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Dip.Div.; Dip.Theol.; MCP*)
*Microsoft Certification
NOT 'Male Chauvinist Pig'
 Lloyd has been expelled from three* churches whose leaders felt him a threat to their leadership
January 2001, he is described by the U.S. Chicago Tribune as a "social activist", as every Christian is in principle; in
2014, by a security official at South African Revenue Service, Cape Town, as "a white Malema" (trouble-maker); and in
2015, by a High Court Advocate and Professor of law, as that"radical priest"; and, although now retired,
he is still on the ministerial list of the North American Baptist Association.
*Namely:   1. Living Hope Baptist, Rondebosch (end 1991);   2. Salem Full Gospel, Bothasig (November 2010);   3. Linkway Baptist, Edgemead (August 2013).
This identifies the sad character of their leadership, for no church-executive ever has this authority, as the Bible clearly says that authority-to-disassociate lies only
with the Christian ἐκκλησία (congregation) itself, and that even then this is only after the congregation has heard both sides of an apparent problem (Matthew 18:17*).
Citizen of the United Kingdom
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Citizen of South Africa
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*(Sadly, the inability
to implement this
principle then indicates
the spiritual immaturity
of a Christian fellowship
for many operate on the
world's business model)
 Some episodes of gratitude:   1. Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales     2. Buffelsbaai, Cape Town     3. Pretoria, SA     4. Zambezi River     5. Moçambique     6. Bollo Lane, London     7. Ridley Island, Canada

 School photo
 Kingswood College
 March 1954
 age 12
Click for the
circumstance of
Lloyd's own call to
the preaching ministry.

His last pastorate:
Bethel First
Baptist Church,
2007 to 2009
Prince Rupert, BC,

See also: his BC
Crime Reference
  Summary background-history and personal motivation (for those who may wish to know):
  Lloyd age two  
Born with an analytical attitude
* God chooses our ancestry
Lloyd Emslie Thomas, descended* through his father from Cunedda of post-Roman Britain via Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, his ancestral DNA does not allow him to be intimidated. He was raised in an evangelical Christian family of Baptist tradition and began studying Hebrew at age 15.
• At age 17, after a dream of a half-completed tower at a bend in the road, he migrates to a congregation of pentecostal/charismatic experience, and later, after completing his secondary schooling in Grahamstown, takes clerical employment in Cape Town, begins teaching Sunday School in a local slum suburb (District Six; and a Bible study exclusively for Muslims, advertised in local mosques), and becomes increasingly involved as a lay-preacher (Observatory, etc..), during which time he completes his compulsory military training and regimental service (Anti Tank Gunner, First City regiment), following which he then moves on to theological college (Berea, Irene, Pretoria), extra-mural studies (University of South Africa; 1989 honours student), and remains essentially true to his non-conformist Baptist background.
 First City Regiment 
• On two occasions during his compulsory military service Lloyd suffers unjustified punitive abuse from a senior military officer (1. 1960 in Oudtshoorn Infantry Training School; 2. 1964 in his last military call-up, in Queenstown to assist a police operation as a Russian submarine had reportedly landed a hit-squad on the Transkei coast to 'take out' the Kaiser Mathanzima family, Paramount Chief of the Transkei). On both of these occasions, the military officer concerned is subsequently demoted within a few days for a completely unrelated reason,
which thus strengthens Lloyd's conviction that if he 'walks with the Lord' he does not need to 'watch his back'.

"Diploma Divinitatis" 1967
(Berea Theological College)
"Diploma in Theology" 1988
(Baptist Theological College)
• While nearing the end of his second year at Berea Theological College, he notices a very depressed state among first year students preparing to write an exam the following day, over the meaning of their study notes. He borrows the subject textbook from the lecturer concerned (Vermeulen) and discovers that the lecturer had misunderstood the textbook in the notes he had given. Lloyd then suggests that the students ask the lecturer to meet with them to sort the misunderstanding, which they do, but he adamantly refuses. The students then decline to write his exam because he refused to meet with them. Lloyd appeals to the principal to intervene but he refuses, and subsequently the students then decide not to attend the lectures of that lecturer and ask Lloyd to represent them.
Unfortunately, Lloyd's attempt at facilitating a resolution to their problem, results in him being seen as the 'instigator'.
The College 

Conflict in his
college years
Board then interviews the student body president (appointed by the faculty) and Lloyd on the crisis, calls together a meeting of all the students, reads to the students a letter of rebuke addressed to Lloyd, and then convenes an election of a new student body president. Lloyd is elected as such, initiates periods of chain-prayer in the College chapel, and is then accused by the College principal of bringing a 'blourokkie-gees' (extreme Pentecostalism) into the College, but the same principal (Dr. Swanepoel) later personally pays for Lloyd's first year of Hellenistic (koine) Greek studies at the University of South Africa.
After completing a Diploma in Divinity at Berea in 1967, Lloyd pastors Full Gospel and Baptist churches in South Africa (Elim Full Gospel, Pretoria; and Living Hope Baptist, Cape Town) while continuing further studies until 1991. From 1992 he assists the preaching ministry, etc., of a Bothasig Full Gospel pastor who was suffering from advanced Parkinsons disease. In 2006 Lloyd is persuaded to do a preaching tour in northern British Columbia, Canada, and while there he accepts the pastoral call to a Baptist church (considering closing down) in the port city of Prince Rupert. His move there beginning 2007 is greatly facilitated by a young medical doctor (Paul Etheridge) who among other prearranges his transport and accommodation.
pastoring the Pretoria congregation, he develops a close friendship with the Quality Control technician of South Africa's nuclear weapons uranium enrichment program (developed by Dr Grant) at South Africa's secret Valindaba underground facility, and also with a member of South Africa's intelligence service (then known as Bureau for State Security, later as National Intelligence Service, and now as State Security Agency), both of whom become deacons in his congregation, and in these trusted relationships he becomes aware of national issues of which some government ministers are unaware, in a time in which South Africa is facing the real possibility of Soviet expansion in Southern Africa
as the Russian navy cruises its coast.
aware of the
nuclear weapons
program details,
During this 
time, while holidaying with his family in Cape Town over Christmas, Lloyd reads an article in the Full Gospel Church denominational magazine publicly attacking fellow Full Gospel pastors who believe in the perseverance of the believer as a fruit of spiritual rebirth (some were Calvinistic in their outlook) rather than as a 'pre-condition' (qualification) for eternal salvation, and having previously heard from his mother-in-law (working in the denominational head-office, Irene) that the Executive of the denomination is planning to change the denomination's doctrinal definition/creed in that regard to ensure continued financial support from its affiliated American 'Church of God', he then decides to write a rebuttal of the attack and spends some time with his brother-in-law Ellis Andre developing a draft publication entitled "A Certain Security". It is printed in time for the denomination's Easter Convention in Irene at which, to cover its costs, he sells quite a number to interested pastors. He is however therefore labelled as a dissident by a number of influential pastors in the denomination,
which probably affects his subsequent treatment by that denomination.
Lloyd is
not a Calvinist
but believes in
the 'perseverance
of the saints'
the fruit of a
spiritual rebirth.
In 1975 

Ditched by the
Full Gospel Church
Ditched again by the
Full Gospel Church
he moves to Pietersburg (now called Polokwane) to assist the Bapedi pastors of the Lebowa homeland (and so is necessarily transferred by the Full Gospel Church to their Missions Department, in terms of its Apartheid racial structure at the time).
• Its Mission Board however declines to recognise him/his ministry (although being initially over-joyed that someone was willing to fill the gap among the black churches, according to General Secretary Alex Thompson) because they had not 'budgeted' for him. Lloyd therefore financially supports himself during this time, but they still decline to recognise him, in case he should ever get into financial difficulties and they should then be obligated (according to the Mission Board's Pastor Jenkins).
• He therefore takes employment with a major soft-drink bottler (holding most franchises in the territory from Pretoria to Rhodesia, and from Botswana to the Moçambique border).
Black tribes
in South Africa fall
into two groups as far as
migration route and language
is concerned, namely Sotho
(which includes the Tswana,
Venda, Bapedi, etc.), and
Nguni (which includes the
Xhosa, Zulu, Pondo, etc.)
In his capacity 
there (as General Sales Manager), he employs a Portuguese Moçambican as a statistics clerk and then discovers that the said clerk is the secret liaison between information sources within Moçambique and the Rhodesian military during their bush-war, and so becomes necessarily privy to unwritten aspects of that conflict and its Russian involvement, as the liaison also needed special time-off at times during his involvement in Rhodesian military operations against Russian weapons supply to Robert Mugabe's forces attacking Rhodesia from their Moçambique base.
conversant with
secret Rhodesian
military operations
In Pietersburg 
during this time, one Thursday night in 1977, while speaking in the kitchen to the Greek owner of a drive-in restaurant, he hears terrible screaming coming from a nearby Black bus-stop, leaps through its serving hatch, runs to it, and finds a stabbed woman lying in a spreading pool of blood. Her assailant had already fled but Lloyd then seeks and finds him in the dark near the railway station, chases him and is then himself attacked in attempting to arrest him. So as the assailant attempts to stab Lloyd, at very close-range (less than 4-inches according to the police) he fires at the assailant's thigh hoping to subdue him, arrests him, and (thinking that he had missed him for there was no external bleeding) he marches him back to the scene of his crime to await the police, and, after having to protect him from a very angry mob for the victim was then still lying in her pool of blood awaiting an ambulance, he hands him to the local police when they eventually arrive. The following morning the police inform Lloyd that, although there was no external bleeding the bullet had actually penetrated his assailant's bladder and ricocheted up off the back of his pelvis through his intestines. The woman's assailant (who was only out of prison ten days) dies in hospital, but she recovers from the multiple stab wounds which he had inflicted.
fatal shooting
in Pietersburg/
Northern South Africa
Ditched again by the
Full Gospel Church
following year (May 1978) Lloyd is called to Cape Town to pastor a newly forming church, after the pastoral call to him of a local Full Gospel Church (Mountainside Chapel, Cape Town) is blocked by their denominational office, on the inconsistent grounds that Lloyd had been transferred to their Missions department (in terms of its Apartheid structure at the time, according to General Secretary Van Kerken) even though it had completely refused to recognise him in that capacity.
Early Cape
In the early 1980s 

(while pastoring the Living Hope Baptist Church in Rondebosch, Cape Town) Lloyd is approached by a University of Cape Town faculty member to assist her doctoral study on the application of the spiritual principles (which he was preaching) to her field of occupational therapy. He agrees and begins leading group-therapy in the maximum security forensic ward of a large psychiatric hospital (as it had the most controlled environment for the doctoral study). But, soon after it starts the initiator is herself offered a more senior position at another university which she accepts. However, the chief psychiatrist (Dr Tuvia Zabo) then asks Lloyd to continue his Nouthetic Counselling group (confronting with responsibility) as his forensic medical team believed that positive results were being obtained, so Lloyd continues and it is then expanded to another secure forensic ward. This involvement with Valkenburg Psychiatric Hospital continues until Lloyd believes he is instructed by God to go to Moçambique in a relief outreach to the people of that country during its violently–cruel* civil war, whereupon he tries unsuccessfully to find a replacement among the local pastors for his group-therapy leading.
Nouthetic Counselling
Valkenburg Hospital
Forensic Wards
'Marijuana Made Me'

with a note on
Moçambique Missions
*He counsels a weeping mother whose baby had been mashed to pulp by Renamo in front of her in an attempt to force her to give the location of her husband's military unit which she did not know.
So in 1984, 
Lloyd becomes involved in a Moçambique relief mission, initiated by a deacon (Pete Norval) and his wife, after South Africa (allied with the West) had earlier that year signed its Nkomati Accord with Moçambique (allied with the Soviet Union). While there, hearing that its central Tete and Gaza provinces were suffering severe drought and famine, and that no other relief agency would risk its personnel in the area because it was in the heart of the violent civil war conflict (between the Soviet supported Frelimo ruling party and Renamo rebels, supplied with weapons by America's CIA from Saudi Arabia via the Comoros / Udzima wa Komori), Lloyd then moves the mission to the Changanini refugee camp in that high-conflict area. During this time he contracts malaria and narrowly misses being the target of a Renamo ambush which kills the occupants of the vehicle rocketed ahead of him which had only just passed him, but experiences a number of awesome 'coincidences' of God's provision, even though it puts great strain upon his marriage ("my home is like a railway station" his wife commented) which ends in 1990, but she grants him sole custody of their children in the subsequent divorce.

  Lloyd on Facebook   
South Africa is colluding with Moçambique's CIA-supported Renamo rebels at this time, Lloyd becomes seen by its Soviet-supported Frelimo government as a South African agent (East German agents ran their security service at this time which led to that conclusion), so his gracious Maputo host, Albano de Castro, is arrested and placed in solitary confinement, and a government official who had kindly facilitated Lloyd's trips in military transport to Gaza province in Moçambique is fired and so forced to leave Maputo where his son was at university. However, Moçambique President Samora Machel's gracious wife Garça facilitates the release of Albano (Later, after her husband's murder by South African forces, with a false navigation beacon in the Lebombo mountains when he was flying back to Maputo, she marries Nelson Mandela of South Africa). God in awesome mercy arranges that Albano should be appointed as Moçambique's representative of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International and he is flown to the USA to speak at their meetings. On his return, he stops in Cape Town to give testimony to Lloyd's congregation at the time (Living Hope Baptist), without a glimmer of resentment that it was his association with Lloyd that had caused his secret-service arrest and solitary imprisonment.
On the death 

prophetic dream.
of Lloyd's father in January 1991, Lloyd discovers an envelope next to his father's bed titled 'Lloyd's Dream', of which he remembered nothing. It was of his dream at age 8-years which metaphorically describes Lloyd's future call to the Christian ministry and its side-effect on his sister Ruth (today she is married to a Baptist pastor who had shared a room at Berea Theological College with Lloyd). That his father had kept this note so carefully beside his bed indicated the seriousness which he attached to it, and this was probably its encouraging purpose, but in August 1991 the church abandons its relationship to Lloyd.
January 1992, Lloyd begins teaches adult extra-mural classes at Salem College (Salem Full Gospel Church, Bothasig) while voluntarily supporting the ministry of the local Full Gospel church pastor, and founder of Salem, Hensie Vroom (by preaching, crisis counselling, and conducting his funerals and weddings), who was suffering from increasingly debilitating Parkinsons disease.
On July 

of PAC offices
planned and
25, 1993: On hearing of the vicious Sunday-night massacre at St James' church in Kenilworth, Cape Town (South Africa), with assault rifles and M26 hand-grenades from the platform onto the congregation during their evening service (11 dead and 58 wounded), assessing the terrorists to be from the Pan African Congress (PAC), and knowing that the current South African political negotiations meant that law enforcement would probably not follow up on the attack, Lloyd identifies the headquarters building of the PAC in Woodstock and then prepares to petrol-bomb it to the ground, at 3am, when unoccupied to prevent casualties, in order to publicly demonstrate the cruel error of their ways.
• But, on reading Ecclesiastes 5:8 in a Bible, lying randomly opened on his table —
"If you see in a province the oppression of the poor and the violation of justice and righteousness,
do not be amazed at the matter,
for the high official is watched by a higher, and there are yet higher ones over them
— he believes that God is reassuring him, and so he cancels his attack plan and disposes of the incendiary materials he had prepared to completely destroy their head-quarter building in Woodstock.
Church massacre
Pan African Congress
Makoma, Nonxuba,
Mlambisa & Mkhumbuzi.
<Makoma, Mlambisa
& Mkhumbuzi are given
amnesty, and Nonxuba
dies in a car accident
while out on bail.
Church Attack ordered
by Letlapa Mphahlele
Some victims on the night of the massacre experienced miraculous escapes, and some were sacrificially heroic in their protection of others. One man threw himself onto a hand grenade to protect others around him and lost both his legs. One victim later describes to Lloyd how the doctor explained that a bullet fired at him had followed the contour of his bone, passed safely between two major arteries and stopped with its point resting on a major nerve yet without damaging it.
But in 

Assaulted by the SA
police Service (SAPS)
outside parliament.
1998 in Cape Town, Lloyd is physically assaulted by a group of uniformed South African police officers in Plein street outside parliament because he lays a complaint against them with a traffic officer, after their police union (SAPU) had illegally closed down public streets (Plein and Roeland streets) in the city centre, seriously disrupting public traffic on a Friday afternoon, as part of an illegal protest by their police union. They surround him, chanting loudly in his face "we've got your name Thomas", which they had read over his shoulder as he entered his complaint on the clipboard of the traffic officer concerned, and as a group they crowd around him and begin violently assaulting him with their elbows and knees. He is rescued by a VIP protection officer attached to parliament who warns him that his assailants are carrying guns and a shot could go off and no one would admit responsibility, but he refuses to leave the area on the basis that his assailants are being paid to protect him.
In May 

Lloyd's further
conflict with
the SA police
2000, deeply disturbed by the ongoing ambushes of Golden Arrow public buses in which a number of drivers are shot dead and passengers wounded, Lloyd obtains the names and personal details of the 15 leaders of the taxi-mafia (joint committee of the Codeta and Cata taxi associations) paying their hit-man (Bandile Botya), and, after personally supplying their full details (including their cell-phone numbers) to the head of police Provincial Crime Intelligence (Maree) on Wednesday July 12, and being promised by him a result within two weeks, after no results are obtained and the killing continues, 16-days later Lloyd goes public in calling for his immediate resignation and also that of the Provincial Police Commissioner (Lenit Max), which then leads to the arrest of the hit-man and of his 15-paymasters a day later. However, hit-man Bandile Botya's 15-paymasters are never prosecuted because "their charge sheets were not completed" (stated directly to Lloyd by the hit-man's sentencing magistrate), which implies police corruption.

His choice of the eagle icon for this website arose from his time in northern British Columbia, Canada, home of their largest number, and his persuasion that it is only the Biblical perspective that gives the 'big picture' – as an eagle sees over a landscape.

Bald Eagle Distribution

Wild bear sitting beside
the river on the highway
between the towns of
Prince Rupert
and Terrace.

• In January 2001 Lloyd considers it necessary to personally reprimand the head of the Milnerton police station/precinct for their failure to prevent an expected violent xenophobic attack in their Dunoon suburb, on which occasion he meets Paul Salopek of the Chicago Tribune (see above) and brings him an eyewitness of the violent attempted mob-murder and the victim's personal details (which police had claimed not to have).
• In May of that year Lloyd then moves to the UK (London, and four-years later to Chester) while continuing his historical background research for the Israel TimeLine in the development of this website, from an Auschwitz survivor he befriends, and extensive historical resources at London's British museum, at the Louvre in Paris, and in Egypt, among other.
The city of Paris, named by the ancient Romans after the Parisi Celts of ancient Gaul who lived near this crossing of the Seine river, was so beautiful in both its layout and in its history.
'I took this photo from the roof of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, for at the time repairs were being done and they had left the scaffolding up over the weekend,
so I used the opportunity to climb onto the roof of the cathedral to take this picture.
On Monday 

London's 7/7
suicide bombings
on public transport
morning, July 4, 2005, in Chester, in the UK, Lloyd is in prayer when he hears God say to him "Your son is in danger".
• It has such an effect that he can do nothing other than intercede in 'tongues'-prayer for his son in London, the whole of the rest of the day and into that night. The following morning, as he still continues in intercessory prayer, he hears God say to him "Your son is safe".
• Two days later, on Thursday morning July 7 (08h49), three suicide bombers very cruelly explode their bombs in rapid succession on London underground trains, and later a fourth on a London public bus, killing 52 people and wounding more than 700. Lloyd is convinced that God caused the plans of the suicide bombers to change on that Tuesday morning July 5, 2005, which among other prevented the death of his only son.
In September 2005

I took this wild stag photo one morning outside my front door.
He looked at me as though
he had been waiting for me.
 he returns to Cape Town, South Africa, but in October 2006 on a preaching tour in British Columbia, Canada , he is persuaded to accept the pastorate of a local Baptist church (Bethel First Baptist) in the port of Prince Rupert, in northern British Columbia (just south of Alaska), to which he then moves in January 2007 and serves there until February 2009.
While in Prince Rupert, he is addressed late one Wednesday night (October 17, 2007)
by an emphatic voice in his bedroom, which awakens him three times with the same statement:
"There were unclean animals in the Ark as well as clean" concerning the extent of Noah's responsibility.
 In the morning, he therefore concludes that he must treat those in the town, outside of his own pastoral fold (the "clean"), with equal concern for their welfare, which then leads him among other to involvement with the victims of crime in the community and related justice issues, including his exposure of on-going drug-related criminal activities (particularly international heroine-smuggling).
The long-term consequence of this is reflected in the two subsections of this website: regarding –
British Columbia (Canada ), top-left of homepage; and the Western Cape (South Africa Citizen of South Africa), top-right of homepage.
The local 
Roman Catholic priest, concerned at what he was hearing about Lloyd in the town, kindly makes a coffee-date with Lloyd to encourage him to restrict himself to his "religious calling". Lloyd however tries to explain that this is not what the Lord wants of him. Lloyd nevertheless continues to enjoy full ongoing support from that priest in his activities in the town.
• In Canada he is warned by an ex-drug-dealer "Are you packing? I can get you one. You need one [a gun]. HA [Hells Angels] are talking about you...". He declines his offer, but the ex-dealer becomes his friend.
• In London, UK, the Metropolitan police warn him that if the information with which he is supplying them becomes known... [see Bollo Lane],
• In South Africa, a reserve officer in military intelligence warns him –
"You need to watch your back. One of them [corrupt police officers he had informed on] might try to get even".
Accordingly, he is careful, but believes that he can trust the Lord to do what he cannot do.
Lighthouse Harbour Ministries
During this 
time in Prince Rupert, northern BC, in view of the rapid development of the port and its strategic location, Lloyd facilitates the development of a non-denominational Christian ministry to the crews of visiting ships (Lighthouse Harbour Ministries), some from countries where the Christian gospel is banned, and so receives encouraging support from the local Port Authority and some dedicated individuals from various churches.
In November 
2008, while deep in prayer he is addressed by God that the local church leaders are not hearing him and that no matter how long he stays in Prince Rupert that problem will not change.
So accordingly, he issues them a two-month resignation-notice to leave at the beginning of February 2009.
Very sadly, this proves to be true, and so, some time after his departure, the church closes down.
Some members of the church diaconate seemed to see their function as simply that of a board of directors as of a 'business' enterprise which had employed a 'pastor' for preaching and counselling, and who was thus simply accountable to them, rather than that their function existed as a supportive-role to the congregational direction set by pastoral oversight, and so he was not regarded by them a shepherd-leader in any Biblical sense.
In May 2010 

Lloyd's further
conflict with
the SA police
in Cape Town, Lloyd is approached by the owners of a second-hand store in the N1 City shopping mall, as their store had been hijacked while they were away over a weekend. He obtains all details of the criminal syndicate involved (see their leaders) and consults the police Provincial Organised Crime unit, but they refuse to become involved on the grounds that the police Crime Intelligence is monitoring the store high-jacking as they believed it was to be used as a front for an al-Qa'eda terror attack during the coming World Cup in Cape Town.
Lloyd's analysis of the syndicate personnel (including the Subhanni criminal syndicate’s Pakistan-connected money-laundering for al-Qa'eda) does not agree, and so he personally takes the store owners to Shopright-Checkers Property Division (Brackenfell), who own the shopping mall, and, with difficulty, persuades them to fax written authorization to change the store door-locks after hours (for otherwise the shopping mall security would regard the lock-change as an attempted break-in).
Store Hijacking
N1 City
Cape Town
That evening 
then a locksmith picks and changes the store locks, after Lloyd confirms departure of the criminal syndicate, and the following morning Lloyd informs the head of the Goodwood police (as it was within their district). However, the Subhanni criminal syndicate produce a falsified deed of sale (created with help of the police Commercial Crime unit officer, Captain Erasmus), call the Goodwood police to lay a theft complaint against the legitimate owners, and then two groups of police officers face-off each other at the store and attempt to seal it as a crime scene.
The criminal syndicate eventually then decides to withdraw, but as nothing is ever done by the police concerning them, Lloyd later publishes the names and home addresses of their leaders on this website.
Lloyd later 

approaches the U.S. consulate in Tokai, Cape Town, with all the Pakistani-syndicate's personal details, and its al-Qa'eda related information (including cell phone numbers, and home addresses),
and gives it to a very unappreciative local CIA officer Thomas Murray.
America's CIA
In early 2016, when lodging a criminal complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands , against President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, for his international assassinations, Lloyd also visits the underground archaeological excavations of the Roman Empire's border fort, in Utrecht, for a better understanding of that time . . .
See pdf of –
Lloyd's reply to ICC
on Vladimir V Putin
and their right to
prosecute him
for his crimes!
Lloyd's abiding 
passion has been to understand the Bible in its own context, as its first readers did, and so ancient history has been a continuing interest. Accordingly, the only ultimate authority for him is the Holy Spirit whose basic directions are given in the Bible's words and perspectives, against which every understanding of His directions today must be measured –
for the Spirit of God is consistent.
In view of this,  his pivotal persuasion is — 
the unfading dynamic of God's infinite affection — and His awesome purpose for humanity!
In consequence, 
the effective identity of every authentic Christian, which was described metaphorically by the Lord Jesus as —
the  "light of the world"  and the 
"salt of the earth"
 (Matthew 5:13-14),
has become a profound conviction concerning Christian conduct on social and moral issues of human society in general, and of justice in particular.
On this therefore, 
he believes that Christ's salt and light comments about the influence of believers in this world —
do not mean adding 'flavour' to human society, or changing the 'hue' of this world, as some foolishly claim,
 but that, within their own context, Christ's words have specific reference to —

See: Common
 'Christian' Fallacies 
  stopping corruption ("salt") and exposing evil ("light")
in order to publicly show the way forward for all humanity,
regardless of creed or culture, in all places and at all times.
Hence, he believes  that the New Testament's summary statement of Christ's coming is therefore also applicable today, namely that —
 “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil” 
 1 John 3:8
  But Lloyd Thomas also has his detractors, concerning which the Lord Jesus stated two significant principles for our understanding today
1. (as recorded in Matthew 13:57)   2. (as recorded in Luke 6:44)
"...they were offended in Him.
But Jesus said unto them, a prophet is not without honour,
except in his own country, and in his own house"
& "...every tree is known by his own fruit.
For of thorns men do not gather figs,
 nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
Sadly, in our world familiarity does tend to breed contempt...   Meaning: his direct influence/effect, and not the stories about him...
'Local Popes': a
Diotrephës Effect
of pastoral fiefdom
A Diotrephës-effect
is a symptom
of insecurity,
resulting in a
violation of the
very essence of
Christ's Church.
It would be good for
these persons to be
reminded that Christ
has only ONE church,
within which
spiritual divisions
are not permissible.
*ad hominem
H I S     Q U O T E D     D E T R A C T O R S
To their friends, note: Lloyd accommodates neither hypocrisy nor disrespect (Titus 2:15).
Some Hostiles. quoted against him in this regard, include Messrs —
   1. Steve Walsh;    
2. Andre Pienaar, etc...;
3. *Paul van der Merwe;  
4. Gavin van Heerden.
In 1 and 2 above, much hurt was caused to many by the spreading of a very one-sided,
less than honest, story, which sadly resulted in the total termination of any relationship
to Lloyd, even wiping clean all recordings of his church teaching and preaching. For those
persons not knowing the context, such a reaction to their 'story' is very understandable,
but, sadly, for their leaders in the circumstance to not do so, is certainly not, as the
congregational abandonment
of disabled quadriplegic Eloff Germishuys then showed!
Concerning misrepresentation, of which there has been considerable (by 3 & 4), the
Lord does not allow passivity, even if more convenient, for the Bible commands

"...do not let your good be spoken evil of." (Romans 14:16),
so in this regard, the above listing of these hostiles, and the Bible's own statement in 2 Timothy 4:14, is enough.
While Nelson Mandela was incarcerated in Robben Island prison, he found inspiration in Table Mountain:
"We often looked across Table Bay at the magnificent silhouette of Table Mountain... To us on Robben Island, Table Mountain
was a beacon of hope. It represented the mainland to which we knew we would one day return"
he said in a speech, ...and he did...
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Comparatively, Africa is the most lawless continent, and it is probably not coincidence that South Africa appears to be headed in the same general direction.
Government officials are not immune to error (such as the identity book of Aviánce Anmeri Du Plessis below), but sadly are often not very open to correction:
A newspaper headline in The New Age newspaper (28 July 2015) reads: "Woman dies after being awakened naked by laughing porters" in Mitchells Plain Hospital (1).
Addington Hospital (2) in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal,
admits a patient who has suffered a stroke and is
unable to walk, but because no lifts are working
through lack of maintenance he has to crawl
up the narrow stairs on his hands and
to get to a ward.

(Reported by a patient 22 June 2015)

Two patients die in intensive care
(Thursday 18 June 2015) in
Letaba Hospital (4) near Tzaneen
during Eskom's load-shedding
because the hospital's generator
had run out of diesel fuel
due to lack of maintenance.

Her ID book in Afrikaans, after her first names, reads: 'note the hyphen above'

Eskom's Load-shedding Games
often due to
For those with children
in South Africa who are
  concerned about their future:  
I estimate that, IF the
current rate of deterioration
in public administration
continues, you have about
eight years to save for
an evacuation, and if you
can open an off-shore
account in the meantime
it is to your advantage.
(January 2015)

—  In  its  effect  incompetence  is  worse  than  corruption!  —
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A 19-year-old road-accident
victim, Reveshen Pandather, dies
(11 July 2015) in the waiting room at
Addington Hospital (3) during a staff
argument over his admission
because he was injured outside
of the Hospital's 'service area'
(The Times newspaper, July 13, 2015)
(July 15, 2015 the hospital to save face
announces suspension of two doctors and a
nurse whose bickering cost the
patient's life),
after being rejected earlier in Durban
by both Osindisweni Hospital (5) and
Mahatma Gandi Memorial Hospital (6)
because they were 'not equipped'
to deal with his severe trauma.

Allegedly (as at February, 2013), since the ANC won the first non-racial election in 1994   "70,000 'Whites'" have been murdered in South Africa (click for list of 1,201 names, or for an MS Word copy).