The Thomas Pages: Crime & Punishment
The Thomas Pages: Crime & Punishment
– South   Africa's   Constitutional   Bill   of   Rights –
"Before being shoved from power [in February 2018], President Jacob Zuma enriched himself and his patrons
while presiding over economic disaster for his citizens. The burden of public debt nearly doubled over the Zuma years.
More than one in three working-age South Africans are jobless. Unemployed men turn to crime, tainting South Africa as
one of the most unsafe countries on earth, worse than El Salvador, Honduras, or Pakistan." (as reported by The Atlantic, 2 March 2018)
especially Cape Town (as reported by The Active Times).
Also in the light of continuing reports of gross inefficiency on the SA Police emergency number 10111,
rather try 107 Fire Brigade emergency service — who will hopefully contact appropriately.
"Justice!...for Nando staff Phumeza murdered by the SA Police"
shot dead in Nando staff taxi by SA Police without warning in Milnerton, 25 February 2016 because the vehicle looked
'similar' to a vehicle reportedly used in an attempted ATM robbery! ... No attempted arrest ... simply shooting to kill!...which is a crime!
Justice for Darren Maggott shot dead by SA Police without warning in Plattekloof May 10, 2018,
because they thought he was reaching for a firearm as he sat in his parked car.
1.  CONSTABLES (the lowest rank) AS INVESTIGATORS: 49.1%
About half the time, your rape case will be assigned to the most junior rank in the police, a constable, who has the least training and access to resources
Less than one in 10 cases opened by the police will result in someone being found guilty for a sexual offence.
2.  CAR POOLING: 3.5 Officers Per Car
Your investigative officer is likely to share a police vehicle with 3.5 other people, impacting on his or her ability to visit the crime scene. About 17% of officers share a car with 10 or more people.
Only about one in 5 cases reported to the police will make it to trial. About half the time prosecutors won't prosecute a rape case referred to them.
The police have to visit all crime scenes and then submit statements. But that only happens in about half of rape cases. Police are twice as likely to make an arrest if they visit a crime scene.
Two out of three cases are declined by prosecutors because of unwillingness of the victim to pursue the case. Many victims argue that they want to get on with their lives.
In about one out of three cases, no witness statements will be taken, even if some of them were present at the rape scene. In only half of rape cases will the police officer take statements from all witnesses.
In about a third of declined cases, the evidence gathered by the police will be sufficient, resulting in the case being dropped in court.
In a mere 7% of cases will there be proof that the investigator provided you with his or her contact details so that you're able to check the progress on your case.
If you were gang raped, your case will only go to trial in about one out of 10 cases. Your chance of going to trial is less likely than if you were raped by only one person, even after arrests were made.
6.  ARRESTS MADE: 56.9%
The chances of your perpetrator getting arrested is just over half. If you're between 12 and 17, your perpetrator is more likely to get arrested (64.2%).
About three-quarters of perpetrators who are convicted will get prison sentences. But only 8.6% of perpetrators in rape cases reported to the police are convicted.
About half of perpetrators apply for bail and about 40% of them are successful (20% of all perpetrators).
If your case went to trial, and you wanted to access the transcript of your case, for instance to appeal the ruling, it will be unavailable in eight out of 10 cases.
The above information is based on the SAMRC analysis of a 2012 nationally representative sample of 3,952 rape cases reported to 170 randomly selected police stations across the country.
Further... the current South African Police procedure regarding missing persons –
which requires 24-hours to pass before taking any action needs to change immediately regarding children,
for it is highly irresponsible regarding missing CHILDREN UNDER TEN and needs to change immediately!
Police statistics also indicate that at present in South Africa – there are 52 murders and 50 attempted murders PER DAY (2016-2017).
and the Bible says –  
From the Old Testament   "Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the public squares, and uprightness cannot enter" (Isaiah 59:14).     
From the New Testament:    "The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil" (1 John 3:8) ...and so ALL His followers are therefore required to do likewise..!     
It is time that the public hold authorities directly to account for their EFFICIENCY in serving the interest of the public which they are paid to serve.
For any stable society: public confidence in their local authorities and in the efficiency of law enforcement is an absolute essential
The Thomas Pages: Crime & Punishment The Thomas Pages: Crime & Punishment
For the public to begin to trust the SA Police Service requires first that the SA Police Service be seen to respect their own public
:: – A litany of self-justification does not address the issues which the public directly encounter with the South African Police, as represented below – ::<
         Yet, so very promisingly, the Service Charter for the Victims of Crime in South Africa reads –
  "You can request to be informed of the status of the case,
  whether or not the offender has been arrested, charged, granted bail, indicted, convicted or sentenced".  

Centre for Investigative Journalism
BUT unfortunately the SA Police Service do not regard this as a part of their responsibility,
according to Captain Franken, head detective, SAPS Bothasig, January 2013,
regarding assault case 187/10/2012, which was 'Struck from the Roll' (with the connivance of Captain Franken)
without the victim knowing that her case had even gone to court!
So every police station/precinct needs an officially designated and effective –
   Victim  Liaison  Officer   
[In some parts of Canada the local municipality subsidizes the position of Victim Liaison officer]
OR the growing public distrust, and its resultant horrifically cruel incidents of vigilante 'justice' – will simply continue...and get worse!
14-vigilante-killings in four months in only one Cape Town suburb (Khayelitsha, to June 2012) demonstrates a serious loss of public confidence in the SA Police Service.
Although this vigilantism resulted in a Commission of Inquiry under retired judge Justice Catherine O’Regan and Adv Vusi Pikoli (which presented its 465-page report on August 25, 2014,
with 20 recommendations), the eventual response from the leadership of the South African Police Service of June 5, 2015, is simply to disregard the Commission's report as "biased and misdirected",
then to shift the blame to the National Prosecuting Authority and the Department of Justice, and to accuse the Commission of tarnishing their reputation (as though this was not already so),
so it therefore appears that the SAPS is arrogantly not open to any form of corrective improvement in its practical management or its public relations.
Based on personal experience, it would seem that SAPS detectives do not know the difference between judicial evidence and
evidence for an investigation. For, a crime committed which I reported (Parow 161/8/2016) was not even investigated,
because the detective (WO Swart) regarded my evidence (CA 294 276) as not independently verifiable
(the suspect was not even interviewed).
Characteristic of this public experience for example is the apparent lack of progress regarding the murder of corruption-whistleblower auditor Moses Tshake (Chaka),
viciously attacked 22 February 2013 (died 5 May), probably to shut up his exposé of corruption (Setsoto Municipality, Free State).
His father reports that "We keep on phoning the investigating officer (Domkrag Mathibela) but nothing happens".
 Therefore it is absolutely essential that 'whistleblowers', and other informants, feel safe in reporting criminal activities to the authorities 
— if the full cooperation of the public is to be obtained! —
The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) reports —
  "As a result of weak recruitment, training and management capacity within the organisation,  
far too many police officers are more of a threat to, than a protector of, public safety."

(public statement, 4 June 2013, by the ISS, Pretoria. Emphasis mine, see ISS below)
The South African Police Service (SAPS) reports a total of 3026 weapons as 'lost' during January 2009 to 30 June 2014.
Of these, 86 were 'lost' by the SAPS in the Western Cape. Information regarding calibre and weapon type (amongst other things) has been refused.
Independent research organization FUTUREFACT releases its survey (2015-02-03 14:34)
indicating – "Three quarters of South Africans believe that a lot of police are criminals themselves."
(based on a probability sample of 3,048 adults aged 18 years and over, living in communities of more than 500 people throughout South Africa and representing 22,8 million adults)
The Social Justice Coalition (SJC) reports (January 2017) that it had, with the Equal Education body, filed an application in the Equality Court
to address ongoing "inequitable and discriminatory allocation" of police human resources across 1,140 police precincts in South Africa.
The SJC has accused Police Minister Nathi Nhleko, acting National Police Commissioner Khomotso Phahlane, and provincial Commissioner Khombinkosi Jula
of stalling their submissions to the court in response to the SJC application.
According to the SJC, police deployed in townships work under severe strain and are thinly spread compared to those deployed in affluent suburbs.
  But please note, for the sake of the future of your community:
Click for PDF of the
'Broken Windows' syndrome

(a vital key to crime control!)
If a person commits a crime against another and gets away with it, that person is the most likely to commit the same again, and again. . . and worse. . . and so on. . . Justice is a
social responsibility of
the whole community
So, your community's future needs every crime to be fully investigated and then dealt with appropriately.
To fail to properly dispense justice therefore is to fail the future of the community and the future of its children. . .

Gerhardus Marais
V i c t i m    D e t a i l s  
Gang guns continue to kill local children, such as –
7-year-old Ezra Daniels
shot dead playing outside his home.
September 4, 2017 In Abdullah Moosa Road,
Parkwood Estate
Police Warrant Officer Gerhardus Marais (44) MISSING (Parow 8/12/14)
Investigating officers give no feedback to his family on their investigation.
14 December 2014 Lived: Melt Brink Street, Parow
Jürgen Rombouts (26) shot dead (6-bullets) beside his fiancé, after being
rammed with a red Nissan Sani 4x4, c.07:00 that had been bought for cash.
25 April 2014 46a Morgenster St,
De Bos, Strand, WP
As a example the
four consignments of compressed cocaine
(4x100kg) dropped
by passing ships
off Mossel Bay coast
which drifted ashore
to 1/01/2014) is
probably related
to the cocaine
found by Jürgen.
father, Jan Rombouts (Roodeplaat, Pretoria), offered a R100,000 reward for the apprehension of his son's killer, for the SA Police Service have apparently made no progress in this. DA Sarenok stole ski-boat Olly from Gordons Bay 07:29 that day, to board a passing ship, which was washed up on the rocks at Glen Cairn five days later with keys in the ignition and empty, except for some empty fuel cans and 9mm ammunition. Russian Dimitri Alexander Sarenok (50) is wanted for questioning (SAPS case: Strand 602/4/2014). Cape Maritime Radio (Ashwin Budhal) has the data of foreign ships passing Gordon's Bay/False Bay at the time of Sarenok's escape, but will only release it on a Court Order!
Anyone with any information on the above, please contact Warrant Officer von Vollenstein, Strand SAPS, or myself.
The South African Police Service appear to know nothing of the cocaine smuggling connection to this killing
so the Russian Mafia transshipment of cocaine to Europe via the Cape continues completely unabated!
⇒  Van Breda family  (axe killings: 3 dead, one critically injured) 03h30,
January 27, 2015
De Zalze Golf Estate,
Goske Street, Stellenbosch.
Inge Lotz

Viciously murdered: skull smashed, throat cut, heart stabbed
March 16, 2005,

in her
in Stellenbosch


Digging Dung,
Fertilizing Democracy
  Inge's family are trying to get hold of a bloodied towel found in her flat, which they believe is key to solving her murder. But the South African Police have yet to comment on its whereabouts. Forensic scientist, Dr David Klatzow, describes the Lotz case as –"one of the worst police investigations ever to take place in South Africa, leaving her killer roaming free". Please forward any information to Bloemfontein Attorney:
Johan Jordaan on 082 338 5318 or 051 447 0805.
Background Chronology
⇒  Theresa van der Vint (16) May 15, 1996 Macassar
18 June 2013

Green Paper
on Policing
Request for Comments
before 7 July 2013

So it appears from
the time schedule
that comment is unwanted
⇒  Elizabeth Thompson April 14, 1996 Brackenfell
⇒  Katrina Fredericks April 7, 1996 Brackenfell
⇒  Francis Seliston March 24, 1996 Brackenfell
⇒  Gloria Samuels (39) January 3, 1996 Durbanville
⇒  Marilyn Persent (30) September 16, 1996 Milnerton
⇒  Shahieda Abrahams (31) October 13, 1995 Durbanville
⇒  Patricia Gibson (35) September 20, 1995 Camps Bay
⇒  Shireen Jooste (38) September 9, 1995 Philadelphia
⇒  Bridgette Lindt (28) August 10, 1994 Milnerton
⇒  Margaret Phillips (23) July 8, 1994 Somerset West
⇒  Susan Opperman (34) June 12, 1994 Gordons Bay
⇒  Wynand van Wyk (44)   Israel's Mossad is suspected April 23, 1993 18th floor, Ritz Plaza, Sea Point
See: History of
  the Italian Mafia
See: The
 Russian Mafia/Bratva 
ORGANISED CRIME  America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) describes South Africa as –
"transshipment center for heroin, hashish, and cocaine, as well as a major cultivator of marijuana [dagga] in its own right; cocaine and heroin consumption on the rise; world's largest market for illicit methaqualone [tik], usually imported illegally from India through various east African countries, but increasingly producing its own synthetic drugs for domestic consumption; attractive venue for money launderers given the increasing level of organized criminal and narcotics activity in the region and the size of the South African economy"
(CIA World Fact Book, emphasis mine)
1,420 people out of every 100,000 in Cape Town were involved in drug-related crimes in 2013/2014. In Gauteng this is under 600. (SABC)
⇒  LEON 'Lyons' DAVIDS being safeguarded in SAPS 'witness protection programme' is shot dead October 9 2013 Bloemendal Cres, Belhar, Cape  
⇒  Killing and wounding of a number of Golden Arrow bus drivers and their passengers
on public buses in the interest of a Cape Town taxi monopoly.
April to August 2000 Various public bus routes challenged by the CODETA
and CATA taxi associations
  Hit-man BANDILE BOTYA (sentenced to life imprisonment X3 plus 75 years) was hired by his 15 paymasters who were never brought to justice.
(Some arrested and charged, walked free simply because their charge sheets were incomplete,
as personally stated to me by the magistrate who sentenced Botya).
 On Wednesday July 12, 2000, I had personally handed to Senior Superintendent Maree of Crime Intelligence a certified copy of a sworn affidavit by an eye-witness – with the names and personal details (including cell-phone numbers) of the hit-man's paymasters, of their meetings
on Friday 26th May (at Kuwait Taxi Rank, to hire the hit-man), and
on Thursday 1st June 2000 (at Mew Way Hall), to continue his murderous attacks on public buses, and to extend his attacks to other bus routes.
Return of said
certified copy of
affidavit requested from
SAPS by registered mail
8/9/2014 (click to view).
Hit-man BOTYA's
 15-paymasters were –
1. Curnick MDIZA;  2. Michael KUPISO (shot dead 2 July 2005);  3. GEELBOOI; 4. PK RAQA; 5. David SPEELMAN;  6.NGXUMZA; 7. MTEBELE;
Based on direct
eyewitness testimony!
⇒  Coordinated attack by four armed men on Daniel and Maressa Salvatore,
tied up separately and tortured; valuables, firearms and vehicle stolen;
attack precipitates Maressa's heart attack requiring repeated resuscitation.
05:30 until 07:15,
Monday 30 March 2009
1 Serruria Close, Plattekloof, Ext. 3,
Parow, Cape Town.
Led by a short, dark skinned South African coloured 'George', with two French-speaking DRC/Zairians, one at least with military background, and
a yellow-white long-faced English-speaking black man. Case number: 1045/03/2009 (Parow); Provincial Organised Crime case 537/05/2009.
Confidential information to me from a senior police source states that these gangs-of-four change their members every two weeks to prevent identification, that they are organised at a national level,
and that senior police officers are involved in management of their criminal activities.
⇒  Intercape bus petrol-bombed near Cape Town, by taxi-mafia. Two burned alive, 32 injured! 19:40 Tuesday,
15 September 2015
Onverwacht Street,
off the N2 near Strand.
⇒  Multiple, including money-laundering in support of al-Qa'eda, by –
  Cape Town based Pakistani syndicate, led by:
(15 Jim Fouche Ave, Plattekloof Ext. 1, Parow, Cape Town)
(3 Wemmerspan St, Edgemead, Cape Town, 7441)
For any further details –
you may wish to contact
Colonel 'Sanjo' of SAPS
Crime 'Intelligence'.
Associated persons' details were supplied to SAPS Provincial Organised Crime unit in May, 2010,
BUT they declined any action on the basis that SAPS Crime Intelligence is 'monitoring' the situation.
SAPS Crime Intelligence interest is however not above suspicion. See: Institute for Security Studies, April, 2012 PDF report below.
'Dead Scorpions &
Clipped hawks'
PDF of lecture by the head of the Helen Suzman Foundation
⇒  Drug-dealing from residence at 26 Smith Street, Parow.
SAPS CORRUPTION At a National level –  South African Police arrested for criminal activity: – in the financial year 2015/16 725 police arrested
    – in the financial year 2016/17 706 police arrested
President Nelson Mandela appoints ANDRÉ LINCOLN in 1996 to head the Presidential Investigation Task Unit to investigate the activities of Vito Palazzolo of the Sicilian Mafia and his alleged relationship with senior South African police officers and politicians.
Some senior Western Cape police officers then sabotage his investigation.
Consequently, in October 1996 Lincoln is then himself arrested on 47-trumped-up-charges, including 'fraud' and 'drunk-driving'.
Later, Judges DJP Traverso and J le Grange rule in October 2009 that his "entire trial" on these charges
"consisted of intrigue, name-dropping, and very little else" and that "all the facts screamed out that there was no fraud."
Later Lincoln sues the State for more than 16 million Rand for malcious and unlawful prosecution.
Multiple,  by – SAPS Captain ERASMUS, officer of the Commercial Crimes Unit (fraud on behalf of the above Cape Town Pakistan-based syndicate). Change a Life
DNA Project

See Also
Apparent High-level
Financial Fraud
  Bothasig Police Reservist ARNOLD MKHAWUCELI MPAYO identified by the victims, arrested, released on bail, case 103/06/2009 still pending. . .
⇒  Victims: Cynthia Qingana
and daughter Andiswa Qingana.
4th June 2009, 1.30 to 2.00AM Dunoon, Milnerton, Cape Town
  Female victims terrorised, stripped naked, in armed robbery, during the night, in their home
Polish property owner CZAREK RYBAK (whose wife boasted of their 'important friends' in the police): in spite of multiple charges for violence and intimidation, lodged with Bothasig and Parow police, no action taken even though his wife runs her business from a known business address, and their residence is known, the SAPS could not serve a court summons on him because "we can't find him" (according to Det. Davids of Bothasig, as at Sept. 2013).
Some cases abandoned by SAP:
   419/11/2012; …
  AM Wednesday 25 September 2013: two police officers from Parow SAPS demand a R1,000 cash bribe from the drug dealer at his home at 194 Voortrekker Road, Parow, to not confiscate his drug supply. (The drug dealer has since been expelled from the premises by the landlord).
On Friday 
7 November 2014, ten police officials at this police station/precinct (Parow) are arrested on corruption charges (one sergeant, 8 constables), and another recently resigned.
Unfortunately, information later received (December 2015) indicates that no-one was prosecuted. They were all simply "re-deployed" to other police stations/precincts.
It is reported
 that, since 2012, 1,440 police officers have been fired for a range of offences (criminal and departmental), with a further 270 on suspension 'pending investigation', of which 85 are still on the police payroll. (The Times, July 13, 2015)
Vehicle theft of Kia Cerato outside Kuyasa Clinic, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, c.07:30, Thursday, 26 November, 2015, apparently by officer of Lingelethu West police station/precinct.
Police cover-up.
November 3, 2015: In the Pretoria Central police station – 20,000 rounds of R1 rifle ammunition is stolen from the police armoury. No criminal case is opened until 10-days after the theft, and an investigation only begins on December 9 (more than a month later). The police cannot explain why they did not comply with the Firearms Control Act concerning ammunition security, The theft is not mentioned in their 2015-2016 annual police report, and it takes a month before a provincial team even inspects their armoury. Only 16-months later is it first mentioned in an internal report.
Police criminal brutality.
March 4, 2017: Koornhof Street, New Crossroads, Saturday evening, at about 10pm, four SA police vans raid an allegedly illegal saloon/shabeen, confiscating its sound-system and kicking over the barbecue/braai stands. PHUMA PITA (31, mother of three) queries the police behaviour and is pepper-sprayed. She then queries why she is pepper-sprayed, and is slapped in the face by a police woman. She queries this and is then shot in the back of the head, and dies at a KTC Day Hospital.
The police conduct is referred to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, but no action appears taken as yet.
Witnesses affirmed that there was no public protest or unruly behaviour to justify police conduct.
According to 'police statistics', 60% of all crime in the Western Cape region is gang related.
Drugs are the main reason why there is such an alarming crime rate in this area.
Drug Driven
2008-9, more than 44.44% of all drug related crime in South Africa's nine provinces occurred in the Western Cape (52,000 cases of the national 117,000), way above the average.
(The quiet Cape Town suburb of Bothasig alone has had an increase of 835.7% in drug-related crime (from 28 to 234 per annum) in the last seven years ending March 2010).
  It is time to fight the fire behind the smoke!
SAPS and NPA  Institutional incompetence is illustrated by the statistics of the Philippi Police Station/Precinct which, of its 197 murder and attempted murder cases actually prosecuted (2007–2012) of this one gang-plagued suburb alone under its jurisdiction, only 35 obtained a conviction. A pathetic conviction rate of 17.76%. Investigative
In this 
same police precinct serving those suburbs most affected by gang violence in the same period, of its 1,469 murder and attempted murder cases investigated, only 921 investigations were even completed (62.69%) and of these, convictions were only obtained in 174 cases (11.84%), a success rate that amounts to dismal failure and is totally unacceptable to the people served by this SAPS!
 January 27: The City 
of Cape Town announces its intention to create a specialised task force to combat gangs in an attempt to compensate for the apparent continuing shortcomings of the South African Police Service in that respect, for –
 Gun Owners of SA 
in ONE week alone TEN gang-related KILLINGS have taken place.
PEOPLE  SHOT  DEAD IN CAPE TOWN (January 17 to 24, 2014)
Friday 17   Anwar van der Westhuizen (34)   Lorenzo Bowers (22)   Dura Park, Atlantis
Tuesday 21   Unknown taxi driver (?)   Lesline Mentor (26)   Concert Boulevard, Retreat
        Ashley Claassen (22)   Azalia Street, Lentegeur
Thursday 23   Gangford Harker (34)       Valhalla Drive, Elsies River
        Unknown (26)   Jakkalsvlei Avenue, Bonteheuwel
    Unknown (?)   Unknown (?)   Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain
Friday 24   Gwendolene Gilbert (88)       Bokmakierie
The Lord Jesus Christ said – "...let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one." (Luke 22:36),
– in other words: (1) take personal responsibility for your own personal safety; and (2) your safety is more important than your comfort!
ANOTHER BIBLE QUOTE: "If one is burdened with the blood of another,   he will be a fugitive until death;   let no one help him." PROVERBS 28:17 ESV
Please note:  In terms of South Africa's Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 and its Firearms Control Act, a victim of domestic violence does not need a court protection order, and the complainant (which could even be a neighbour) has the right to have a dangerous weapon removed by the police in such a situation.
  Not all police officers are aware of this.
But praise God 
for morally concerned citizens, such as –
  • SURINDA DU PREEZ – who helped arrest fugitive mutilating-murderer Johan Kotze, the so-called 'monster of Modimolle'.
  • COLONEL HANSIA ASARAM of Goowood SAPS (now Brigadier HANSRAJCommander of Central Cape Town SAPS), for her diligence and integrity.
  • FORENSIC INVESTIGATOR PAUL O'SULLIVAN – who helped put the national chief of police Jackie Selebi (President of Interpol 2004-2008) in prison, and had exposed corruption among senior police officers.
On April 2, 2016, the SAPS Hawks arrest him on false allegations of contravening 'immigration regulations' by entering South Africa as a South African on a valid Irish passport. The apparently complicit Kempton Park magistrate sets his bail at R20,000. His arrest comes 24 hours after he sent an email to IPID and police bosses urging them to investigate acting National Police Commissioner Khomotso Phahlane for fraud and corruption. It is the first time in the country's democratic history that a naturalised citizen has been arrested on these false charges.
O'Sullivan was accompanying his children who were due to return to school in the UK.
In October 2012, two years after Selebi’s sentencing, O’Sullivan had filed formal charges of Defeating the Ends of Justice and Perjury against 11 individuals. All these, he reckons, had, one way or another, been linked to the investigation into the former police chief.
His complaint has thus far been ignored by the SAPS.
On March 15, 2016, O'Sullivan had emailed SAPS Hawks –
"You dirty cops know where to find me, I’m waiting for you, and I’m ready for you. Bring it on you corrupt cowards. On 2016-04-04 I shall be calling a full blown media conference in Whitehall, London, the purpose of which will be to tell the world that SA has been taken over by a corrupt regime of Zupta-led criminals [President Zuma's name plus his alleged Indian Gupta family collaborators] and that the world must now boycott SA in every way possible, just like they did during Apartheid, until the people run the country again. I shall be departing here on 2016-04-01. Be like the apartheid government and stop me from leaving, thereby giving a global voice to my campaign, to stop the corruption that is tearing this country apart"
In 2017, police action against O'Sullivan still continues, now on the false charge of
impersonating an oficer of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).
Every day thousands of people who legally possess dual citizenship pass through South Africa's control points at airports, yet O'Sullivan was stopped for this 'crime'.
On Selebi, concerning its political background, Paul O'Sullivan had previously said:
"In the eight years that Selebi ran it, he corrupted the police force from top to bottom.
So you end up with a force where twenty-five per cent are corrupt, twenty-five per cent are lazy and incompetent, twenty-five per cent do an average day's work and twenty-five per cent are bloody good cops. In my opinion, it was
[President] Mbeki's gutless and criminal conduct that resulted in the delays in bringing Selebi to book."
(Quoted by Terry Crawford-Browne 2012:231)
(emphasis mine).

Police INEFFICIENCY  Hout Bay police fail to attend a robbery of tourists (R20,000–plus stolen) on Chapman's Peak Drive – Sunday, 30 March 2014
  'because it is a toll road...'.
In  the light of continuing reports of gross inefficiency on the SA Police emergency number 10111, rather try 107 Fire Brigade emergency service who will hopefully contact appropriately.  
But still sadly, 
an April 2015 inspection of Pollsmoor Prison by Judge Edwin Cameron, as part of the 'prison visits and monitoring programme' of the Constitutional Court (accompanied by 15 officials of the Department of Correctional Services),
finds that Pollsmoor Prison is –
  "filthy and cramped" (at 300% of its capacity) and "some detainees displayed rashes, boils, wounds and sores to us"
were lacking medical attention, and the pharmacy at the detention centre was out of stock
or short of
"TB, hypertension, and diabetes medication"
The awaiting-trial-inmates complained of hunger (receiving only two meals a day, the second at 2pm),
detainees were found to be sleeping three to a bed or on the floor, and bed sheets and blankets were either missing,
or flthy and lice-infested, with no running hot water, systemic problems with plumbing caused by blocked drains
so a bucket had to be used to flush a toilet, and some inmates had to use a sink to bathe and urinate in.
 On February 25,

Justice delayed
is justice denied!
2016, in the Dunoon suburb (Milnerton, Cape Town), police officers open fire without warning at a taxi transporting Nando's staff to their homes after a late night shift, because they 'believed it to be a vehicle involved in an ATM robbery' (it wasn't, but even if it was, there was still no justification for attempting to kill the occupants by opening fire!),
killing Phumeza Fundumele without warning
(To date, the families of the victims have still not been informed)
and wounding another passenger. The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) takes almost a year to investigate the case and eventually on January 20, 2017, recommends the prosecution of the police officers involved.
→ January 29, 2018 all officers involved are inexplicably declared innocent! ←

Police killing/murder in
Dunoon, Cape Town.
 In August 2016,
If you are the victim of a crime do not rely on the SAPS to do any investigating!
I personally laid a complaint of Malicious Damage to Property with the Goodwood SAPS (case 161/08/2016, Warrant Officer Swart) and I supplied the perpetrator's vehicle registration number (CA 294 276) BUT, as at February 2018, the SAPS have still failed to do anything (not even interviewing the suspect), expecting that the complainant/victim had to supply them with "independent corroborating evidence"(their words) for them to even consider proceeding with the 'investigation'.
It is apparently not the duty of detectives to detect. The victim must do that work for them.
The complainant/victim,
rather than the investigating officer, is expected to provide
all necessary evidence for a court case.
 In the last 
week of 2016, a family living at 31 Saba Street, KTC, Nyanga, Cape Town, is violently attacked and robbed at 4AM. The police are called but do not come, and later explain that they were scared because the area is too dangerous for them.
BUT that is why we
give them with guns.
 ... Police incompetence is the seed which sows vigilantism ... and the SAPS serious lack of victim–liaison then feeds it's sickeningly violent growth ... 
Another personal example of incompetence and/or corruption directly regarding Lloyd Thomas –:
 I w
as arrested and my gas-pistol seized by Parow Police on Thursday afternoon 1 November 2012
(because of a false allegation of 'pointing a firearm', made by C. Rybak after it was displayed the previous day to prevent a threatened assault when assisting a Bulgarian couple being bullied), and my gas-pistol is then sent by Parow Police for 'ballistic testing' (Case One: 08/11/2012 SAP 14/13/11/2012)
 even though two sworn statements by eye witnesses were made to the same police the day before that the accusation is completely false

Subsequently, at the request of the public prosecutor, an opposing case of assault is laid against my accuser* (Case Two: 419/11/2012).
Case One 
aginst me came before the Bellville court on 7 February 2013 and was 'struck from the roll' to pend indefinitely, because the SAPS failed to supply a 'ballistic report' on the said gas-pistol.
subsequently could give no estimated date for the completion of the said 'ballistic report' and then also refuse to process Case Two because Case One was as yet unfinished because of their unsupplied 'report', and so they continued to retain my gas-pistol and its holster... and my trial then c-o-n-t-i-n-u-e-s to pend indefinitely ... ... ...
So now...?  One is left wondering: who really pulls the 'strings'?  *(his wife had reportedly previously boasted that they have 'important friends in the police').
6/03/2014 Parow Police 'Branch Commander' phones me to say that the case against me (08/11/2012 SAP 14/13/11/2012)
is now dropped, and my gas-pistol may now be collected the next day 7/03/2014.
but no explanation is given for the 393-day delay on which I had delivered a letter of complaint earlier that same day.
Cases against C. Rybak on which the SAPS failed to proceed: 187/10/2012 Bothasig; 118/11/2012 Parow; 419/11/2012 Parow
My unlawful Arrest had been reported 24 June 2013 to the SA Human Rights Commission; referred by them to the Public Protector;
then referred to the so-called "Independent Police Investigative Directorate"
(IPID*), but
After their arrest, I am warned by someone in military intelligence to 'watch your back'
as one of the above persons 'may try to get even'.
Percy Claassen   46     Alvico Carolissen    28     Thembalethu Mazimela   29
Randall Phillips   28   Divan Webster   30   Samkelo Mnyanda   27
Nicolaas Ryk   38   Dudley Abrahams   37   Casbeth Tsiri   30
        Muneer Daniels   29        
I have now been informed (December 10, 2015) that the above police officers were not prosecuted for their corruption. They were simply re-deployed.

To those who have expressed concern about my personal safety, the precious Scripture (used out-of-context by our Enemy) still remains true, as I have experienced several times.
"Because you have made the LORD your dwelling place ...He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways" (Psalm 91:11).
So to any hurt by his exposé, who may perhaps consider terminating Lloyd (as he had been previously warned),
it should then be remembered that Lloyd has previously terminated one who so tried, and could effectively do so again. . .

*(perhaps I'm mistaken and 'IPID' really stands for Injured Parties Insulting Department or something of the same intent)
so, from my experience of the IPID, it appears that Complainants are simply treated as nothing more than 'unpaid Informants'.

Moral Accountability Principles
Independent  Police  Investigative  Directorate (IPID)
So from my own experience as summarized above it indicates
that the IPID are no better than that
on which they are being paid to be the 'watchdog'.
Headed up by ANC ex-terrorist bomber Robert McBride
(who killed 3 and wounded 69 at the Magoo Bar, Durban, 14 June, 1986)
Now suspended and replaced by Israel Kgamanyane
So D I Y rather than trust anything to the I P I D piddle
— click to view this video —
Police assault, Cape Town CBD, Thursday 6 March 2014
Comment heard is by witness and friends (turn volume down),
of which an officer shown comes upstairs to intimidate witnesses.
Confidentiality Principles
The victim, Nigerian (Clement) Emeka Ensha, had reportedly been stripped by City security guards near the Sky Sports Bar (Riebeeck St) to humiliate him because of his argument with its owner who then called the police to remove him. After the police (Warrant Officers David Alexander Gunn, 43, dismissed from SAPS as a consequence, and Gerrit Donovan Januarie, 45 resigned as a consequence before he could be fired), had further stripped him of his underwear, and beaten and kicked him (allegedly for resisting arrest), they bundle him into their van, but then they lose the key to his handcuffs so take him to a welding shop to have them cut off, and then pay him R40 to shut up, because this video recording of them meant their criminal conduct had now been noticed.
  The courageous woman who made this video was arrested for 'police interference' (probably an attempt to intimidate her) according to news media, but charges were later dropped.  
:: Click for eNCA video of Natasha Bruwers, showing the brutal disrespect by the Elsiesriver SAPS and the scenes of unreasonable police violence in her home ::
Violent searches without a warrant, assaults, and rectal violation, BUT repeated complaints to the IPID brought no response whatsoever — since August 2013

The motto !ke e: Ixarra Ike is the Khoisan language of the IXam people
and translates literally as "diverse people unite".
South Africa's National Constitution – Bill of Rights:
12. Freedom and security of the person –
Everyone has the right to freedom and security of the person,
  which includes the right
    a.  not to be deprived of freedom arbitrarily or without just cause;
    b.  not to be detained without trial;
    c.  to be free from all forms of violence from either public or private sources;
    d.  not to be tortured in any way; and
    e.  not to be treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way.
This uncorrected attitude among many police officers toward the public is illustrated by their summary execution of Khulekani Mpanza (32) just after 2.30pm on Monday 19 October 2015, in Harvey Street, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, as he lay wounded and bleeding on the ground after having fired several shots at the police and had run away.
The CCTV footage of this SAPS execution is published by the Sunday Times, November 1, after being supplied to the 'IPID'.
On Monday November 2, the four officers involved are arrested, probably as a consequence of the publicity.
(Thank you Sunday Times)
The call by their police union for a rally at court in support of them indicates that their police union has no morality!
Wanton SAPS Public Killings
Early Monday, 14 March 2016 In Kuils River area, Cape Town – SA Police Service, allegedly chasing possible robbers from a Caltex garage near Kuils River station, open fire on a taxi transporting McDonald's staff (at least 50-bullets fired at them) on Hindle Road, Blue Downs, killing two staff members and wounding six. The Police allege that they thought the MacDonald taxi may be blocking the way to help the possible robbers escape, but that does not in any way mitigate their wanton killing of its occupants.
(The Minister of Police apologised)
 'Apologies' change nothingMr Nathi Nhleko! 
Reports of Police brutality have escalated exponentially in the last three years according to Right2Know.

Police prevent protest by Marius Redelinghuys (National Spokesman for the Democratic Alliance), Thursday 12 February 2015: Adderley Street, Cape Town.
In April 2018: the ANC government of South Africa prepares to change Section 25 of the national Constitution
(after the vote: Yes 241; No 83; 4:56 PM – Feb 27, 2018) in order to legalise the expropriation of land without compensation
(thereby legitimizing land theft in favour of its Black occupation).
• Parliament's constitutional review committee is thus charged with reviewing section 25 of the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation, and is expected to report back to the National Assembly by the end of August 2018.
However, the SA Constitution already makes provision for land reform. It sets out the requirements that must be met when the government sticks its nose into private property rights. It gives the government the power to expropriate property,
but only when it is for a public purpose.
     (according to Gareth Newham, Head, Governance, Crime and Justice Division of ISS, Pretoria)
Between 2006 and 2009 the number of people shot dead by the South African police doubled from 281 to 556,
despite crime having decreased by almost 20% over the last five years.
The national spokesperson of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, Moses Dlamini, stated during a national radio programme (4 March 2013) that an assessment of complaints against the police shows that over the past 12 months ‘there is a pattern of abuse’.
on South Africa
Total civil claims against the police for abuses including wrongful arrests and destruction of property more than doubled in the past two years to R14,7-billion.
The 2012 National Victims of Crime Survey reveals that police corruption is the second most prevalent form of public sector corruption as reported by victims, and the rate has increased since 2011.
Less than half the adult population trust the South African police (42%) and 66% think that corruption is widespread in the police.
In South Africa roughly one third of the prison population are simply awaiting trial prisoners.
So government is now attempting to curb this with legislation setting a two-year maximum to force a more efficient process [?]
In addition the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists reports (September 16, 2013, 4:15 pm):
"South Africa’s Promotion of Access to Information Act is one of the most advanced in the world on paper,
but a study found that fully two-thirds of public records requests are entirely disregarded by the government".
Click to see also: How America's CIA set up the August 5, 1962, South African police arrest of NELSON MANDELA on the N3 highway near Howick.
August 16, 2012 – the South African Police shoot 112 miners, killing 34 and wounding at least 78,
near the dusty town of Marikana in the North West province when they open fire while trying to disperse a group of protesting miners.
The 270 miners arrested for public disorder, etc., are later released due to lack of evidence.
(Evidence at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry indicated that the unarmed proestors were fleeing from the police when the police shot them dead)
SA Police Own Video of their Marikana Mining Massacre   Police Harassment of the Marikana Massacre Witnesses
  "Unfortunately there is no indication that anything has changed in the police as a result of the ‘Marikana massacre’.
The SAPS has not revised its training, policies or public order practices as a result of what happened on that day.
...Evidence has also emerged of police officers allegedly planting weapons on the dead bodies of the miners,
and there have been cases of witnesses allegedly being intimidated and tortured by the police.
" (ISS, 17 August 2013)
Amnesty International accuses the SA Police of intending to kill by ordering four mortuary vans before the shooting but no medical personnel, and also of a deliberate cover-up by 'losing' the minutes of a meeting on August 15, 2012, of the provincial police commissioner to forcibly disarm the protesting miners, which was endorsed at an extraordinary meeting of the national police management forum. To quote Amnesty –
Amnesty International
"The 'loss' of the minutes from this critical meeting is just one of a litany of incidents
which suggest a systematic attempt by the police authorities, with possibly higher-level involvement,
to conceal or falsify evidence and mislead the [Farlam] commission." (as reported by Anne Steele, Cape Argus, August 18, 2014)
  The 500 police present on that day claim to have shot the 112 miners in 'self-defence',
so their National Commissioner General Riah Phiyega stated:

"Don’t be sorry about what happened. We confront, every day, heartless criminals who are gunning for our lives."
(emphasis mine; and not a very just 'classification' of the protesting miners).
abuse of authority
April 30, 2014: Judge Ian Farlam announces that clause 1.5 of the Marikana commission of inquiry’s terms of reference had been DELETED by South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, which had read, and so had appropriately allowed the Marikana Commission to investigate –
"The role played by the Department of Mineral Resources
or other government department or agency in relation to the incident (deleted)
and whether this was appropriate in the circumstances and consistent with their duties and obligations according to law."
thereby excluding any such investigation!

Abuse of Authority
This appeared to be an attempt to prevent the calling of any government minister to testify in order to protect the government from any criticism.
When, after three years, the Marikana Report of the Farlam Commission is eventually released (25 June 2015), it exonerated the minister of police
and called for further inquiry into the related actions of – the national police commissioner (Phiyega) and the provincial police commissioner (Mbombo)
so producing nothing of substance that in any way would assist the victims find closure, and described by concerned persons as an "injustice" and an "insult".

July 2015: 
Accountability Now director Paul Hoffman reports that they have laid charges of corruption and defeating the ends of justice against President Jacob Zuma and Justice Minister Michael Masutha over the R17-million payout to former National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) Mxolisi Nxasana.
In October 2015 the South African government says –
it will pay compensation to the families of mineworkers killed during the wage dispute in Marikana in 2012 as may be determined by an indepedent panel led by a judge.
2015: Filmmaker Rehad Desai's documentary Miners Shot Down receives an Emmy nomination but its broadcast is generally boycotted by South African companies.
The Marikana Commission of Inquiry now recommends that the Directorate of Public Prosecutions should investigate a wide range of claims against police.
The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has been working with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) to investigate potential charges. In an update on the implementation of the commission’s recommendations, the Presidency announced on Sunday 11 December 2016 that multiple charges have been laid against SAPS officers.
The Presidency’s statement is opaque, but it appears most of the charges laid relate to the five deaths – three strikers and two police officers – on 13 August,
while the killings on 16 August are still being investigated.
at a national level, the National Prosecution Authority has also seriously damaged public confidence in its judicial effectiveness through –
 the February 2013 prosecution failure against Ekurhuleni Metro Police chief McBride;
 the March 2013 dismissal of charges against seven police officers for the videoed killing of protester Andries Tatane (see detail below); as well as
 the lack of adequate investigative progress in murder of disembowelled–rape–victim Anene Booysen of Bredasdorp in spite of her death-bed declaration of who had done it to her.
13 April 2011 – mathematics teacher, community activist and journalist, ANDRIES TATANE (33) is beaten and shot to death by at least seven police officers when "resisting arrest" at a service delivery protest he organised in Meqheleng, Ficksburg, Northern Cape, on behalf of the Meqheleng Concerned Citizens, an autonomous local community organisation. The police officers responsible were charged with Tatane's murder but they were found not guilty on the grounds that Tatane's police murderers could not be identified as they were wearing police helmets at the time, and the state then chose not to appeal against the court's ruling (of regional magistrate Hein van Niekerk). However a British journalist was easily able to identify his killers from video footage. In November 2012, the South African Human Rights Commission confirmed that the police had used "excessive force" and violated many of Tatane’s rights –
including his right to protest and his right to life.

Abuse of Authority
January 4, 2014
A so-called Purge List of top South African Police Service officers is released
by previous National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele at Tshabalala's funeral in Randburg, but its intention is uncertain.
1.   General Tshabalala (killed December 24, 2013) 7.   General Tokwe 13.   Brigadier Skosana
2.   General Ngcobo 8.   General Mfazi 14.   Brigadier Shitlabana
3.   General Kruger 9.   General Dladla 15.   Brigadier Ngcobo
4.   General Ngobeni 10.   General Dramat 16.   Brigadier Nyanada
5.   General Zuma 11.   General Menziwa 17.   Brigadier Tshika
6.   General Lazarus 12.   General Tsumane 18.   Brigadier Tiyo
 Commissioner Bheki Cele had been suspended in 2011.  His alleged 'hitman' is arrested Jan. 2014 in Cape Town by Durban police.
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