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Probable Cause of the Great Flood
ויאמר יהוה לא־ידון רוחי באדם לעלם בשׁגם הוא בשׂר
והיו ימיו מאה ועשׂרים שׁנה׃
 So the Lord said, 'My Spirit will not 'yadon' (ידון) mankind forever since they are flesh. 
They will remain for one hundred and twenty more years

Genesis 6:3
NO OTHER explanation fits ALL the Biblical Data other than that of a
close-passing comet which causes a unique and continuing global tsunami.
A comet consists largely
of super-cooled
non-crystaline ice
(because of
cosmic radiation)
which is also the
most likely origin
of Saturn's rings.
Accordingly, the
reassurance of
God's Rainbow Covenant
was seriously needed
for human ife to continue!
The total collapse of the original protective water-vapour canopy above earth's atmosphere (Genesis 1:7) followed by an immediate 55% general reduction in average human longevity;
The secondary cause of the Flood described as the fountains of the Deep/ocean being broken up (literally "all the fountains of the great deep were risen" (Genesis 7:11) indicating a major tectonic plate shift;
The change in the earth's year-length from 360-days to 365¼ indicates an intrusive affect on our earth's solar orbit;
(4)   The total duration of the World Flood of 370-days;
(5)   The height above normal sea-level at which the Ark stranded on mount Ararat (3,896m/12,782ft), or on its Armenian plateau (5,137m /16,854ft) near Ararat (Genesis 8:4).
The Bible
statement in the heading above was God's announcement of the end of His tolerance
(in view of general human corruption resulting eventually in genetic perversion)
preliminary to the terrible mass-destruction of the Global Flood/World Tsunami.
But this single sentence has been problematic in the history of Bible translation and exegesis which has led to much confusion.
Scripture Perversion
The key word,
the implications of which affect our understanding of what happened, is the word ‘ידון’ in the above quote.
  It is the Hebrew verb 'yadon' and occurs only here in all of Holy Scripture. יָדוֹן
This word has three possible meanings, sadly, only two of which have usually been used in any translation.
Error 1.
It has traditionally has been understood as being derived from the verbal root 'to judge' as reflected in medieval (Mishnaic) Hebrew, and so translated as "strive" or "contend with".
But if this word was so derived, then it would have been written as 'yadin', and it is not.
"strive" or
contend with"
following this error:
King James Version; Darby Bible; American Standard Version; Revised Version; God's Word Version; New International Version, New Living Translation ('put up with').
Error 2.
Some translators have understood the word as being related to an Arabic cognate which would support the translation "remain with" or "abide". But this translation gives rise to ideas which do not fit with the rest of Scripture, notably an intrinsic enmity between God's Spirit and human nature ('flesh'), and so the word 'spirit' is then here downgraded to mean divine life-giving breath rather than the Spirit of God Himself. But the word for spirit here is 'ruach' not 'neshamah' (breath), so this is most unlikely, and there is also little evidence to conclude that a later Arabic term can lead us into understanding a unique word in the earliest text of ancient Biblical Hebrew.
"abide" or "remain"
following this erroneous meaning: Greek Septuagint; Brenton's English Septuagint; Old Greek; Douay-Rheims Bible; Apostolic Bible Polyglot; Contemporary English Version; English Standard Version; Bible in Basic English; Jewish Publication Society Version.
Deluge Tablet in Akkadian language
Flood Tablet of the Gilgamesh Epic written in Akkadian.
However, this Hebrew word 'yadon' is cognate with an ancient Akkadian word meaning "protect" or "shield". This relationship with the extinct Akkadian language takes us back to the roots of the Hebrew language. The fact of yadon's sole appearance here in all Hebrew Scripture (so we are unable to compare its use elsewhere), and that it also happens to be in Genesis (Genesis being one of the oldest writings in Holy Scripture), supports this Akkadian association. The word "shield" as a translation would then radically change our understanding of the situation which gave rise to the Great Flood or horrific Global Tsunami.
or "protect"

See: E. A. Speiser,
“YDWN, Genesis 6:3,”
JBL 75 [1956]: 126-29.

Note 5 in Net Bible.
Biblical Hebrew is derived from the ancient Canaanite language of Canaan/Palestine. But the Armarna letters from Canaan excavated in Egypt show that even the city-kings Canaan wrote to the Pharaoh of Egypt in the Akkadian language. It was the language of international diplomatic correspondence. (Note: the known commonality between ancient Akkadian and Biblical Hebrew).
Given then that this third alternative is the more likely meaning of the term 'yadon', how does this affect our understanding?
the verse should then be read as –
"So the Lord said, 'My Spirit will not shield mankind indefinitely since they are flesh [mortal?].
They will have one hundred and twenty more years.
from what? – Protect from the dangerous universe which we live in...
A hostile
according to our Bible, God said it was a creation that needed to be "subdued", and ruled accordingly by those representing its Creator (Gen.1:28).
Remember, God also considered it wise to specially prepare a "garden", a separate specially-planted area, for human society in its vulnerable beginning with Adam and Eve. After the moral failure of Adam in choosing to follow his deceived wife's example (1 Tim.2:14) the local situation became worse for humanity with its dependence on labour intensive agriculture instead of the fruit of this special garden.
universe really is a dangerous place. The first indication of this was the fact that God made this special separate place for the first human couple; a place with boundaries and one entrance; an entrance which, sadly, later needed to be guarded by God's guards armed with a deterrent, "the flame of a whirling sword", to prevent human return to the Tree of Life .
Genesis 3:24.
But now, human society has morally degraded to the extent of common mutation (haNephilim*, הנפלים), which signalled the end of divine tolerance. The same Spirit of God who had hovered over the dark water-covered planet (in Gen.1:2) in expectation of the words of Jesus to bring order and life in the six days of Creation, is the same Spirit of God whose withdrawal now allows total catastrophe and destruction of all human life beyond one family.
*The Hebrew term 'nephilim' is of uncertain translation but the phrase "sons of God" is a Semitic idiom for angelic beings, which in this context means 'fallen'.
the Genesis Flood is associated with a radical change in the human environment is vividly shown in the immediate and drastic drop in human longevity. Excluding exceptions, from the given Biblical data it is a drop from about 900 to an average of 400 years: a more than 55% reduction in average human lifetime! No matter what arguments are raised as to whether these were normal years or not, the biblical data teaches a radical and sudden more-than-halving of human longevity. Something had changed with huge effects on longevity and on agricultural output (Gen.9:3).
The change in the earth's year-length from 360 to a post-Flood year of 365¼-days supports the idea of an astronomical cause to the Flood of Noah.
Our solar system gives a clue to past events that may have some bearing on earth's history. Saturn has rings of matter in permanent orbit about that planet. The composition of these rings conforms largely to the known composition of comets that occasionally visit our solar system. The orbital stability of the rings indicates an origin other than the planet Saturn. There is no known mechanism for their origin other than the loss of material from a passing comet. The significant presence of ice in the rings and comets may be a clue to the mechanism which reversed the act of God on Day Two of Creation:
"God said, 'Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters and let it separate water from water'.
So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. It was so.
God called the expanse 'sky'. There was evening, and there was morning, a second day."
Genesis 1:6-8.

It is important to note that as in Gabriel's prophecy in Daniel Nine and related periods referred to in the Bible, the original year-length is used, namely 360-days. For instance in Revelation Twelve, the 1260-days is 3½-years (360x3+180=1260)
or half a Seven.
sudden condensation of a vast vaporous water-mass from above our atmosphere (sky) may explain the Bible's description of the windows of heaven opening. Not only this, but the near pass of such an astronomical body would have caused a tidal surge in the molten interior below our earth's crust, which being at its thinnest under our oceans would have created a world-tidetsunami of unprecedented proportions – drowning continents in a destructive tearing mass of water.
Noah's ark had no propulsion as it was not designed to go anywhere but only to wait-out the event. On this deluge therefore it would most likely strand where water-movement was slowest, such as where continents meet and mountain ranges impede movement. Thus, where Africa, Asia, and Europe come closest, in the Caucasus mountain range on the peak Ararat the ark stranded – after 143 days adrift on a nightmare tide. But even then another 220 days would need to pass, according to the Biblical data, before the land was stable and dry enough for human society to begin again.
The Great Flood
No wonder that first family of the new beginning needed rainbow reassurance every time it began to rain!
Do mountain heights today indicate the height the surging waters covered? No, certainly not.
Bible says that after the Flood there was an isostatic adjustment and perhaps more:
  "You covered it [the land] with the deep as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains.
At Your rebuke they fled; at the sound of Your thunder they took to flight.
The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that You appointed for them.
You set a boundary that they may not pass, so that they might not again cover the earth."
Psalm 104:6-9
For this reason
the Throne of God is surrounded by a rainbow, in the Revelation given to John on Patmos in the Bible's climactic conclusion; and the four 'Living Beings' around the Throne represent in their faces the four life-forms guaranteed preservation under God's everlasting Covenant with Noah.
Revelation 4;
Genesis 9.

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