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Homosexuality/Same-sex Sexuality
To all humanity in all its cultures
  People are loved by God, every one of them, regardless of how they conform or not to the norms of the society of which they are a part. Homosexuality is one of the social factors that has been of great contention in this regard and has sometimes become a legal issue with regard to equality of human rights.  
norms, while respected for the sake of those who hold to them, are not the primary criteria of behaviour for the God-fearing: the Christian. The expression of the life values of the Creator of all things, found in the Bible, carries a wealth of wisdom regarding sexuality. In the Bible sex is more than a physical act. Sex is an act of bonding in which two lives become one (Gen.2:24; 1 Cor.6:16). This is of profound significance in a personal sense of human identity.
During puberty, in which awareness of individual identity (‘who I am’) is still forming, uncertainty and confusion concerning sexuality can have a life-lasting effect. Teens are especially vulnerable.
Please note:   
The human body is not a lending institution. Sex given cannot be retrieved. It is an irreversible act!
human body is the individual equipment of each for a path of life – lived once, with never-ending significance; and sex affects its sense of identity. He who designed human nature understands more than us the deep damage that can be inflicted upon identity, character, and conduct, by confusion at this intimate level.
God gave instruction to Israel in this regard, its purpose was not condemnatory but the expression of His love. Therefore for our happiness and benefit, God instructed the nation which He was forming to be priests of the whole human family (Exodus 19:5-6, if they would obey Him) to ensure that sexes were distinguished and not blurred by the wearing of each other clothes (Deut.22:5).
strong language used against the blurring of sexual identity is given special emphasis when God gives the reasons for the obliteration of the civilization in Palestine before Israel (Lev.18:22, 28). This takes it beyond religious ideas or norms. It becomes an issue of human existence. Homosexuality is regarded as the moral equivalent of sexual intercourse with an animal.
Persons under delusion of a homosexual identity are deeply cared for by God and are the target of His affection in Jesus Christ. Christ died, not simply for what we call ‘sin’, but for everything substandard to God’s plan for our lives. God hates sin because it hurts us! Christ is God's door of healing for the wholeness which we were meant to have.
But because our bodies are affected by time, it takes time for the healing of human identity. Turning to our Creator according to His compassion is the crucial beginning of the process of healing.
The Christian Church, as the designed human expression of God’s character in Christ, is meant to be the nursery, the home, the family, within which this healing takes place. No programme, no therapy, no organizational activity can substitute for this. Relationships are the substance of belonging, and it is within these relationships of compassion that God has appointed a place of healing into human fullness and servanthood in ministry to others.
lie propagated by some subsections of Christianity calling themselves churches, such as Westboro Baptist Church and others, is that the Bible's statement –
"For God so loved the world [κόσμος 'kosmos'], that
He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life"
John 3:16, emphasis mine.
refers 'only' to believers and not to the rest of humanity, has allowed them to lift themselves up as God's voice to damn others, hence their presentation of a pseudo-gospel to the world: "God hates fags". Their argument is that the Bible term 'kosmos' refers in this context only to believers, that is to Christians; meaning Jesus died only for the sins of Christians. (But this same κόσμος term quoted above is repeatedly used in this same Gospel of John for the unbelieving/non-Christian world: Jn.1:10; 7:7; 12:31; 14:17; 15:18; 17:9).
their theological position really does not deserve an answer. For instance, Jesus did not come condemning immorality. He corrected the Pharisees on their false teaching regarding divorce, but His approach to the Samaritan woman at the well was far different to that of Westboro Baptist and other pseudo-gospel churches concerning sexual sin, and it is from Christ, and from Him alone, that Christianity draws its identity – or it is false/fake.
John 4:10-18
In the wisdom of God's compassion, Christ died for those needing it.
If that applies to you  then He has made ready to receive you,  heal you,  and make you new now . . . !
There is no sin of any kind which can ever outmatch the grace of God given for all in Jesus Christ, for God loves you personally, for your sake, to make you – new.

Please note:
The January 28, 2014, broadcast statement by Pastor Kevin Swanson, of Colorado's 'Reformation Church' (of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church) in the United States, that –
same-sex 'marriage' will lead to homeschooled children being sent to live with pedophiles, and
implying that members of the 'gay' community will "burn Christians at the stake"

has absolutely nothing at all to do with reality!
Swanson said
"Today, it might be a little different (from Nero's Rome) because you have a lot of quote-unquote apostate Christian churches that have adopted homosexuality and they will do their best to burn Christians at the stake or do what Nero did...
because thatís sort of the history of homosexuals"
Comment on history requires
some knowledge of history
if truth is respected!
Ancient Rome in Nero's time, or any other, never ever burned anyone at the stake! Death sentence on citizens meant beheading (such as the Apostle Paul); non-citizens were crucified (such as Jesus the Christ and the Apostle Peter). Burning at the stake was the practice of 'Christian' churches such as –
the Church of England; Scottish Presbyterian (1590-1680); English Presbyterian (1645); and the Roman Catholic.
(Johnson 1976:309)
See ome other
Arrogant Evangelicals
of course, while the method of killing for religious dissent may change, one must not forget the Boston Martyrs done to death in Puritan Massachusetts simply for being Christian Quakers (Society of Friends), apart from the killing of the more than 36-victims of the 'Salem witch trials' under the same direct influence of this hysterical Calvinistic religious slant as exemplified in Pastor Kevin Swanson's self-justifying damnations today.
'pastor' Swanson's Colorado Reformation Church should look a little closer to home: for in Colorado – it is legal to possess, to use, to distribute and to cultivate marijuana. Over 21s can legally possess up to an ounce of cannabis and once the pot shops begin to open for business on January 1 2014, both locals and tourists will be able to buy one quarter of an ounce in a single transaction. For those under 21, cannabis possession, use and sale is still illegal, although if caught only for possession, they are likely to be simply dealt with in the same way as underage drinkers.
The Deceit of
This view could only
come from a twisted mind...

It simply does not
deserve comment!
And then
See: The Original
Human-Animal Relationship
this so-called 'Christian pastor' even goes further and describes Disney's beautiful Oscar-winning cartoon 'Frozen' as "very evil" and as promoting 'lesbianism' and 'bestiality', and he characterises Disney as a 'satanic company', saying –
"If I was the Devil, what would I do to really foul up an entire social system and do something really, really, really evil to 5- and 6- and 7-year-olds in Christian families around America?... If I was the Devil, I would buy Disney in 1984."
The only problem that I am aware of with the Disney company is its pro-Zionist stance – firing a voice-actor in February 2014 (Wael Mansour) simply because he dared express on Twitter his negative feelings concerning Israel's flagrant abuse of human rights in Palestine, but I don't think the slant of its serious pro-Israel bias makes it Satanic!
I loved the moral message in Frozen – i.e.: that love goes beyond romance, in preferring the welfare of the other above your own.
– One of Disney's more Christian contributions –

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