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British Columbia, Canada
(as reliably reported to me by persons directly involved, and listed here at the personal request of two First Nations leaders)
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"Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the public squares, and uprightness cannot enter."  Isaiah 59:14
  20 Irene M White Wed. Dec. 9, 1970. Body found naked under plastic in mid-winter in the bush between Oliver Lake and Butze Rapids. no no
Body reportedly found by local medical doctor and son who were seeking a suitable tree for their Christmas celebration. The RCMP denial that they have such a record, or, if they ever had it, it would have been destroyed by now, was challenged in December 2007 to the Information Commissioner of Canada, who to-date has failed to even acknowledge the formally lodged complaint (tracking number 79-125-396-846). Her family told me that they were informed by the RCMP that it was a "suicide", but her death certificate reads 'Accidental–Asphyxiation of Stomach Contents' as the cause of her death.
Rationally – it is not possible that she committed 'suicide' – naked – in mid-winter snow — by choking — on her own vomit!
  26 Alberta Williams Sun. Aug. 27, 1989. Body found near Tyee Overpass, 37km east of the City. no no
Claudia (Alberta's sister and last person known to have seen her alive) said: "When I spoke to them [RCMP] a long time ago they said `we’re 99% sure of who did it'.
If you’re 99% sure, what prevents you from investigating any further?
" (quoted July 6, 2006).
Ramona Wilson
Ramona Wilson Sat. June 11, 1994.
Her body was found April, 1995, just outside Smithers on Yelich Rd, near the airport.
yes no
An eyewitness of her brutal murder later identified her murderer in sworn testimony to the Smithers RCMP, but no action was taken: not even an interview (as at August 2008), creating the impression of class discrimination by the RCMP among the victims of crime. I was personally informed of this by the private detective who himself took the eye-witness to the Smithers RCMP to give a sworn statement identifying the perpetrator, yet neither perpetrator nor eye-witness were interviewed/interrogated by the RCMP, and when several months later the private detective concerned queried the lack of action in this regard he was threatened by two senior RCMP officers to 'keep his nose' out of their business or he would be charged with impeding an [non-existent] investigation.
Tamara with her precious son Jaden
Tamara Chipman Wed. September 21, 2005.
Face brutally beaten by Andre the Frenchie (a local drug-dealer) in punishment, and then strangled by him (he was rude to her at a house-party in Prince Rupert and she gave it back to him).
yes no

The Shoe Tree
In Memoriam
on this highway
They had offered her a lift to Terrace and when she climbed into the car, as soon as they were out of town, on a signal from Andre (the Frenchie') on Highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Cloya Bay, she was held immobile by Nic with her arms pinned to her sides on the back/rear seat of the car as Andre, kneeling on the front passenger seat, hammers her face with his fists "until her teeth fell out" (according to the watching driver Lorraine Racy Lloyd) in Andre's 'k-car' being driven toward Terrace. Her murder was planned, arising from a party at the home of Al Whittle in Ninth Ave, Prince Rupert, the previous evening when, in response to a disrespectful comment to her by Andre in front of his friends, she retorted equally and he felt put-down before his friends.
Andre and Nic are since deceased (by Hell's Angels, according to the Terrace RCMP, unofficially);
June 13, 2007: the complicit driver Lorraine Lloyd, remained fearful (of Hells Angels) and unwilling to assist in the final location of Tamara's body, after confessing in recorded testimony to me to having been personally present at both her brutal murder in Andre's car as she was driving, and at her secret burial the following day (north off Highway 16 over a rail line), while in protective custody in Prince Rupert by the Terrace RCMP officers, because allegedly (as they informed me) a hit had been put out on her by Hells Angels (I was accordingly discretely shepherded by two RCMP officers during my time with her).
According to one of the Terrace RCMP officers both Andre and Nic had both been 'taken out' by Hells Angels.
Cory Houghstedt (drug supplier to dealer Andre 'the Frenchie' and to Al Whittle) informs me, at his home in Terrace, that "Andre deserved to die".
July 11, 2007: RCMP Investigating Officer Kelly Grant forbids me to inform Tamara's next-of-kin (her father) of her death —
"If you tell the next-of-kin the Vancouver Sun newspaper will be up here, with photographers, and this town will become a media circus!".
Being not an employee of the RCMP and having a conscience I regarded it as my duty and so eventually locate Tamara's father, inform him,
and take him to the relevant locations concerning his daughter's brutal murder.
Cory Houghstadt of Terrace (Andre and Al Whittle's drug-supplier, connected to Hells Angels) personally informs me that Andre was a 'bad man, had done time in Quebec (prison) for the rape of a minor; and he deserved to die' (an officer of the Terrace RCMP had told me that Hells Angels had taken-out Andre).
September, 2007: The RCMP deceitfully announce –
"the investigation into Tamara Chipman's disappearance continues to take positive steps".
They knew otherwise, for I had previously informed them, with full recorded details from an eye-witness, that she had been murdered!
Lorraine (complicit eye-witness) later confessed to Dave Almgren (who personally informed me)
that Andre (the 'Frenchie') had killed three other women before he killed Tamara.

(Lorraine dies of natural causes arising from a drug-dependent lifestyle on Friday May 28, 2010).
  In memory of the Mothers and Daughters buried in the backwoods off Route 16  
In December 2015, the new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promises an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous [First Nations] women, in an appeal to First Nations chiefs.  (Calls for an inquiry have grown since a review found 1,181 indigenous women had been murdered or gone missing since 1980).
He also says the 2% cap on funding for First Nations programs previously upheld by the Canadian government will now be lifted.
But the RCMP statement previously made to me: 'We have limited time and budget, therefore we have to prioritize investigations' simply means to me
that these investigations are not treated as of equal importance, so – if a body has not been found it is – just another 'disappearance'.
The primary common factor in the approximately 20 unsolved murders and disappearances just along Route 16 in northern British Columbia, Canada, is neither hitch-hiking nor lifestyle as frequently alleged, but is the RCMP's history of devaluing these victims, resulting in a serious lack of aggressive investigation.
The two cases cited immediately above are amply illustrative of this shameful lack.
(It is good to remember that respect is always owed toward all, including toward authorities, regardless, but that for alltrust must always be earned!)
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RAPES AGE           
  38 VF 10am Sun, Oct.1, 1989. Violently under the bridge near to Petro Canada in 6th Avenue East. no no
    Identikit created by the RCMP based on the victim's description, but not published on the grounds that the identikitit is 'too life-like'.    
  18 CM Prom-night May 2005. Drugged at high school graduation house-party in City East, yes no
Perpetrators: Jimmy Toy; Luke Dopko; witness unwilling to testify who had tried to protect her: Chris Regensberger.
Because  this  witness  refuses  to  testify  against  his  two  perpetrator-friends  —  the  RCMP  DROP  THE CASE
But after Christian counselling in December 2007 the victim is able to competently confront her two assailants without causing any stress to herself. I was proud of her!
  20 ::: ::: . . . 2007 Forcibly gang-raped in City while being videoed. yes unreported
The '::: :::' above means – information received is considered confidential.  |  Unless marked 'unreported' the above details are known to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
•  Akuna Nguyen
• 31 January 2009: He smashes vehicle windscreen in Haysvale with baseball bat, while his gang batters the rest of the vehicle, as owner tries to drive away, because owner supported his younger brother who had prevented Akuna's gang from selling their illegal drugs at his house-party on January 16, 2009.
The victim declined to lay charges because of the court's reputation for simply issuing fines, easily paid by this drug-dealing gang, without providing any protection for the victims, who then suffer further for having dared to lay charges against these criminals.
• Since this attack, other attempts at intimidation by Akuna's gang continue . . .

Some of his gang–members involved –
Vick Moudgill,   John Muchacha,   HK Nguyen,   David Sanchu,   Anthony Lee,   Mike Delima,
and among other, vehicle: Chrysler Sirius registration 657DGT.
Akuna Tri Nguyen
• April 2009: Violence and threats of violence continue unchecked . . .
• May 2009: The threat received that families of the above-named may sue the author of this web site for publicising their names
is hereby completely disregarded.
• 2010: Akuna moves his activities to Vancouver and leaves his younger brother Truck to continue his criminal activities in Prince Rupert.

  Santa Voe: 
Bulk smuggling of heroine into Canada (packets delivered into his crab-pots) via his crab boat the Golden Dragon and his two other crab boats operating out of Prince Rupert harbour.
(As at 2008, he drove a yellow hummer, and took vigorous walks in Prince Rupert wearing a broad-brim leather hat).
yes no
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BIBLE QUOTE: "If one is burdened with the blood of another, he will be a fugitive until death; let no one help him." PROVERBS 28:17 ESV
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      Judicial and Law-enforcement Betrayals
January 10, 2008: Toronto Federal Judge Barry L. Strayer undermines the Canadian federal government's attempt to control marijuana/hashish/dagga use, by ruling that 'medical marijuana users' cannot be limited to growing their own or buying from a government approved source, thereby legalizing their purchase of the drug from the illicit drug industry and accordingly enhancing its market.
January 24, 2008: Alberta Judge Eric Macklin sentences Marvin G. Smith to two years home-arrest outside of his work time, and five year driving suspension, for the culpable killing of RCMP Officer Jose Agostinho and injuring of officer Robert Haney by dangerous and impaired driving. This is Smith's second offence (first overturned on appeal) for a similar crime on the same highway ten years before.
January 25, 2008: Quebec Court Judge Sylvie Durand sentences ex-Montreal Police officer Pierre Goulet to an effective 27 months prison for smuggling large amounts of drug money for organized crime, although the two charges of which he was found guilty each carried a maximum of ten years in prison. The proceeds of his crimes are not confiscated. (Goulet only resigned from the Montreal Police on the day he admitted guilt, had used his police status to criminal advantage, and was moonlighting as a guard at Trudeau International Airport).
February 27, 2008: British Columbia Provincial Judge William Kitchen sentences 20-year-old dole-supported drug-addict Darcy Lance Jones of no-fixed-address, for violently attacking and robbing 81-year-old Dr Peter Collins in Vancouver’s Holy Rosary Cathedral, to house-arrest for two years less a day followed by three years probation. (No prison time).
March 27, 2008: Although ruled a criminal organization in Ontario and Quebec, and drug-trafficking being a Federal offence, British Columbia Judge Anne MacKenzie rules that Hells Angels are not a criminal organization, in an E-Pandora prosecution. Further E-Pandora prosecutions may affect this BC verdict on Hells Angels.
May 5, 2008: British Columbia Supreme Court Judge Anne MacKenzie sentences Richard Andrew Rempel, a "high-level wholesale drug-trafficker" (Federal Prosecutor Devlin) and alleged Hells Angels member, to an effective nine months prison as having "substantial potential for rehabilitation" (Justice MacKenzie); which effectively means that age and personal potential mitigate punishment, compared to older persons of less potential. Is this called justice?
May 14, 2008: Vancouver Parole Board spokesman Patrick Storey says the board had no choice but to release Marcellus Norman Jacob, 26, known as Marcel, because he had served the required two-thirds of his sentence, even though "clinical opinion is that you are at moderate-to-high-risk for future violent offending and for future sexual violence ... Females, especially young females, are likely to be your future victims." So, when is a sentence a sentence? And more ominously - Vancouver police spokesman Const. Tim Fanning said Jacob doesn't show up in the police database.
June 18, 2008: Vancouver Chief Constable Jim Chu publicly appeals to the Judiciary to sentence appropriately, saying –
"In Vancouver the situation has reached ludicrous proportions ... we have literally thousands of these criminals who in any other city would be classified as chronic offenders after they have had five criminal convictions."  He said that here, after more than 30 convictions their length of sentencing even begins to reduce. Chu said – "These criminals primarily commit property crimes to feed their drug addictions. One super-chronic offender has 80 convictions and a crack cocaine addiction. He needs to steal daily, even hourly, to feed his habit, which gobbles up more than $1.2 million worth of property in a year."
And our Judges are certainly not helping the victim-public!
June 18, 2008: Quebec Superior Court Judge Suzanne Tessier overturns a father's discipline of his 12-year-old daughter (grounded from a school trip for repeatedly violating his instructions against risky internet behaviour by chatting on websites her father had tried to block and then posting 'inappropriate' pictures of herself online via a friend's computer).
Intrusive “human rights” activism by the Judiciary!
July 7, 2008: Moncton Provincial Court Associate Chief Judge Pierre W. Arseneault acquits Kinte Ambrose of any crime (after disallowing his confiscated marijuana as evidence), who had been arrested while transporting 20 kilograms of marijuana on the Trans-Canada Highway (a known drug-pipeline), on the grounds that the arresting officer had not enough reason to suspect the suspect.
Would the same verdict have applied if the contraband was the corpse of a murder victim? From Judge Arseneault's reasoning, probably.
July 9, 2008: Madam Justice M. Anne Rowles of the British Columbia appeal court releases Sikh terrorist Inderjit Singh Reyat (convicted of complicity in the bombing of Air India flight 182 and Japan's Narita International Airport) on bail (for perjury protecting his fellow terrorists) after 20-years in prison, on the grounds that his perjury about the conspiracy to murder and the conspiracy to murder are [somehow] not legally connected. Even though Justice Ian Josephson in his ruling had called Reyat (27 times) an "unmitigated liar under oath", lies under oath which tragically resulted in acquittal of his co-conspirators Malik and Bagri for the horrific bombing deaths of 331 men, women and children.
Strangely, Justice Anne Rowles declared in her judgment of Reyat
"his past criminal misconduct for which he has already been punished by serving sentences totaling the equivalent of 25 years"
(reported by Greg Joyce of The Canadian Press).
Yet Reyat's imprisonment only began February 1988, which until now amounts to no more than about 20 years. At the time of his arrest by British police he was working for Jaguar which doesn't really qualify as imprisonment. Someone appears to have misinformed Madam Judge and she believed it, or she simply needs a calculator.
Far worse: Reyat's 20-years for 331 innocents-killed amounts to just over 22-days imprisonment for each life terminated. What a devaluation of human life by our unaccountable judiciary!
May 4, 2011: RCMP Assistant Commissioner Stephen White (head of federal and international operations) expels a mother and her three children from the federal witness protection program about 11 years after her testimony helped secure four murder convictions in a Hells Angels contract killing, because she agreed to be interviewed in a documentary on outlaw bikers that aired on The History Channel earlier this spring. He writes –
"As a result of the security breaches … your safety and security has been significantly compromised and the RCMP can no longer be responsible for your and your dependent children’s safety and security as required pursuant to the Witness Protection Program Act."
The documentary goes over old ground, but highlights embarrassing details about the RCMP that were reported in the Ottawa Citizen in 2002 — notably that the Mounties were told about the murder plot days before it happened but did not try to stop it. (An internal RCMP memo written by an assistant commissioner and obtained by The Ottawa Citizen says the force’s reputation could be "tarnished" if the public found out they were warned about the plot.)
Enough said . . !
  [For the public's right to criticize the Judiciary see – Regina v Glen Dalke: Supreme Court of BC, Dawson Creek Registry – CC/R/181: April 28, 1981; reasons given May 12, 1981]
   British Columbia Provincial Judge (1975-2001) retired, Wallace Gilby Craig, states:
"During my twenty-six years in court I sensed that the criminal justice system, and particularly the judiciary,
was dispensing justice without any real sense of law and order, leaving our fair city [Vancouver] at risk of being Canada’s drug capital,
a place where property crime is rampant and perpetrators of violence receive only notional punishment." (quoted from
See Canada's Latest Crime Score, City By City: from the worst to the best!
Justice is a global issue . . .
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— He who does not pursue justice does not 'love his neighbour as himself' as Jesus instructed us —
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