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Statue of Christ as shepherd from the cemetary of Pere Lachaise in Paris, France
Good Shepherd
du Père-Lachaise
Y O U R   S I T E M A P
I photographed these sun-clothed statues of the Good Shepherd (left) and the Holocaust Victims (right)
at du Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France, in November 2002.
Nazi death camp survivor statue, Pere Lachaise cemetary, Paris, France
Holocaust Victims
du Père-Lachaise
  • Introduction to Israel's Pilgrimage Thinking about the Spirit Chronology of Confusion  
  • Earth's Earliest Times The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament The Strange Circle  
  • The Great Flood | Longevity Anomalies What Happened at Pentecost? Darby's Division  
  • Human Mutation | Abrahamic Ancestry The Baptism of the Holy Spirit The Core Concept  
  • The Babel Dispersion | Patriarch Abraham The 'Filioque' Clause  |  Definite Article & the Holy Spirit Sabbath Restriction Sign  
  • Terah | Abraham to Moses “I believe in the Holy Spirit” Eschatology Lost  
  • Moses to Joshua | Moses' Journal The Leadership of the Holy Spirit The Kingdom of God  
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  • Antiochus V to Herod Praying in 'Tongues' The Antichrist  
   Ambivius to Pilate | Magi | Genealogy of Jesus Apostle | Prophet | Teacher SDA's 'Adventism'  
  • Caligula to Hadrian The Prophetic Consciousness Sanctuary Doctrine  
   Hadrian to Theodosius II words in the Spirit White's Distinctives  
   Vandals to Qur'ãn The Foretaste The Apostasia Sign  
  • 653 to 1239 AD/CE Hiding the Hidden Time  
  • 1240 to 1541 AD/CE The Hidden Time  
  • 1542 to 1820 AD Daniel Chapter Nine  
  • 1821 to 1897 AD PERSONAL FAITH     The 'Two Witnesses'  
  • 1898 to 1932 AD   The Jerusalem Works of Jesus       Dr Hartwig's Thesis Conclusion  
  • 1933 to 1936 AD   How Do We Know?       The Final Future of Humanity  
  • 1937 to 1939 AD   Why am I not Healed?     The Clone  
  • 1940 to 1941 AD   Prayers Unanswered     The Terminal Sequence  
  • 1942 AD  |  Hitler's Jewish Ancestry   Equality before God     The Revelation Commentary  
  • 1943 to 1944 AD  |  Peter's Story   The Man Who Hears     When Satan Is Cast Out?  
  • 1945 to 1952 AD  |  Israel's Mossad   Elisha son of Shaphat CHURCH LIFE   The European Union  
  • 1953 to 1962 AD   A Basket of Faith | Depression   What is the Church?   Earth Catastrophe  
  • 1963 to 1970 AD   Common 'Christian' Fallacies The Body of Christ   How It Ends  
• 1971 to 1979 AD   Wisdom of Snakes Cell Church Critique   God Comes!  
• 1980 to 1984 AD   The Empathy of God Christian Fellowship   ... Not Until ...  
• 1985 to 1995 AD   The Right to Freedom No Hierarchy!   666  
  • 1996 to 1999 AD   God's Mind on Marriage  Symbols that Strengthen   Elijah and the coming
Concluding Climax
  • 2000 |  2001   Essence of Marriage Most Sacred Celebration    
   2002 |  2003   Ethical Norms 'Her Heart's Unknowing'   Jesus did not believe in
an Escapist Rapture
followed by a 7-year
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  • 2016 | • 2017   The Purpose of God with Us   Understanding the Bible   HIS BRIDE'S DAY  
  • 2018 | • 2019   The Positivity of Self-Denial   The English Bible   This Study  
  • 2020   The Neglected Child   Misused Scriptures   Obedience  
      It Seemed So Right    Evolution of Doctrine   Old Covenant  
        Moral Capacity   Church Ordination   Christian Authority  
  Jewish Magic   Why Fast?   Pastoral Appointment Process   The Antichrist  
      Live Above your Instincts   Ordination of Women   The Great Horror  
          Politics of a Seduced Bride   The Wrath of God  
  YHWH – the 'Name'   STUDIES & ISSUES   New Wineskins   The Wedding  
      God's Invitation to Human Obedience   Slavery in Christianity   World Renewal  
  For Mechizedek's Sake   The Sovereignty of Original Intention   The Church—State Relationship And Now?  
    A Biblical Structure of History   The Primary Perspective    
Why the Mount of Olives?   The Covenants of God   Christian Continuity    
    The Door to Your Future   The Trinity of God    
Jacob's Stolen Blessing   The Genesis Prologue   The Attitude of God    
    Books left out of the Bible   Elect in Jesus Christ      
Israel in Egypt   Old Testament Use in the Early Church   Ultimate Authority      
Egyptian Embalming   Old Testament Canonicity   Authority Restored      
    Bible Codes?   His Transcendent Mercy      
40 Years with Jethro   Isaiah's 'Virgin' Prophecy   What Happened In Gethsemane?   CHURCH BEHAVIOURS  
    Nineveh Mission   Being Human As God Intended   Augustine's Corruptions  
God's Election of Israel   Sabbath Observance   The Beauty Of The New Covenant   Anglican | Episcopacy  
    Calvinism's Corruptions   The Wounding of God   Catholic | Papacy  
Israel's Temples & Feasts   Predestination     The Christian Pilgrimage   Lutheran | Orthodox  
    Foreign Gods | Essential Morality   Holy Intolerance   Arrogant Evangelicals  
Chronology of Christ's Ministry to Israel   Salvation in Buddhism and Islam   Why Did Jesus Walk on Water?   Animism in Christ's Church  
    The Qur'ãn | Islam and God   The Hagee Heresy   Pageantry in Worship  
The Talmud   al-Qa'eda | Terrorism   Essential Christian Faithfulness   The Israel Heresy  
The Spielberg Letter   Cosa Nostra | A Modern Menace   Christian Ideology or Christ's Gospel   Bizarre Behaviour  
    'Original Sin' in Jesus   Church Meeting Dynamics   Cell-Church Ideology  
Jews under Islam & Christendom   Justice | Government   The Judas Iscariot Replacement   Catholic Allegations Answered  
'Fight to free Muslim Lands'   SATAN | The Angels of God   Protocols or People   Misrepresentation of God  
    Satan's Primary Tactic | HELL   Destroy the Divisions   'Temptation Two' Today  
Zionist Hostilities   The Value of a Human Being   The Most Neglected Words of Jesus   Fake Christianity  
    Interplanetary Migration   Toward Understanding    
The Victim Mentality Cycle   What is Heaven For?   Christianity's Perverse View of God    
    Jewish Scripture Exegesis   When Is Confession A Sin?    
Israel's Right to Palestine   The Image of God   God is not 'religious' & is always positive      
    'State of Israel' Statement   Abram's Orgins   When Scaffolding becaomes a Hurdle      
  The Gender of Leadership   The Gospel Is NOT About Jesus      
The Grotestque Zionist Public Lie   Genesis Restructured   The Pharisee Name–Trap    
    CIA Hypocrisy Unlimited   Satan's Primary Tactic    
Abraham's Attitude to Melchi-zedek   American Imperialism   "The Spirit and the Bride say: Come"    
    The Taliban / طلاب   The Three Secret Prophecies    
The Judgements of God
W I T H I N human history
  Homosexuality / Same-sex Sexuality   Christian Ministerial Training      
  The Abuse of Authority   "The Works of God"      
    The real Father Christmas   Local Popes  
Naming the Messiah   One-Eyed Interpretation   Deacons Are Not Elders    
    Elections Do Not Confer Authority   The Campus-Heresy in Church Life    
  Mr Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin   Religious Magic BANNED!    
  Russia's KGB / FSB   Beware: Inadequate Translation    
  South Africa's SSA        
  Crime and Its Punishment        
    Marijuana Made Me          
    The Death List          
    'The North'          
    Concerning the Refugees          
    World Weather          
    Female Subservience?          
    The Nephilim          
    God Has No Perimeter          
    Putin's Assassination of Litvinenko          

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