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transliterated from the Arabic as al-Qa'idah, meaning 'the base', a radical Sunni Muslim umbrella organization motivating, recruiting, training and coordinating the commission of violence against any persons not actively supporting their objectives: to "unite all Muslims and to establish a government which follows the rule of the Caliphs". To this end al-Qa'eda's strategy is to overthrow all muslim governments influenced by the West and to eventually abolish all state boundaries within a world caliphate.
It is important
to remember that the primary source of motivation for the initial rise of international terrorism, as represented by al-Qa'eda, is
the unresolved injustices suffered by the Palestinian people.
See: Zionist Hostilities
  In the 1,326-years of Islam's existence prior to 1948 there was no such thing as 'Islamic terrorism'; it simply did not exist!  
Mossad contribution
begets terrorism
Friday, November 24: In Peshawar, Pakistan – Palestinian Islamic preacher Abdullah Yusuf Azzam (teaching defensive jihad), mentor of Osama bin-Laden, and moderating influence on radical Ayman al-Zawahiri, is assassinated by a bomb on his way to mosque to lead prayer. Israel's Mossad is suspected.
Years later, his son Hutaifa states that if his father had lived "there would have been no September 11".
The Founder
The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, offered a reward of up to $25 million for information leading directly to the apprehension or conviction of Osama bin-Laden. An additional $2 million was offered through a program developed and funded by the Airline Pilots Association and the Air Transport Association.
Osama bin-Laden
(left-handed, born 1957, died 2011) and Muhammad Atef establish al-Qa'eda (القاعدة‎; al-qāʿidah), and begin recruiting Arab Muslims who had fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, and Osama subsequently returns to his family's 'bin-Laden' construction business in Saudi Arabia to co-ordinate their underground network.
al-Qa'eda operative El-Sayid Nosair participates in the bombing of a New York Greenwich Village bar frequented by homosexual men (viewing it as a symbol of Western decadence).
November 5: Fascist Jewish Rabbi Meir Kahane is assassinated by El-Sayid Nosair in New York, USA.
US security agencies fail to analyse the documentation recovered from Nosair's residence because he is assumed to have been a lone gunman.
Osama bin-Laden withdraws from Saudi Arabia, removing c.$250 million in assets. (See 1994).
December: al-Qa'eda targets US military forces in Saudi Arabia and Somalia.
February 23, 12:17 PM: A car bomb is detonated by al-Qa'eda operatives in the underground parking garage below Tower One of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing six and injuring 1,042 people.
October: 18 US servicemen engaged in humanitarian relief in Somalia are killed and many injured by militant attacks. (See 1996).
In Saudi Arabia – the government strips bin-Laden of his citizenship and freezes any remaining assets he may have had in the country. (See 1991)
November: U.S. military facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is bombed, killing two Indians and five Americans.
The Taliban government of Afghanistan gives sanctuary and support to Al-Qa'eda leadership and training bases.
bin-Laden claims to have trained those who attacked the US military in Somalia in October 1993.
February: Al-Qa'eda issues a statement under the banner of 'the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against the Jews and Crusaders', saying –
it is the duty of all Muslims to kill US citizens, civilian or military, and their allies everywhere.
August: al-Qa'eda bombs the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
August 20: the US launches cruise missile attacks against terror training camps in Afghanistan and a chemical/pharmaceutical plant of Osama bin-Laden in Khartoum, Sudan.
November: the US indicts Osama bin-Laden for the East African Embassy bombings.
December 20: Germany extradites Mamdouh Mahmud Salim to the US for the bombing of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
In the United States – An al-Qa'eda trained terrorist (Ahmed Ressam) is arrested attempting to bomb Los Angeles International Airport during the lead up millennium celebrations to New Years Day 2000. The U.S. State Department offers a $5 million reward for Osama bin-Laden's arrest.
World Trade Center tragedy
  2000 In Yemen – the USS Cole is bombed.
See 2006 2001
September 11: Three civilian airliners are hijacked: two are crashed into the World Trade Centre, one in the Pentagon, and a fourth one crashes as its passengers are resisting hijacking whose terrorists were attempting to fly it to the presidential Camp David.
 Click for video of an American Airline pilot's own story of why he did not die that day . . . 
— In honour of AA pilot Tom McGuinness who did die —
October: A US led coalition invades Afghanistan where many al-Qa'eda training camps are based.
British and US security sources report that about 20,000 people from 47 countries passed through the al-Qa'eda camps from the mid-1990s until the invasion of Afghanistan.
January 10: UNITED NATIONS Economic and Social Council distribute a document which, among other, reads –
"The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 against the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and the hijacking of the aircraft that crashed in Pennsylvania deserve the most stringent and energetic condemnation and the most severe punishment for those responsible for the planning, financing, preparation and execution of these terrorist acts. ...this was the most serious terrorist attack in the history of mankind, both in terms of the death toll and the fact that no escape was possible from the perpetrators, who, in carrying out such bloody provocation, were in effect making a declaration of war and creating a situation that would inevitably affect the world order and world peace." (para 63).
October 12: Bali, Indonesia – Islamic affiliate of al-Qa'eda, Jemaah Islamiyah, kills 202 people (164 foreign nationals) and injures 209. (See October 12, 2007).
November 28: In Kenya – al-Qa'eda claims responsibility for a murderous bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel and a plane belonging to an Israeli airline in Mombasa.
In North East Nigeria – Mohammed Yusuf founds Islamic exytremist movement Boko Haram which in 2012 becomes an affiliate of al Qa'eda.
(The US only classifies Boko Haram as a foreign terrorist organisation in November 2013).
April 5: In Iraq – 100 trained al-Qa'eda fighters are deployed from al-Nahrawan and Salman Pak to Iraq's 11th company division in Nasiriya against the coalition invasion.
May 12: In Saudi Arabia – three expatriate housing complexes in Riyadh killing 20 and injuring 139.
May 16: In Morocco – 14 members of an al-Qa'eda affiliated group perpetrate five near simultaneous bombings in Casablanca.
August 5: In Indonesia –
November 15: In Turkey –
November 26:
al-Qa'eda announces that plans for attacks on the US are completed and urges all Muslims to leave.
March 11: a number of commuter trains in Madrid, Spain, are simultaneously bombed.
July 7:In London – Four al-Qa'eda linked suicide bombers kill 56 and injure more than 700 in the city's transport system.
July 21: In London – Four al-Qa'eda linked suicide bombers attempt to repeat the 7/7 slaughter but only the detonators explode as their acetone-peroxide explosive packs had deteriorated. All four and associated persons are later arrested.
August 11: Turkey arrests the local al-Qa'eda coordinator for planning terrorist bombing of Israeli cruise ships in south Turkey ports.
October: After the Pakistan earthquake, Osama bin-Laden and his wives move into a house built by the Khan brothers, in the town of Abbottãbad, about 96 km (60 miles) from the capital Islamabad, Pakistan. The house is close to the gate of the Kakul Military Academy, an army run institution where top Pakistani officers are trained.
November: In Jordan – Sixty people are killed in suicide bombings at three international hotels in Amman, including members of a wedding party. Al-Qa'eda in Iraq claims responsibility. Most of the victims are Jordanians. A day of mourning is declared.
The American CIA transfers 14 'high-value' prisoners from secret CIA prisons to the US Guantanamo Bay prison on Cuba, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who confesses to plotting the September 11, 2001, attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in the United States.
September: al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) officially announced its affiliation with al-Qaeda. The declaration by the group, which has Algerian roots, was welcomed by the leadership of al-Qaeda.
North African expansion
July: In Washington – The US Congress approves a doubling of the bounty offered for the capture of Osama bin-Laden and requires a classified report every 90 days on progress in seeking his capture.
October 12: Indonesia grants terrorists, convicted of the Bali bombing-atrocity, leave from prison to a party celebrating the end of Ramadan with Police Chief Brig. Gen Dharma. Australia, 88 of whose nationals died, protests.
October 18: In Karachi, Pakistan – Al-Qa'eda affiliated terrorists explode two bombs in an attempt to assassinate returning previous prime minister Benazir Bhutto, killing about 139 people and wounding about 324.
In Afghanistan – Abu Mustafa al-Yazid (an Egyptian) is appointed head of al-Qa'eda operations in Eastern Afghanistan.
See October 12, 2002.
Mustafa Abu Yazid
Sunday, May 18: Osama bin-Laden issues another audio taped message (after his alleged May 16 audio) via an Islamic website to Muslims all over the world, lashing out at Arab governments, which he says side with the West and Israel, and thus fail the Palestinians. He calls on Muslim militants to break the blockade of Gaza. He says that Palestinian territories can not be liberated without fighting Arab governments which support Israel, which is weak without Western backing.
June: In Islamabad, Pakistan – The Danish Embassy is bombed.
July 22: In Khost, Eastern Afghanistan – Abu Mustafa al-Yazid gives a TV interview to Geo News (in Arabic, dubbed into Urdu for the broadcast) crediting support for al-Qa'eda to the tribal areas of Pakistan, and that al-Qa'eda is responsible for the deadly attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Monday, August 11: Senior al-Qa'eda leader, Abu Saeed al-Masri (also known as Mustafa Abu al-Yazid), is killed by Pakistani security forces near the Afghan border in the tribal area of Bajuar. He had been named by the American September 11 Commission as the "chief financial manager".
Saturday, September 13: In Yemen – Security forces arrest key al Qa'eda militant, Abdullah al-Raimi.
Tuesday, September 16: In Yemen – Islamic Jihad, an al-Qa'eda affiliate, threatens attacks on foreign embassies if their members imprisoned in Yemen are not freed.
Wednesday, September 17: In Sana'a, Yemen - Islamic Jihad explode a car bomb and rockets at the American Embassy building, killing at least 16 (six Yemeni soldiers, six attackers, and four civilians).
One of the civilians is Susan Elbaneh of the US killed with her Yemeni husband. Susan was related to Jaber A. Elbaneh of the Lackawanna Six who traveled in 2001 for training with al-Qa'eda, and were implicated in terrorist acts.
Thursday, September 18: In Yemen – At least 25 militants, with suspected links to Al-Qa'eda in connection with Wednesday's deadly attack on the U.S. Embassy, are arrested by the authorities.
And so on – sick, sad, so on . . .
Sunday, October 26: In Syria – Al-Qa'eda co-ordination operative, Badran Turki Hishan Al Mazidih (Abu Ghadiyah), is killed in a US pre-emptive attack, leaving eight dead in the village of Sukariyya in the township of Abu Kamal near the Iraq border. Regarding the civilian casualties, Syria-specialist Joshua Landis comments that these poor people were probably a family of smugglers that US satellite intelligence picked up, who were interpreted to be al-Qa'eda.
Thursday, November 13: In Washington, USA – General Michael Hayden, director of the CIA, states al-Qa'eda, "operating from its safe haven in Pakistan’s tribal areas, remains the most clear and present danger to the safety of the United States".
Wednesday, November 26: In Mumbai, India, at about 9.30 PM – An al-Qa'eda sponsored attack is carried out by at least ten men on nine civilian targets in the city, including its Orthodox Jewish centre, killing more than a 174 people and wounding more than 300, with particular focus on British and American passport holders. The attackers are reported to have arrived in Mumbai by boat and used AK47 rifles, hand guns and hand grenades, and after 24 hours fifty hostages were still held by the attackers without any demands presented.
Thursday, December 11: In Belgium, 14 of its citizens are arrested in a crackdown on that branch of al-Qa'eda.
Wednesday, June 3: Al Jazeera TV broadcasts a recorded audio message from Osama bin-Laden saying that American President Obama had planted the seeds of "revenge and hatred" towards the United States in the Muslim world and he warned Americans to prepare for the consequences. The message probably reflects al-Qa'eda's growing concern over the positive effect of Obama's new approach to the Muslim world.
Sunday, March 7: Pakistan agents arrest California-born Adam Pearlman (alias Adam Gadahn), the spokesman of al-Qa'eda in the United States. Pearlman had earlier called on all Muslims in the US armed forces to kill their fellows members.
August: US intelligence discovers the home of Osama bin-Laden in Abbottãbad, Pakistan, with the assistance of CIA-bribed Pakistani Doctor Afridi running a fake vaccination programme for children to gather information for US intelligence. (He is later arrested and tried for treason under a tribal justice system as a consequence. Dr Afridi is found guilty in Khyber district, and sentenced to at least 30 years in jail as well as being fined $3,500. If he does not pay the fine his prison sentence will be extended by a further three years.)
Osama bin-Laden
US Assassination
of unarmed Bin Laden
Government Vigilantism
Treating a symptom means nothing if its cause continues...
Killing a leader does not stop a movement if the original motivation for its existence continues, as it does with al-Qa'eda and its related groups.
Monday, May 2, 1.15 AM local time: In the town of of Abbottãbad, Pakistan, four American military helicopters, from Ghazi air base in northwest Pakistan, carrying 64 combatants (24 SEALS & 40 Special Forces) attack the home of Osama bin-Laden in a raid lasting 38 minutes. The only opposition are shots fired by a Kahn brother from a guest-house near the main building. Osama is wounded in the right side of his head when he looks out the door as US Seals ascend the stairs to his third-floor room. In his room, the women trying to help him are pulled out of the way and the US Seals ('The Shooter' Robert O'Neill) fire several shots into Bin Laden's still-twitching body until he is motionless (unarmed and in his pyjamas),
Khalil (son of bin-Laden), and at least two other people are reportedly also shot dead. Osama's wife who tried to shield him in his bedroom is shot in the leg. (Four of the five people killed were unarmed). Other unidentified males are taken by US helicopter away from the scene, while four children and two women are arrested and leave in an ambulance. Bin-Laden's 12-year-old daughter (in Pakistan custody along with her mother) claims that her father was shot in front of her without warning. One US helicopter, unable to take off, is destroyed by its crew who leave with the others. Osama's body is later discarded at sea after DNA tests confirm his identity.
Prof Christof Heyns, the UN's independent investigator of extra-judicial killings, says –
"Washington should disclose the supporting facts to allow an assessment in terms of international human rights law standards [what the US calls the Law of War]. It will be particularly important to know if the planning of the mission allowed an effort to capture bin Laden." (emphasis mine)
Ayman al-Zawahiri now becomes the leader of al-Qa'eda.
execution without trial
just like the tactics
of al-Qa'eda affiliates
Saturday, August 13: In Lahore, Pakistan – Jewish American development consultant Warren Weinstein is abducted.
(December 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri offers to release Weinstein if the US ceases its air strikes on Afghanistan, and Pakistan, frees prisoners, and Israel lifts its blockade/siege of Gaza).
Foreign hostages in Pakistan
Friday, February 10: North African Islamic Jihadist groups Boko Haram (north Nigeria) and al-Shabaab (Somalia) announce that they have merged with al-Qa'eda.
(In 2009,
Nigerian police forces fighting Boko Haram in the northern city of Maiduguri had lost about 30 officers in a violent firefight. The next day, the police executed many of the men they had rounded up and detained as suspected Boko Haram fighters. The retaliatory killings often happened right outside police headquarters in full view of the public. Bodies piled up outside the building while the executions continued. So its police are no less feared by the people (and therefore they are uncooperative) in that area than Boko Haram. The incident illustrates the quandary the international community faces in helping the incompetent Nigerian government rescue the nearly 300 girls kidnapped in April 2014 by Boko Haram, an unquestionably brutal armed group.)
The past two years have seen al-Qaeda affiliates in the Magreb, Yemen, Somalia, and Iraq become more active, while new al-Qaeda fronts have opened in Africa and the Middle East. Foreign fighters are joining local jihadists, and the terrorist group boasts that homegrown terrorists successfully carried out an attack on enemy soil (the Boston Marathon bombing).
August: In Nigeria – The 7th Infantry Division is established for the war against Boko Haram. But reports from within Nigeria indicate that its police and military often cut the throats of prisoners, and so they are feared and distrusted by the local people as much as Boko Haram.
So sadly: 2014
April 14: In Chibok, in Borno state, North East Nigeria – Boko Haram (led by Abubakar Shekau) abducts 276 secondary school girls, and a further 8, aged between eight and 15, taken in an overnight raid on Waraba village. Some escape from the jungle hideout and describe where they were but the Nigerian government seems to do little to rescue them other than have their police offer a reward. Nigeria's military has more than 1,400 armoured vehicles, 360 tanks, and 6,000 logistical vehicles at its disposal as well as nearly 300 aircraft, and they 'say' two military divisions are searching for the girls, from which those girls that escaped had simply run home.
Boko Haram continues to attack and kill villagers across North Eastern Nigeria in its terror campaign to impose Sharia law, without any effective response from the Nigerian government.
November 6: In north-western Syria – The US led military coalition carries out air-strikes against al-Qa'eda affiliate al-Nusra Front, and Syrian Islamist rebel group Ahrar al-Sham near the Turkish border.
13: In Chibok, Borno state, Nigeria – Boko Haram seize total control of the town from which they had abducted the school girls, further demonstrating the inadequacy of the Nigerian government..
Saturday 6: In Shabwa Region, Yemen – American Special Forces fail in their attempt to rescue hostages Luke Somers (US journalist) and Pierre Korkie (South African teacher) and the two are then shot.
The US excuse that a
barking dog betrayed the
approach of its soldiers
and so precipitated the
killing is not very clever,
for the drone-rockets and
strafing by US jets make a
little more noise than that.
South African relief organisation Gift of the Givers of Dr Imtiaz Sooliman (which had been raising ransom money for Korkie) had reached an agreement with al-Qa'eda to release Korkie on Sunday 7 December, but the botched US-led rescue attempt caused his agreed release to fail. (Korkie's wife had been freed earlier this year after negotiations by the same Gift of the Givers).
US drones had struck the area first on Saturday, followed by strafing runs by US jets, before Yemeni ground forces moved in. US helicopters then flew in more forces to raid the house where the two men were held, but the prior attacks had precipitated the shooting of the hostages.
USA Threat-level Advisory Grades
USA threat level grades

Bad-luck Jonathan's Playground
The continued inefficiency of the Nigerian government allows the Boko Haram affiliate of al-Qa'eda to escalate its campaign into effectively a civil-war in North East Nigeria.
  And so the self-righteous evil of al-Qa'eda still continues . . .
Current National Threat Level is elevated
Footnote on Cause –
Many pro-Israel preachers quote Bible promises (out-of-context), twisting them to say that God will bless those who bless/support Israel and curse those who curse Israel. But, across the world today, a kind of terrorism continues to kill the innocent and drain national economies which did not exist a hundred years ago when the Zionist State of Israel did not exist.
terrorism exists today in direct response to the West's support for the 'State of Israel'. (The Zionist Hostilities chronology will give some idea of the Islamic motivation behind this).

*veto of every UN Security Council censure of illegal Israeli actions;
financial subsidising of the counterfeit State of Israel;
supply of anti-personnel weapons used in Palestinian residential areas;
etc. etc. . . .
God judges those who
bless the unrepentant.
God is unfaithful to His Word, or God thinks otherwise, for 9/11 and every other tragedy at home or overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan is part of the West reaping what it has 'sowed' for its unconditional support* of a State which from its beginning defined itself in racist terms (Jewish) in disregard of the nationhood of more than 20% of its own non-Jewish citizens, and its other cruel human rights abuses, such as its collective punishment policies, racially discriminatory practices in areas under its control, etc...
So God's judgment
on the West for its unconditional support of 'Israel' is more than morally justified, and every Christian is without excuse for not recognising it, for it was clearly stated regarding the great impartial Judge of All (as our example) –
that He 'so loved the world [kosmos] that...', and
He therefore expects every Christian to objectively echo His own attitude in all things!
  This sin does not in any way justify any form of terrorism, but it does directly contribute to the loss of God's protection.  

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