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"...ready to punish every disobedience, WHEN your obedience is complete"
(2 Corinthians 10:6 is an important spiritual principle underlying the return of Christ to rule!)
Biblical Christianity is not a religion. It is the restoration of all humanity!
So, to be more aware of the 'real', means to be in-tune with Him through the worship of His person and character!
Christ's church is light which exposes the works of darkness (Eph.5:11).
'As an eagle . . .' Deut.32:1-12
The public preaching of the
Lord Jesus Christ
was to
reveal the true nature of
God's authority, God's rule
a truth which required
significant correction of
its misrepresentation and
daily demonstration in the
character of His Christ
from His Spirit anointing
at His baptism – onward ...
Accordingly, even today,
positions of authority
in church and in state
are to be
unconditionally respected,
but they are NEVER to be
unconditionally obeyed
in either of these spheres!
Authority Restored - the Destiny of Christian History
For every true Christian, ultimate authority in all things lies only in the Holy Spirit Himself who gave us His inspired written Word to live and to die by . . . (Amen!)


 God – Our Role Model: A very brief overview.
 The Attitude of God! His example awaiting our implementation –  t o d a y !
 The Kingdom-Authority of God: The reality of the kingdom of God.... NOW!
 The Primary Perspective: The all-encompassing perspective which brings together the totality of God's revelation.
 The Lost Perspective: The Unfinished Journey of the Christian Reformation . . .
• The Mystery of the Kingdom: The distinction between the presence and the physical appearance of God's Kingdom.
• What Happened In Gethsemane?: Its unique intensity of prayer? . . . cold-feet? . . . cowardice? . . . or something more?
 Ultimate Authority: For every Christian believer — in all aspects of life and conduct.
 The Christian Church: The New Testament perspective on the Church as a corrective to common misrepresentations today.
• The Continuity of Authentic Christianity: How do we know? Apostolic succession, or true doctrine, or neither?
 Christianity Has No Rules: The very essence of the way that Jesus saw the Christian faith and which applies everywhere today.
• The 'Body of Christ': This metaphor of the Church is highly significant and unique to the apostle Paul's letters.
• Elect in Jesus Christ: God's pre-creation election of the believer and its implications, put briefly.  
• Symbols that Strengthen: Three symbols with profound significance for the meaning of our Christianity.
• Christian Baptism: A very brief overview of the subject.  
 Most Sacred Celebration: If celebrants are divided from other Christians by its timing, or any other factor, it is invalidated!
 Essential Christian Faithfulness: The true nature of Christian unity, both personal and world-wide.
♥ The Sign of Identity!: The essential central factor of Christian identity.
Hear the voice of the martyrs today in the love of God for the sake of the unity of Christ's Body!The Voice
of the Martyrs
 Christian Fellowship: The sign of belonging!
 Church Meeting Dynamics: How should our services be? Or is there no 'right' liturgy?
 New Wine-skins: A brief look at the serious need to always continue adjusting church liturgy.
• When Scaffolding becomes a Hurdle: the naïvely damaging deviation of the central function of a Christian church meeting
• The Structure of Church Ministry: Ministry Financing – Church Organization – Leadership Structure?
• Church Leadership: The pastoral office is not an employed chaplaincy! It is a mirror of Christ's own shepherding-role of His people.
 Christian Ministerial Training: A summary statement of a wise structure of instruction.
• Bizarre Church Behaviour: Unusual phenomena sometimes associated with Christian ministry.
 The Healing Discipline of Christ's Church: The restorative discipline within the Church family. What? Why? When? How?
  Destroy the Divisions: Annihilate the Hypocrisy of Christianity. Open church doors to Christ! (Revelation 3:20).
• The Church–State Relationship: The contentious relationship that has cost so many Christian lives, and continues to confuse.
 The Christian Pilgrimage: A growing chronology of the Christian journey through history. . . (unfinished, 'till He comes) . . .
♥ The Witness of Suffering: The concluding climax of Christian testimony in this world!
 A short poem of the Cry of God among His people: They Are Lost Lord – Hear Them!
 ...Not UNTIL... A very brief corrective of the modern imminence-ideology error regarding Christ's return for His Church... His Bride.
Her Hearts Unknowing  – Meditative words on the intimacy of Christ's Bride – as God sees it: to help us understand God's perspective on Christ's Church!
So From now on, therefore, we regard no one according to the flesh.
 Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard Him thus no longer   [His Jewishness1/ His maleness2]
(2 Corinthians 5:16).  [1. Let Messianic–Judaism take note!   2. Let Roman Catholics take note!]
“For as many of you as were baptised into Christ – have put on Christ. 
 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
(Galatians 3:27-28).
 Therefore, among true believers there is neither Jew nor Arab, neither male nor female, nor any other distinction allowed among Christ's people, 
for in God's sight those in Christ are all undivided by any kind of human/denominational/cultural/racial/economic factor whatsoever forever,
and therefore we are required to act accordingly in all our own personal relationships on His behalf.
Symbol of new beginning from Noah's dove, representing the New Anointing on Jesus which continues in His Church"
Sign of New Beginning as
the Spirit upon the Christ at His baptism, as it was the sign
to Noah of God's
beginning –
"For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit"
(2 Peter 1:21)
Bible    &    Bible

The Genesis Prologue
Detailed chronology of the English translation of the Holy Bible: from 735 to 2003AD/CE, with warnings...
Bible  Understanding the Bible: How to understand this Book of books, as it was meant to be understood!
 Biased Translation: A sampling of unfortunate bias in the English translation of our Bible.
Bible • Genesis Text: in its original structure, with summary commentary.
• Revelation Text: according to its own structure, with summary commentary.
• The Bible in Africa: A century of translation.
• Misused Scriptures: Some Bible verses abused – sincerely, or otherwise...
• Jewish Scripture Exegesis: A sampling of Jewish mishandling and abuse of Holy Scripture.
FALSIFIED Bible Texts: Our Bible's oldest manuscripts show the scars of human failure, and expose deliberate scribal corruptions.
 NLT Translation Warning 
 Bible Codes?: Irrefutable rebuttal of a modern deception!
 The 'Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research' exposed!: Good exposé by Michael L Brown of a disturbingly perverse attempt
in Bivin and Blizzard's book, 'Difficult Words of Jesus', to discredit the New Testament by their pretended scholarship.
This Bivin-Blizzard book has been shamefully supported by Robert Lindsey, Marvin R. Wilson (Gordon College), David Flusser,
Amihai Mazar (Hebrew University), William Sanford La Sor (Fuller Theological Seminary), WT Purkiser (Point Loma College) and Weston W. Fields.
        The Lord Jesus confronted the Jewish religious leaders of His own time with –
Bible "...have YOU not READ what GOD spoke to YOU..." (Matthew 22:31)  Bible
. . . concerning Holy Scripture which had been written more than a thousand years before their own time.  
This is a powerful statement of the continuing direct relevance of Holy Scripture to all following generations . . .
The Most Neglected Words of Jesus  Christ's perspective on His Church, lost, which needs urgent restoration if the future is to arrive on time.
A Critique of Cell Church Ideology  A partly-true diagnostic error which leads to a seriously misleading remedy, contributing to the decline in pastoral home visitation.
164 Common 'Christian' Fallacies  A very brief correction of some sincerely held myths among Christians, including among many church leaders today.
The Corruption of Christianity  Which has delayed the completion of the Church's mandate and therefore of Christ's return,
Your Church's Raison D'être Do Christian denominations have a right to exist, or should we leave them? If not, what next?
'Why Am I Not Healed?'  If God heals and I believe, why does He not heal me?
Deacons are not Elders  Biblical deacons do not lead in that capacity. They only have an individual supportive function, ...if the church is fully Christian. Elders lead!
Satan's Primary Tactic  The history of Christianity gives ample illustration of this sadly successful tactic of the Enemy of God!
Evolution of Doctrine  Newness in knowing His Word. Should doctrine really develop?
Casting out Demons  What, and how, with practical guidance: Akathartos Pneuma – Yes? / No?
The Trinity of God  A deeper view of the God who loves you more than any!

  “The Works of God”  Who sinned that he was born-blind? ...Why did God let it happen? ...WHY?
  Encouragements  Short words of spiritual encouragement on various issues.
  Holy Intolerance  Jesus taught it and demonstrated it!
Head Covering  Doesn't it just reflect female subservience in antiquity? Or what does the Bible say?
Predestination  A very short biblical definition.
  Reconciliation  The restoration of fellowship between God and humanity.
  Laughter?  Hilarity in church services? – unruly behaviour? Or worse?
  Intrusion!  Corruption of Christ's Church through that which seems good and right in each time and place.
  Miracles  Where are they, today?
  Giving  Tithes?, offerings? – the 'yes' and 'no' of Christian giving and its abuses.
  Hell  The basics, without myth and speculation.
"Do you not know that you [plural] are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? [the congregation]
 If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you [plural] are that temple. 
1 Corinthians 3:16-23 ESV.
...So let no one boast in men [their ministry]. For all things are yours – whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas [Peter]
or the world or life or death or the present or the future – all are yours, and you are Christ's, and Christ is God's."
Click for some random pictures of an outreach by the loving Family of Jesus
to an Atlantis area squatter community on the Cape West Coast, South Africa
Living in the fear of the Lord and in the encouragement of the Holy Spirit – the church increased in numbers.
Acts 9:31.
God's Word says:  
"For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us
what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?"
1 Peter 4:17.
For its 'mission' is
a vital symptom
of its spiritual life.
 Christianity's ‘Locked–Steering’ Syndrome 
[in gear  –  with engine running  –  and the brake off]
'steering' =
'denominational' doctrine
If the Way of the Lord may be described as a 'highway', then
the Christian Church internationally may currently be described as an association of spiritual communities –
squatting in the wrecked vehicles of past moves of the Spirit of God along this highway of history, for
its doctrinal-liturgical renewal ('steering adjustment') is never completed UNTIL the Christian Church has completed the mission which completes this Age.
See:A Behaviours Menu of Church-Denominations     
 Chronologies of strange Church behaviour (the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox, etc.), plus related articles 
In the United States, a 'Christian' sect styling itself as the 'Followers of Christ', preaches faith healing in states, such as Idaho,
which offer a 'faith'-based shield for felony crimes despite alarming child mortality rates among these groups
from refusing medical support for dependent patients, so blaspheming the name of God before the world.
John Erlichman and J R Haldeman (both 'Christian Scientist' sect members) inserted this criminal exemption into law that
those who believe 'prayer' is the only way to cure illness are thereby 'exempted' from the US 1974 child-protection law (Capta).
Idaho Republicans, who enjoy an effective permanent majority in the state house, are reluctant to even consider reform.
Rev. John Philip: Social-Activist Missionary  A South African Missionary of the London Missionary Society. See:
The Barnabas Fund
helping persecuted Christians
Animist Deception in Christ's Church  Animism in Christ's Church today as taught by some trusted but misleading teachers!
The 2nd Temptation Is Among Us  The Words of Christ's Second Temptation are among us today!   
The Serpent's Dual Deception  A coordinated double-deception to disable the confidence of God's people in Holy Scripture . . .
Politics of a Seduced Bride  A spiritual flirtation that has ruined many lives and ravaged Christianity's historical character.
Athanasius of Alexandria  A strategic influence in formulating Christianity's imperfect doctrine of the Trinity.
Augustine's Corruptions  A disturbing corruption of Christianity which still stains church life today.
Religious Magic Banned!  A problem in Judaism and Christianity: for when God prohibits something it is because of the harm that it does to us.
The Church & HIV/AIDS  The world-wide plague to which the Church has sadly made a contribution.
Calvinism's Corruptions  A legacy that still misleads the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ today.
see some:
Sickeningly Self-righteous
Arrogant Evangelicals
The Serpent's Subtlety  The half-truth methodology of the enemy of God.
Slavery in Christianity  An issue of social morality that reflects the state of the Church at that time.
Pageantry in Worship  Flag-waving and banners in church worship which have become in-vogue among some.
Many forms of Christianity today are no better than the synagogue which Jesus attended, in which "He looked around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart" (Mark 3:5).
The Campus-Heresy in Church Life  Failure to comprehend the intrinsic character of Christ's Church has repercussions that allow deviants to develop and spread.

Jewish protest against Zionism
Ordination of Women  Liberals say yes; conservatives say no. What does the Bible really say?
Apostolic Succession  Does it exist? What does the Bible say?
The Release of Faith  The vital trigger to open the way for the works of God.
The Evangelical Lie  An exposé of Christian misrepresentation concerning the State of Israel and Christ's return!
Remnant Mentality  A misunderstanding which negates the liberty of Christ's Church.
The Hagee Heresy  His crude Zionism is a serious violation of God's Word and of His character!
Church Ordination  The religious event of appointing to church oversight, but which does not confer authority of any kind.
The Israel Heresy  The insidious deception that has enchanted many evangelicals today and is making a fool of many of God's people.
Law versus Grace  Conflicting, or combined, or neither? Remember, the New Covenant is not new because the Old is old!
The Sabbath Day  Why? When? How? And much misrepresented, for It was never meant to be a 'religious' day!
The Cell-Church  Ralph Neighbour's erroneous diagnosis of Church life and his therefore misleading remedy . . .
A Pharisee Trap It is a subtle deception that has slid into Christian teaching, often associated with the blasphemous Judaizing of Christianity.
Local  Popes  The Diotrephës Disease . . . yes, sadly, it is still self-righteously among us today . . .
This Gospel  The key to the future of time and the human race.
The Christian Church, as the fellowship of a restored humanity, is primarily responsible to fully represent God to the whole world!
Individual salvation is simply the direct personal side-effect of this Holy Revelation!
is its focus, not the rescue of sinners, therefore Christ's Church (the fellowship not the organisation) has His authority.
So, let us love as God  loves, for Jesus warns us: 'Truly I tell you, in that you did it to one of the least important of these My brothers, you did it to Me'.  Matthew 25:40, 45. 
But, in necessary
 correction of John Hagee and Hal Lindsey''s serious perversions – these "brothers" have NO racial identity whatsoever (they are NOT 'Jewish'), for as the Lord Jesus Himself had previously publicly explained –
not even Christ's own mother qualified as His 'family' UNLESS she lived in obedience to God's revelation in Him
Matthew 12:48-50.
Please, please read it!
and no persons of any Judaic sect do that, or they would be part of Christ's Bride in which there is neither Jew nor Gentile!
  See also then the corrupting 'Emergent Church' and 'Spiritual Transformation' Issues
  'Contemplative Spirituality'  
A belief system that uses ancient mystical practices to induce altered states of consciousness ('the silence') and is rooted in mysticism and the occult but often wrapped in Christian terminology. The premise of 'contemplative spirituality' is essentially pantheistic (God-is-all) and panentheistic (God-is-in-all, such as in the teachings of Baal Shem Tov). Common terms used for this movement are "spiritual formation," "the silence," "the stillness," "ancient-wisdom," "spiritual disciplines," and others.
  'Spiritual Formation'  
A movement which provides a platform and channel through which 'contemplative' prayer enters the church.
'Contemplative spirituality' (above) is the heartbeat of the 'spiritual formation' movement.
Israel TimeLine A Personal Faith Holy Spirit Menu Studies & Issues End Time Menu

In appreciation of these 1866AD words
of Pastor Samuel J Stone (1839Ė1900):
The Church's one foundation  is Jesus Christ Her Lord.
She is His new creation  by water and the Word.
From Heaven He came and sought  her to be His holy bride;
With His own blood He bought her  and for her life He died.
Elect from ev'ry nation,
 yet one o'er all the earth;
Her charter of salvation, one
 Lord, one faith, one birth...
Though with a scornful wonder, we see her  sore oppressed,
by schisms rent  asunder, by heresies distressed.
Yet saints their watch are keeping;  their cry goes up, "How long?"
And soon the night of
 weeping shall be the morn of song.
Though there be those that hate Her,  and false sons in Her pale,
against or foe or traitor  [as Bishop Colenso] She ever shall prevail ... ...
(This fourth stanza is sometimes omitted from the church hymnals of those lacking honesty)
*To combat liberal 'scholarship'
affecting the church in his time
(e.g. Bishop Colenso of the Natal diocese of the Church of England in South Africa, who denied that Moses wrote the Pentateuch, called Joshua a myth, called the books of Chronicles fictitious and disputed the accuracy of Christís statements about Moses)
Samuel Stone wrote twelve hymn-lyrics
based on the so-called Apostlesí Creed.
   Described as the poor manís pastor,
Samuel Stone spent much of his time ministering
to the underprivileged in Londonís East End,
and was even described as a 'bully' for
beating a man molesting a little girl.
I call him a hero.
   This particular hymn of seven stanzas
refers to the 9th article of that Creed
concerning the unity of Christ's church
as an essential factor in its identity.
Read also:
'city on the hill'

'Every Man'