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Citizen of South Africa  Described by the Chicago Tribune as a 'social activist' in January 2001, as every Christian is in principle.  Citizen of the United Kingdom
But described by an official at Cape Town's South African Revenue Service as – "a white Malema", and
although now retired, he is still on the ministerial list of the North American Baptist Association.

episodes of gratitude –  1. Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales   2. Buffelsbaai, Cape Town   3. Pretoria, SA   4. Moçambique   5. Ridley Island, Canada  
        Summary background history and personal motivation:
For those who wish to know
   Lloyd Emslie Thomas was raised in an evangelical Christian family of Baptist tradition and began studying Hebrew at age 15. At age 17, after a dream of a half-completed tower, he migrates to a congregation of pentecostal/charismatic experience, and later, after completing his secondary schooling in Grahamstown, takes clerical employment in Cape Town, begins teaching Sunday School in a local slum suburb (District Six), and becomes increasingly involved as a lay-preacher (Observatory, etc.), during which time he completes his compulsory military training and regimental service (Anti Tank Gunner, First City regiment), following which he then moves on to theological college (Berea, Irene, Pretoria), extra-mural studies (University of South Africa), and remains essentially true to his non-conformist Baptist background.
Click for
the circumstance
of Lloyd's own call to
the preaching ministry.

Some Associated Places
in historical sequence:
Durban, South Africa
Marchwiel, North Wales
Grahamstown, South Africa
Cape Town, Western Cape
Pretoria, South Africa
Pietersburg, Transvaal
London, United Kingdom
Chester, United Kingdom
Prince Rupert, Canada
and ...

Ditched by the
Full Gospel Church
Ditched by the
Full Gospel Church
completing a Diploma in Divinity in 1968, Lloyd pastors Full Gospel and Baptist churches in South Africa (Elim, Pretoria and Living Hope, Cape Town) while continuing further studies until 1991. Between these two pastorates, he moves in 1975 to Pietersburg (now Polokwane) to assist the Bapedi pastors of the Lebowa homeland (and so is necessarily transferred by the Full Gospel Church to their Missions Department, in terms of its Apartheid racial structure at the time). Its Mission Board however declines to recognise him/his ministry (although being initially over-joyed that someone was willing to fill the gap among the black churches, according to General Secretary Alex Thompson) because they had not 'budgeted' for him. Lloyd therefore financially supports himself during this time, but they still decline to recognise him, in case he should ever get into financial difficulties and they should then be obligated (according to the Mission Board's Pastor Jenkins).
In Pietersburg 
during this time, one Thursday night in 1977, hearing terrible screaming at a bus-stop, he finds a woman lying in a spreading pool of blood and so pursues her assailant. He is then himself attacked when attempting to arrest him. So as the assailant attempts to stab him, at very close-range (less than 4-inches according to the police), he fires at his assailant's thigh hoping to subdue him, arrests him, and thinking that he had missed him, marches him back to the scene of his crime to await the police and, after having to protect him from a very angry mob for the victim was then still lying in her pool of blood awaiting an ambulance, he hands him to the local police when they eventually arrive. The following morning the police inform Lloyd that, although there was no external bleeding the bullet had actually penetrated his assailant's bladder and ricocheted up off the back of his pelvis through his intestines. The woman's assailant (who was only out of prison ten days) dies in hospital, but she recovers from the multiple stab wounds which he inflicted.
Ditched by the
Full Gospel Church
following year (May 1978) Lloyd is called to Cape Town to pastor a newly forming church, after the pastoral call to him of a local Full Gospel Church (Mountainside Chapel, Cape Town) is blocked by their denominational office, on the grounds that Lloyd had been transferred to their Missions department (in terms of its Apartheid structure at the time, according to General Secretary Van Kerken) even though it had completely refused to recognise him in that capacity.
In the early 
1980s (while pastoring the Living Hope Baptist Church in Rondebosch, Cape Town) Lloyd is approached by a University of Cape Town faculty member to assist her doctoral study on the application of the spiritual principles (which he was preaching) to her field of occupational therapy. He agrees and begins leading group therapy in the maximum security forensic ward of a large psychiatric hospital (as it had the most controlled environment for the doctoral study). But, soon after it starts the initiator is herself offered a more senior position at another university which she accepts. However, the chief psychiatrist (Dr Tuvia Zabo) then asks Lloyd to continue his Nouthetic Counselling group (confronting with responsibility) as his forensic medical team believed that positive results were being obtained, so Lloyd continues and it is then expanded to another secure forensic ward. This involvement with Valkenburg Psychiatric Hospital continues until Lloyd believes he is instructed by God to go to Moçambique in a relief outreach to the people of that country during its violently cruel* civil war, whereupon he tries unsuccessfully to find a replacement among the local pastors for his group-therapy leading.
Nouthetic Counselling
Valkenburg Hospital
Forensic Wards
'Marijuana Made Me'
So in 

 Lloyd on Facebook 
1984, Lloyd becomes involved in a Moçambique relief mission, initiated by a deacon (Pete Norval) and his wife, after South Africa (allied with the West) had earlier that year signed its Nkomati Accord with Moçambique (allied with the Soviet Union). While there, hearing that its central Tete and Gaza provinces were suffering severe drought and famine, and that no other relief agency would risk its personnel in the area because it was in the heart of the violent civil war zone (between the Frelimo ruling party and Renamo rebels, supplied with weapons by America's CIA from Saudi Arabia via the Commores), Lloyd then moves the mission to the Changanini refugee camp in that high-conflict area. During this time he contracts malaria and narrowly misses being the target of a Renamo ambush which kills the occupants of the vehicle ahead of him, but experiences a number of awesome 'coincidences' of God's provision, even though it puts great strain upon his marriage which ends in June 1990.
Moçambique Missions
*He counsels a mother
whose infant had been
mashed to pulp by Renamo
to force her to give
the location of her
husband's military unit
which she did not know.
Because South Africa was
secretly helping Renamo
rebels, Lloyd is seen by the
Frelimo government as a
South African agent, so
his Maputo host,
Albano de Castro, is
arrested, and a helpful
government official
is fired and forced
to leave Maputo.
the death of his father in 1991, he discovers an envelope next to his father's bed titled 'Lloyd's Dream', of which he knew nothing. It was of his dream at age 8-years which metaphorically describes Lloyd's future call to the Christian ministry and its side-effect on his sister Ruth (today she is married to a Baptist pastor who had shared a room at Berea Theological College with Lloyd). That his father had kept this note so carefully beside his bed indicated the seriousness which he attached to it, and this was probably its encouraging purpose.
1991 Lloyd teaches adult extra-mural classes at Salem College (Full Gospel Church, Bothasig) while supporting the ministry of the local Full Gospel church pastor Hensie Vroom (by preaching, counselling, conducting his funerals and weddings) who was suffering from increasingly debilitating Parkinson's disease.

His choice of the eagle icon for this website arose from his time in northern British Columbia, Canada, home of their largest number, and his persuasion that it is only the Biblical perspective that gives the 'big picture' – as an eagle sees over a landscape.
But in 

Assaulted by
the SA police
outside parliament
about 1999 in Cape Town, Lloyd is physically assaulted by a group of uniformed South African police officers because he lays a complaint against them with a traffic officer, after their police union had illegally closed down public streets near parliament, seriously disrupting public traffic, as part of their police union (SAPU) illegal protest. They surround him, loudly chanting in his face "we've got your name Thomas" and together begin assaulting him. He is rescued by a VIP protection officer attached to parliament who warns him that his assailants are carrying guns and a shot could go off and no one would admit responsibility, but he refuses to leave the area on the basis that his assailants are being paid to protect him.

Lloyd's further
conflict with
the SA police
following year (May 2000), deeply disturbed by the ongoing ambushes of Golden Arrow public buses in which a number of drivers are shot dead and passengers wounded, Lloyd obtains the names and personal details of the 15 members of the taxi-mafia (of the Codeta and Cata taxi associations) paying their hit-man (Bandile Botya), and, after personally supplying their full details (including their cell-phone numbers) to the head of police Provincial Crime Intelligence, and being promised a result by him within two weeks, after no results are obtained and the killing continues, 16-days later he goes public in calling for his immediate resignation and that of the Provincial Police Commissioner (Lenit Max), which then leads to the arrest of the hitman and his 15-paymasters a day later (however, Botya's 15-paymasters are never prosecuted because "their charge sheets were not completed", according to Botya's sentencing magistrate, which implies police corruption).
January 2001 Lloyd considers it necessary to personally reprimand the head of the Milnerton police station/precinct for their failure to prevent an expected violent xenophobic attack in their Dunoon suburb, on which occasion he meets Paul Salopek of the Chicago Tribune (see above) and brings him an eyewitness of the violent attempted mob-murder and the victim's personal details (which police had claimed not to have), and in May of that year Lloyd then moves to the UK (London and four-years later to Chester) while continuing his research in the development of this website, from an Auschwitz survivor and historical resources at London's British museum and the Louvre in Paris, among other.

I took this wild stag photo one morning outside my front door.
He looked at me as though
he had been waiting for me.
(Prince Rupert,
British Columbia, Canada)
September 2005 he returns to Cape Town, South Africa, but on a preaching tour in Canada in October 2006 is persuaded to accept the pastorate of a Baptist church in Prince Rupert, northern British Columbia, Canada, to which he then moves in January 2007 and serves there until end February 2009.
While in Prince Rupert, he is awakened one Wednesday night (October 17, 2007) by a voice in his bedroom which
awakens him three times with the same emphatic statement: "There were unclean animals in the Ark as well as clean".
In the morning he concludes that this means that he must treat those in the town outside of his pastoral fold with equal concern, which then leads among other to his involvement with the victims of crime in the community and related justice issues, including his exposure of on-going criminal activities (particularly Heroine-smuggling). The long-term consequence of this is reflected in the two subsections of this website: regarding British Columbia (Canada); and the Western Cape (South Africa).
During this time in Prince Rupert, in view of the rapid development of the port and its strategic location, Lloyd facilitates the development of a Christian ministry to the crews of visiting ships (Lighthouse Harbour Ministries), some from countries where the Christian gospel is banned, and receives encouraging support from the local Port Authority and dedicated individuals from various churches, and returns to South Africa in April 2009.
His abiding passion has been to understand the Bible in its own context, as its first readers did, and so ancient history has been a continuing interest. Accordingly, the only ultimate authority for him is the Holy Spirit whose basic directions are given in the Bible's words and perspectives, against which every understanding of His directions today must be measured, for the Spirit of God is consistent.
In view of this,  his pivotal persuasion is – 
  the unfading dynamic of God's infinite affection — and His awesome purpose for humanity!
In consequence, 
the effective identity of every authentic Christian, which was described metaphorically by the Lord Jesus as –
the  "light of the world"  and the 
"salt of the earth"
  has become a profound conviction concerning Christian conduct
on social and moral issues of society in general, and on matters of justice in particular.
'Christian' Fallacies
On this therefore, 
 he believes that Christ's salt and light comments about the influence of believers in this world –
do not mean adding 'flavour' to human society or changing the 'hue' of this world as some so foolishly believe,
 but that, within their own context, Christ's words have specific reference to —
stopping corruption and exposing evil in order to publicly show
the way forward for all humanity, regardless of creed or culture, in all places and at all times.
Hence, he believes  that the New Testament's summary statement of Christ's coming is therefore also applicable today, namely:  
 “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil” 
 1 John 3:8
But Lloyd  Thomas also has his detractors, who illustrate, as the Lord Jesus Himself so aptly said —
Lloyd's subsequent
conflict with the
South African
Police 'Service'
Website Statistics Analysis

 Local Popes 
Diotrephës Disease
It would be good
for these persons
to be reminded
that Christ has
only one church,
within which
spiritual divisions
are not permissible.

H I S     D E T R A C T O R S
Some persons quoted against him in this regard include Messrs –
Citizen of South Africa  1. Martin Strange;
Citizen of South Africa 
2. Steve Walsh and sister;
  Citizen of South Africa
3. Chris Bolus;  
4. Frank Pyde; 
      Citizen of South Africa  
5. Paul van der Merwe;    and   
           Citizen of South Africa
6. Gavin van Heerden.
To their friends: note that Lloyd accommodates neither hypocrisy nor disrespect (Titus 2:15)
In 2 and 3 above, much hurt was caused to many by the spreading of a very one-sided story,
which sadly then resulted in their total termination of any relationship to Lloyd,
even wiping clean all church recordings of his teaching and preaching.
In this regard then, the New Testament statement in 2 Timothy 4:14 is enough.
While Nelson Mandela was incarcerated in Robben Island prison, he found inspiration in Table Mountain:
"We often looked across Table Bay at the magnificent silhouette of Table Mountain... To us on Robben Island, Table Mountain
was a beacon of hope. It represented the mainland to which we knew we would one day return"
he said in a speech, and he did...

Some Logical
Fallacies Used
Against Him
Note: the 'adhominem argument'
Book Draft Snippets:
  Israel in History   Joseph   Elijah   Esther   That Night  
Lloyd is however greatly blessed with the following direct descendants (numbered to the fourth generation in terms of the Biblical counting).

generation: 2 2 2   3 3 3 3 3 4
three lovely children five wonderful grandchildren one-great..!
SINCE 1823, when Anne Lloyd, of Squire Thomas Lloyd (Denbighshire, Wales), married John Thomas (Llangadwaladr, Wales),
in each generation of their family one of their male descendants has been named Lloyd, in honour of their defiant union.

Eskom's Load-shedding Games
due to incompetent
maintenance management
For those with children
in South Africa who are
  concerned about their future:  
I estimate that,
IF the current rate of
deterioration in public
administration continues,
you have about eight years
to save for an evacuation,
and if you can open
an off-shore account
in the meantime it is
to your advantage.
(January 2015)
—  In  its  effect  incompetence  is  worse  than  corruption!  —