while the rest of the compound was left mostly untouched", and that the gates of the hospital were closed all night before and during the U.S. attack, and only staff, patients, and caretakers were inside when the bombing occurred, rebutting the story that Taliban were hiding inside the hospital, used by some (i.e. Sarwar Husaini, a spokesman for Kunduz police) to justify the U.S. aerial bombardment.
But even if the Taliban were inside the hospital grounds, and even firing at Afghan forces outside,
that cannot in any way justify the aerial bombing of a hospital full of patients and staff.
An MSF spokesman said the organisation condemned –
"in the strongest possible terms the horrific bombing of its hospital in Kunduz full of staff and patients...MSF wishes to clarify that all parties to the conflict, including in Kabul and Washington, were clearly informed of the precise location (GPS coordinates) of the MSF facilities – hospital, guesthouse, office and an outreach stabilisation unit in Chardara (to the north-west of Kunduz). ...As MSF does in all conflict contexts, these precise locations were communicated to all parties on multiple occasions over the past months, including most recently on [Tuesday] 29 September."
A spokesperson for the U.S. military explains their atrocity by reporting that they were called in by the Afghan authorities,
but destroying a public hospital is certainly not a counter-terrorism or counter-Taliban operation.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) also strongly condemns the U.S. hospital-bombing.
The controversy over the US attack on the MSF hospital has intensified after the US changed its story several times.

The hospital is hit by a series of US air-raids every fifteen minutes from 02:08 to 03:15 local time.

The callous attitude
toward non-American
As a consequence of the American action,
the MSF medical charity
completely withdraws from Kunduz
Al Jazeera reports that the hospital destroyed by U.S. bombing "is the only medical facility in the region that can deal with major injuries". This is also not the first time this has happened in U.S. bombing. In 2004, U.S. air-strikes in Falluja, Iraq, hit a hospital and "razed it to the ground. "MSF president Meinie Nicolai describes the U.S. bombing as
"abhorrent and a grave violation of international humanitarian law".
October 6: In Washington – U.S. General John F. Campbell, the most senior US commander in Afghanistan, informs a Senate committee that the hospital-bombing was –
"a US decision made within the US chain of command.
A hospital was mistakenly struck. We would never intentionally target a protected medical facility."
General Campbell says that he has now ordered a retraining of all soldiers on the rules of engagement, to clarify when and how they can call in strikes on targets on the ground.
He said they are allowed to do so if US troops are at risk, if going after al-Qaeda, or if Afghans are under attack,
but none of those scenarios appeared to be the case on Saturday with the charity hospital-bombing.
Aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres is nevertheless seeking to invoke a never-used body to investigate the US bombing of its hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz, for MSF says it does not trust US internal military inquiries into the bombing that killed at least 22 people. The International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC) was set up in 1991 under the Geneva Conventions.
The International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission is a permanent body available to the international community to investigate violations of international humanitarian law. Based in Bern, the Commission consists of fifteen experts. Switzerland, as depositary of the Geneva Conventions, manages its secretariat, but –
the United States is not a party to that body.
The problem is
more likely
one of attitude
and accountability
than lack of 'training'!
Thursday 15: In Afghanistan – Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) reports that a U.S. tank "forced" its way into the remains of its Afghan hospital, potentially destroying evidence after the hospital in Kunduz was bombed by the U.S. military. MSF, the medical charity that ran the hospital in northern Afghanistan, says that the "intrusion" violated an agreement between the charity and NATO investigators. MSF says that the tank was carrying a delegation from a joint U.S.-NATO-Afghan team investigating the bombing and that it broke its way through the hospital compound's closed gates. MSF said it had an agreement to be notified in advance of each step of the investigation involving the organization's personnel and assets, which NATO investigators failed to do.
US Congress
Duncan Hunter
claims that US Army
intelligence network
was not operational during
their attack on the hospital.
April: In the USA – Radio-host Republican 'Michel Savage' newsletter (his real name was Michael Alan Weiner, born of Russian Jewish immigrants), propagating a 'Christian' military Crusade against all Muslims, is so full of misrepresentation and does not even know what Christianity is, deserves to be treated as DIRT.
Quite rightly in the name of sanity, since May 2009, this 'Savage' has been banned from entering the United Kingdom –
for "seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred".
June 20:

The US asks the British government to keep the
Trident malfunction secret.
The British Navy (HMS Vengeance, one of the UK’s four nuclear submarines) test fires an unarmed Trident II D5 ballistic missile off the coast of Florida. The navy had believed in the missile’s accuracy that it could hit a target 4,600 nautical miles away, be accurate to within a few metres and carry a warhead eight times the destructive capacity of the bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the second world war. BUT, although It had been targeted at the southern Atlantic off the coast of west Africa, it instead heads in the opposite direction, over the US.
A British military source later states –
"the [US] asked the [British] Cameron administration not to comment on this... The British submarine successfully carried and launched the missile; the bit that went wrong was the US proprietary technology."
A US official is reported to have said the altered trajectory was part of an automatic self-destruct sequence triggered when missile electronics detect an anomaly. The missile was not armed with a nuclear warhead but contained a small amount of explosives. It was detonated when the order was given to abort the test.
Later, when this report reaches the media the British government in compliance with the US request denies it.
September: In Parwan Province, Afghanistan – The United States military provocatively distribute an insulting leaflet with an image of a Taliban banner (containing an Arabic quote from the Qur'an) on the side of a dog (an unclean animal in Islamic culture).
The Governor of Parwan Province, Mohammad Hasem, described the insult to Islam as "unforgivable".
A senior American commander in Afghanistan, Major-General James Linder, responds –
"I sincerely apologise. We have the deepest respect for Islam and our Muslim partners worldwide...
A probe will be held to determine the cause of the incident and to hold the responsible party accountable".
With Hurricane Irma
wreaking apocalyptic devastation around them the two British couples (Bank worker Liz Jackson, 33, and her partner Craig Guest, 34, from Barnsley, who are on the island of Saint Martin alongside a couple from Nottingham) breathed a sigh of relief when they saw soldiers turn up in jeeps to rescue stranded holidaymakers from the ruins of their hotel.
But their relief turned to dismay when the American troops refused to taken them,
despite there being room in their vehicles, because they were not US nationals.
See also: Wikileaks
leak on Twitter

Julian Assange
of Wikileaks
whom the US has
tried to silence!

U.S. President Donald Trump is inauguarted and as a consequence “several hundred” youngsters – including a 12-month-old infant – have been separated from their families while their parents serve out prison sentences for entering the U.S. illegally, or wait in detention while their asylum claims are processed. President, Donald Trump, issued two executive orders related to migration. The current separation of children is a direct consequence of that decision.

January: Canada has launched a wide-ranging trade dispute against the United States, challenging Washington's use of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties, Canada said in WTO filing dated December 20, 2017, and published on Wednesday 10. Canada appears to be mounting a case on behalf of the rest of the world, since it cites almost 200 examples of alleged US wrongdoing, almost all of them concerning other trading partners, such as China, India, Brazil and the European Union.
A Pentagon plan that has been sent to President Trump for approval would permit the use of nuclear weapons to respond to a wide range of devastating but non-nuclear assaults, including cyberattacks.
June 5:
The United Nations calls on the United States to stop separating under-age migrant children from their parents.
Ravina Shamdasani , a spokeswoman for the U.N. high commissioner for refugees, scolded the United States over the hundreds of children removed from parents who were jailed for entering the country illegally. She said that border control appears to take precedence over child protection and care in the U.S. "The use of immigration detention and family separation as a deterrent runs counter to human rights standards and principles," Shamdasani said during a briefing in Geneva. "The child's best interest should always come first."


To this must also be added
Mormon massacre in 1847 of
the native/indigenous inhabitants

to clear their way for their
establishing Salt Lake City
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