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the deliberate killing of non-combatants/civilians
the evil of killing one – to persuade or punish another!
Terrorists are terrorists, no matter whether
they are called 'freedom fighters', 'struggle heroes', or any other glorifying epithet for whatever cause!
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'Collective Punishment'
such as practiced by israel
also falls in this category
The horror
of terrorism against a defenceless population, for whatever purpose, is a modern plague – from mothers walking their children in Belfast, to the vulnerable villagers of Indonesia, Columbia, or Sierra Leone.
Terrorism is an evil to be destroyed wherever it is found!
Those who supply
the weapons are
equally complicit
in the deeds and
must be eliminated
As international piracy once plagued the high seas and was only brought under control when those nations able to attacked it, wherever found, and dealt equally with its supporters and sympathizers (shelling North African ports that allowed their entrance), so also, terrorism against any civilian population today must be attacked using all necessary means. There can be no neutrality!
It is
here, not the 'letter of the law', in national or in international legal systems of any kind, that is the governing factor, but –
the purpose or spirit of all valid law itself, namely:
the protection of the innocent, and the punishment of evil doers.

'Phineas Priesthood' America
Sikh 'Babbar Khalsa' Canada
Real IRA Northern Ireland
'Army of Islam' Palestine
Kahane/Kach/JDL Israel
'Army of God' America
'Golden Dawn' Greece
'Boko Haram' Nigeria
IRA Northern Ireland
AWB South Africa
PKK Turkey/Iran
Taliban Pakistan
LTTE Sri lanka
Continuity IRA
AQAP Yemen
FLQ Canada
LRA Uganda
NDF India
FAI Italy
USA List of 49
Government Vigilantism
State sponsored assassinations in foreign lands for political/security purposes which result in civilian deaths must also be regarded as a form of international terrorism, and this has often provided a strike-back motivating factor for other terrorism.
Such a
case is the 1985 US car-bombing of the West Beirut mosque (specially authorized by American CIA Director William Casey) at the close of Friday prayers to kill Shi'ite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah (who still escaped), which murdered 80 people and wounded 256 others. Most of the dead were girls and women, who had been leaving the mosque, though the ferocity of the blast "burned babies in their beds," "killed a bride buying her trousseau," and "blew away three children as they walked home from the mosque." It also "devastated the main street of the densely populated" suburb (Nora Boustany, Washington Post 1988). Killing the innocent in complete disregard of their welfare is effectively as evil as the same to punish or persuade another, as defined in our subheading.
To this kind of atrocity against civilians must be added the attempted ethnic-cleansing by Serbs of Albanian women in Bosnia until they fell pregnant with Serbian children and continued to be held prisoner until their pregnancies were beyond abortion. Up to five thousand children were born of this systematic terror raping.
Further – the use of religion to justify or rally support for terrorism against civilians of any nation, race, or creed, is the most blasphemous act of humankind:
using God's name to justify evil!
Christendom's various religious organizations have often committed this crime in their history, but never with the indiscriminate slaughter which often characterizes present day atrocities. Both radical socialism and radical Islam justify their crimes by a fake morality: one in the name of 'the people', the other in the name of 'God'. The closest form of this today is the fake 'Christian' terror organisation calling itself the Lord's Resistance Army. Its sadistic and vicious cruelty are beyond description and any who facilitate its existence and supply its weapons are also guilty of its atrocities.
Today, the greatest inciter of terrorism is no longer communist ideology. It is now the fantasy ideology of radical Islam, which teaches that history can be turned around to make Islam the governing ideology internationally. This ideology teaches that no-one is innocent unless they submit to radical Islam and therefore all who do not are 'kafirs' and so legitimate targets for killing and maiming in the name of God. This latter is worse than the terrorism spread by radical socialism, which distributed its poison in the name of an idealized humanity.
May 13,
2017: Hamza bin Laden (son of Osama bin Laden) broadcasts his motivation to continue "Prepare diligently to inflict crippling losses on those who have disbelieved... Follow in the footsteps of martyrdom-seekers before you."
The recording provides fresh evidence of ominous changes underway within the embattled organization that declared war against the West nearly two decades ago, according to U.S., European and Middle Eastern intelligence officials and terrorism experts. Decimated by U.S. military strikes and overshadowed for years by its terrorist rival, the Islamic State, al-Qa'eda appears to be signaling the start of a violent new chapter in the groupís history, led by a new bin Laden –
one who has vowed to seek revenge for his fatherís assassination by the Americans.
al Qa'eda continues!
The sad truth of this is that over the years more Muslims have been killed by radical Islamic terrorism and Shia-Sunni violence than have ever been killed by 'Christian' or Jewish oppression.
Muslims have been
enemy of Muslims
every person anywhere who reverences God, to any degree, holds a responsibility to counteract the spread of this blasphemy – wherever it is found, and in whatever form.
This kind of terrorism is not designed to divide communities as some assert, and needlessly try to counter by calling for reconciliation. It is designed to simply intimidate the political climate to increase the influence of radical Islam, regardless of what claims of injustice committed elsewhere are used to justify its atrocities.
Nor is this terrorism produced by marginalized groups who have no other prospect of a meaningful life. Most terrorists are educated, moderately affluent young persons, indoctrinated by inflammatory ideology. Society, or social circumstance, is therefore not to be blamed.
The teachers of radical ideology are! They are the evil minds behind the scourge, to which the primary guilt needs to be ascribed.
In addition
– whether perpetrated by a so-called political 'liberation movement' or by blasphemous 'Islamic extremism', terrorism is a direct threat to the necessary "tranquil and quiet existence" of those mandated by Christ (1Tim. 2:2) to represent Him in this present world to build up the greater welfare of all people and allow the optimal spread of the precious Gospel of our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ.
The illicit drug industry of Afghanistan, which has been complicit in the financing of terrorism, has enjoyed the clandestine cooperation of the Pakistan military from the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, with the full knowledge of both Britain and America (as reported by an SAS operative in Afghanistan), but international political power-balancing of these governments has continued to justify the capacity for this corrupt practice.
the suppliers of weapons to zones of civil-conflict, particularly in Africa, and their facilitators are no less guilty than the promoters of terrorism against civilians.
On a more
personal note:
if you support or sympathize with any form of terrorism, whether of so-called 'collective punishment' (as the State of Israel often practices), or by association with religious or secular ideologies which justify terrorism, or simply to make money by supplying weapons to conflict zones, you are my personal enemy, and the inescapable judgment of God is already on-its-way-to-you on a very personal level!
You will suffer forever the compounding of every kind of suffering to which you have contributed.
Britain's MI5
Security Service Threat Level

  Regarding Holy Scripture, the Lord Jesus Christ said to His critics: "Have you not READ what GOD spoke to YOU?"
Matthew 22:31.
  So, note: that the following speaks to all generations, concerning individual accountability  
"And if a man hates his neighbour, and lies in wait for him, and rises up against him, and strikes his life from him, so that he dies,
and flees to one of these cities, then the elders [leaders] of his city shall send and bring him from there,
and give him into the hand of the avenger of blood, that he may die.

Your eye shall not pity him,
but you shall put away the
[guilt for] innocent blood from Israel, and it shall be well with you."
No Refuge Permitted
Deuteronomy 19:11-13.
   And, note: to us, nationally, for the sins of a previous generation –  
"And Jehovah sent against him [king Jehoiakim of Judah]
the troops of the Chaldeans, and the troops of Syria, and the troops of Moab, and the troops of the Ammonites;
and He sent them against
[the kingdom of] Judah to destroy it... to remove them [the nation] from His presence
for the sins of Manasseh
[great-grandfather of Jehoiakim], according to all he did, and
also the innocent blood that he shed; for he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, and

the LORD was not willing to forgive."
2 Kings 24:2-4.
  blood line  
The very
existence of the Book of the prophet Obadiah in the Bible is a testimony to this absolute intolerance of God toward those who attack non-combatants for their own purposes. Edom's national extermination, which is spelled out in this book as the judgment of God, illustrates this.

Israel had been under the judgment of God for its corruption and so God brought the Babylonian armies to devastate that nation. The civilian refugees from the war zone were fleeing with their meagre belongings, when Edom, the nation descended from Esau and brother nation to Israel, sent raiding parties to attack and rob the refugees. Therefore God declared the demise of that nation and is the whole reason it does not exist today!
"For the day of the LORD is near upon all the nations.
As you have done, it shall be done to you; your deeds shall return on your own head."
Modern Israel
needs to know this
concerning its treatment
of Palestinian refugees
Obadiah 1:15.
– an individual terrorist is not born a terrorist. A person becomes a terrorist as a consequence of influences that affect the mind and attitude, some tragic. Apart from ideological hype, there are many persons who have become part of a terrorist movement as a consequence of despair at ever finding an alternative solution and in anger at perceived injustices suffered by their community.
Into this situation,
Jesus Christ brings real hope and a new focus of healing-love from person to person, and a willingness to die for this love of God in Jesus Christ for our world, rather than as a martyr of any struggle for justice no matter how justified it may seem at the time.
See: 'Open Doors'

News Note concerning international terrorism:
"The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated the Al Haramain Islamic Foundation (AHF) for having provided financial and material support to al Qaida, as well as a wide range of designated terrorists and terrorist organizations. Today's action targets the entirety of the AHF organization, including its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. Evidence demonstrates that the AHF organization was involved in providing financial and logistical support to the al Qaida network and other terrorist organizations designated by the United States and the United Nations. ...Al Haramain Foundation was designated today under Executive Order 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing financial, technological, or material support to terrorists or acts of terrorism. Assets held by any office of the AHF organization under U.S. jurisdiction are frozen and U.S. persons are prohibited from engaging in any transactions with AHF." (Thursday, 19 June 2008)

See: Noam Chomsky regarding International Terrorism's Most Wanted List

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A terrible crime, in retaliation for which America's callous bombing of civilian areas in Tripoli, which did it no moral credit.
(Libya's former Justice Minister Mustafa Mohamed Abdel-Jalil claims to have proof that Colonel Gaddafi personally ordered the Lockerbie attack which resulted in deaths of 270 innocent people.)
Lockerbie Air Terrorism sponsored by the government of Libya: Wednesday 21 December 1988 when a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, Pan American flight 103 en route from London to New York, exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people of 21 different countries.
Concerning the transfer and release of Abelbaset al-Megrahi, the Libyan intelligence agent suspiciously convicted
(prosecution witnesses were coached and paid, contrary to Scottish law) in a Scottish court in Holland for the Lockerbie bombing,
BP has insisted that its lobbying of the British government was limited to the transfer agreement, and did not include pressure for Megrahi's release.
(Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, former justice minister, says Gaddafi personally ordered Abdelbaset al-Megrahi to plant the bomb).
Libyan officials, including a son of Gaddafi, have said Libya made clear to Britain that if Megrahi was not included in the transfer agreement,
lucrative oil deals for UK companies such as BP would not be approved. (Abdelbaset al-Megrahi dies at his home in Tripoli, Libya, May 20, 2012).
Libya's present National Transitional Council says that the death of Abdul Basset al-Megrahi, will not end the government's investigation into the attack.
Abu Agila Masud and Abdullah al Senussi have also been identified as suspects in the Lockerbie bombing. Masud is reportedly serving a ten-year sentence in Libya for bomb-making, while al Senussi is Colonel Gaddafi's brother-in-law and spy chief, and is in jail awaiting execution. The Lord Advocate of Scotland issued an International Letter of Request to the Libyan attorney general in Tripoli, which identifies the two Libyans as suspects in the bombing of flight Pan Am 103, and seeking the assistance of the Libyan judicial authorities for Scottish police officers and the FBI to interview the two named suspects in Tripoli.

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